No Coincidences.

da929b61eae52f230f44395585967eeeI had a lost cat camping out on my porch for over a month. I wasn’t sure who it belonged to, so I posted ads looking for the owner, asked around my neighborhood, but no luck. Finally, after having this cat rub up against me, begging for attention, I knew I had to find it a good home. I am allergic & could barely touch it. I felt bad, but knew someone could give it the love it needed.

Then L walked into my life. She was just out of foