Cup of God


I love metaphors and Russell Simmons (Media Mogul) shared a good one during his interview with Oprah. “If God were the ocean, You’d be a cup of God.”  I thought that was beautiful…to imagine being a piece of God, oh how that would bring PEACE to everyone. I have heard Wayne Dyer talk about God being like a pie & we are each a piece, but to envision the beautiful ocean was even better for my soul. Beautiful.

Now, I do not know very much about Russell Simmons, but he shared some pretty profound thoughts & I can always admire someone who is trying to make the world a little better—especially when they have all the worldly things of success. Many people just keep trying to acquire more and more, and get stuck in a selfish cycle, but he seems to be a man that is trying to share a message of things that have helped his life and made it a little better. You have to appreciate that.

Here are some other take aways from his great interview…

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Happy Monday to you. -H  Peace Out!

A Special Tribute

when-you’re-on-a-journey-to-fulfill-yourI recently watched Oprah’s interview with Paulo Coelho, the writer of The Alchemist. I was drawn to this book years ago & read it while traveling through the beautiful Montana backcountry. The story of the Alchemist, to me, was a rich story of personal longing, finding deeper meaning and following one’s “Personal Legend.” While I was on my Montana trip I made a special purchase of a silver ring, that I still wear to this day, to remind me of the beautiful story held within the Alchemist…the story, the reminder to constantly be seeking my own ‘Personal Legend.’ If you have not read this book, I strongly suggest it. It is a true gift to your soul.

The-AlchemistI loved hearing the story of how this small book was a hidden treasure that took many years for people to find. This little book has a story of its own…Paulo had it published for the first time 25 years ago & it did not sell, so the publisher told Paulo he was done with the book. Paulo had written the book in two weeks & knew that it had something to share with the world, so he did not give up on this book. He had faith that doors would open & his book would find its way into the world. He found another publisher who was willing to take a chance on a book that had already been published and had few sales.

25 years later, over 65 million copies, and the most translated book…The Alchemist has won over the hearts of the world. Thank you Paulo. Thank you for a sweet gift that has touched many.



IMG_2031After the Oprah interview their was a sweet movie short that was shown & I wanted to share it with you…in the alchemist the main character is a shepherd boy, so this short is a different kind of shepherd or ‘guardian.’ Enjoy.

My favorite line from the movie short…“We are often asked if we think they are happy, that question assumes that natures goal is happiness. Caring for animals has shown me a much deeper objective, which may apply to all living things, so this is my answer…I watch them care for something outside of themselves and that purposefulness creates contentment.”

I LOVE that. I hope this post has brought you a little contentment to you today. Peace to you.  -H

A shout out to Everyday Heroes

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU. This post is to all those everyday heroes that don’t hesitate to help someone in need, people who dedicate hours to make a small difference in the lives of others, people who have huge hearts & a desire to help animals, people who take the time to teach our children, people who protect our communities, people who step forward in a life mission to change something for the better in our world, people who give, people who care, people all around us. THANK YOU. I heard this great song & felt a need to create a visual image of people doing everyday things that make a difference. Hope you enjoy!!  I then followed this video with some additional info. about some of the great people in the video.

Lou WegnerLou Wegner: Started volunteering at a shelter in Los Angeles & was astonished at the high rates of euthanasia, that he knew he needed to do something. From this inspiration, “Kids Against Animal Cruelty” was started. This organization has grown to 50,000 plus members and has chapters across the nation that are soley run by teenagers.  You go Lou!!  Here are some additional links about Lou and his work: Article in National Geographic     2013 Pet Hero Award Winner

kids-saving-the-rain-forest janine-ais-jen-storeJanine Licare: helped start this organization at the age of 9 with two other childhood friends.

CNN-FB-Banner-719x354Chip Paillex: I LOVE his story. It was featured on CNN heroes. Check it out!! Great beginning. Wow!!

be-a-hero-1There were a few more stories I added in the video–I found them in a great CNN article. Here are the rest of my heroes and then some. Enjoy their stories. People making a difference.

Something to THINK about

Tree-PictureIMAGINE if TREES gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we would probably save the planet too.  Too bad they only produce the OXYGEN we breathe. 


tree quote



Go out today and give thanks for TREES, the shade they share, the gift they are to the world. I LOVE TREES. Peace Out.

Lessons learned from the movie Dolphin Tale 2

1410381680000-AP_FILM_REVIEW-DOLPHIN_TALE_2_67119068My little family just went to see Dolphin Tale 2 last night & we were happy to see another sweet, true story. The thing we like about these movies is the real video footage you get to enjoy to truly understand and see the real story come to life. It is also a great, heart-warming family movie & you just want to swim with dolphins after seeing it! Who doesn’t love dolphins!


Here is the movie trailer incase you have not seen it 


Here are some lessons learned from this sweet film:

noxSquare“I don’t want to look back on this knowing we didn’t even try”

At this point in the movie Sawyer is fighting to pair the two dolphins because he knows what the outcome will be if they don’t even try.

This could be a slogan for life. There are definitely times where you have to ask yourself—am I going to look back and have regrets that I didn’t push through, I didn’t even try… Are you at a point where you are wondering should I take this path, or should I take that one?? Are you wondering if your talent is worth pursuing? Are you questioning what direction you are headed? We all have moments where we wonder if we should start a new business, go to a certain school, pursue a dream, take a spontaneous trip, etc. Don’t look back and wonder what could have been, go forward in your pursuit of anything great!



dolphintale_spot2_hd“It’s a big world. You have to shake it up now and then to get it moving forward.” 

At this point in the movie Dr. Cameron (Morgan Freeman) is trying to help Sawyer understand that sometimes you need to step out of the box to find solutions to problems.

This is so true in any situation. Sometimes you need to step away from a project, a relationship, a hard situation & see it from a different angle, a new perspective, so you can have a new way of seeing it.



Dolphin-Tale-2-Wallpapers“Now, all we can do is Hope.” “That’s her name.” “Hello, Hope”

Hazel gave the new baby dolphin a very fitting name, Hope. This dolphin was also a gift & hope for Winter the dolphin.

HOPE is a beautiful word. Last night my daughter was stressing about 6th grade homework & the stress was building through the night. I laid in bed with her to say prayers & she started counting all the things she needed to do…mini poster, spelling, read 100 pages… I brushed her face with my fingers & told her to calm down & that everything would be okay. I told her to envision a lush, green field full of wild flowers & had her envision walking barefoot through the grass. I explained how she began to hear water nearby & came to a beautiful ocean outlet that had two channels. I had her see it in her mind. In one, I had her envision the beautiful dolphin Hope that we had just seen in the movie. I had her see it twirling and jumping in the water up one channel of the ocean. I asked her—Would you rather go and swim with HOPE or take the channel of HOPELESSNESS? I had her see herself jump in the water & able to swim with this sweet dolphin. Each of the waves began to take her worries away. It was a beautiful image. So, what will you choose, HOPE or HOPELESS? It truly is your choice.



image_248924_5Amazing People doing AMAZING things 

In the movie you get to see Bethany Hamilton swim with Winter in the movie. It is always humbling and inspiring to see her attitude & what she has done with her life despite her struggles.

You also get to see real footage of the amazing marine facility in Florida that is changing not only the lives of wounded Sea Animals, but  constantly bringing hope to veterans, children without limbs…it was beautiful to see the work this great place does. It truly is a place of HOPE.

Here is a link to the actual facility in Florida


2356e2bf9ecf5856b77f8cb11926e24cb4s_dolphin062013_10978242_8colWell, I hope this post makes you want to take your family to see a movie that truly inspires good things.

Amazing People

It is a family tradition at our house to watch America’s Got Talent, and last night was the incredible finale. It has been months of AMAZING, talented people, so I thought I would pass along some additional stories of people doing AMAZING things. Check out the following: my favorites of AGT, a funny stunt & highlights from the season.


MY Favorite AGT Acts

The winner of this year’s AGT competition and one of my favorite acts—a magician. Who doesn’t love magicians!! He was amazing every time, but this was one of my favorite acts..

One of my favorite acts of the AGT competition. I love his voice and all their talent. They make beautiful music together.

Another one of my favorites–a acrobat troop who were amazing. This is my favorite of their acts. 

There were lots more talent acts—dreams came true watching Lenny Kravitz sing with AGT contestant Miguel Dakota (liked that guy–humble) & Emily West singing True Colors with Cyndi Lauper. The finale was a great show–check it out!! Youtube it. AGT is always full of fun.


Here are a couple other funny moments that were my favorite:

Heidi vs Mel B “Glam Off” 

Enjoy your day!! -Heather

Have a little Faith

panoBEARLAKE3I had quite an adventurous weekend!! Almost my whole family of nine adults and ten kids headed to Garden City, Utah to go boating at Bear Lake. The weather was wonderful and everyone was having a great time on the beach, waiting for the boat.

Earlier in the day my husband was putting the boat in at the marina when large amounts of water started filling the boat. In a matter of minutes the boat was almost going to be sunk in the marina. Luckily, a nice fisherman was heading out on the lake & saw my husband and brothers-in-law struggling to figure out what could be done. The man quickly pulled his boat over & towed them out before the boat was completely under water.  The culprit??? The boat had been in the shop & the mechanic had not replaced the plug in the boat. yikes!!

Lesson: whenever getting into a boat—have a life jacket and make sure there is a plug!!

Well, after hours of draining the boat, finding a plug, I honestly wasn’t sure if we should take the boat out. My husband was determined to show my family some…he literally started trying to quote Clark Griswold, “fun, old-fashioned We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest time.” I laughed & let him carry on.

We took the boat out & after we loaded up eight kids, three adults, towels, & made sure everyone had life jackets, we were off! My brother-in-law jumped in to the freezing lake & strapped on a wakeboard, took a few spins & then we began to notice the boat was taking on some water. The adults all looked at each other, “What do we do? get the kids in closer to shore or risk getting to the marina?” We opted to get close to shore & get everyone overboard because water was coming in quick & the weight of everyone was definitely not helping. The kids all looked at the shore & we heard little voices say, “that is sure far.” We kept reassuring everyone we had life jackets & they would help us float in to safety. One by one everyone jumped off the boat. The rest of my family watched, wondering what was happening on board the boat. They knew something must be wrong when they saw me climb off the boat, fully clothed. smile. smile. We all began swimming to shore.

We gathered together as we watched my husband & brother-in-law slowly drive the boat toward the marina. The entire family stood there on the beach and said a prayer that the boat would not sink & the guys would be okay. We all watched until we could not see the boat any more. We then received a call from my husband & the boat had stalled in the middle of the lake. They needed the coastguard quick!! Luckily the boat drifted near a buoy & were able to hook the boat so it would not continue drifting further and further from shore.

This is when a stranger on a jet ski pulled over because he could tell they were in trouble & offered to pull them out with his tractor.  The safety of grace, the beauty and kindness of a stranger. He jetted off to his nearby cabin & brought his tractor down to the lake & everyone worked together to get the boat out before going under. YAY!!!

Bear-LakeThere was another side of this story that these children learned this weekend at Bear Lake. They learned that faith and prayers can do many things. While my entire family was gathered together yesterday, I had my mother share a personal story from her youth about guardian angels & praying for safety… My mother when she was about seven-years-old had been at this very lake with her mother, father and two older brothers. They had been traveling & were on their way home when they arrived at the beautiful Bear Lake. It was a hot Sunday & being religious people they did not want their children swimming on Sunday. But, after many begs and pleas from the boys, their father allowed the children to take a quick dip in the lake to cool off before returning to the hot car & driving home.

lake swimmingMy mother shared the story with beautiful detail & allowed the children listening to look out at the beautiful, blue lake & imagine the story.  She continued on…one boy found a inner tube & the other found a log to float on. At first, everything was all fun, but then the boys began to get swept further and further out into the lake. The water began to get more choppy & one of the boys had his log shoot out from under him & he was left looking for safety. He swam over to his brothers tube & tried to hold on, but the tube then jetted out from under both of them & the two boys were left with nothing around them. They knew how to swim, but the waves were crashing & the water kept churning over them. The parents could barely see them & began to worry. Their father saw what was happening & began to swim out after them. Their mother looked at her young daughter (my mother) & had her point & watch where the boys were. She quickly obeyed & kept her arm pointing, watching the boys. Their mother ran up and down the beach yelling for help, praying they would be saved. Their father was a good swimmer, he swam hard, but the current was powerful & his body was tiring & he knew he would not have the strength to save both of them. He thought to himself & wondered what he could do. Out of nowhere there was a women, who yelled, “you grab him & I will take him.” They pulled them in & everyone was exhausted, throwing up water, but they were alive. Their mother grabbed this mysterious woman & hugged her, sobbing, thanked her & asked her everything she could possibly find out about her—where she lived, why she was here, where she came from…

My mom told the story and sobbed, reminiscing every moment. Every child in the room listened intently. She concluded the story about how her mother & father tried to locate this woman for years. She explained how her brother would travel back east for business & also tried to find her, but they never could. To them, she was a guardian angel that answered their prayers.

This weekend was many moments of memorable fun, but was also a humbling, learning experience of having faith.

The kids all worked together to bake a big plate of cookies that we took to an angel who helped us out this weekend. It was sooo fun to see the kids so proud to give them the notes and cookies they made & say thanks for helping save the boat. It was priceless.

tumblr_m9njjw34hd1rei2jfo1_500I just wanted to share these two great stories to share further the importance of having faith. –Peace to you. Heather


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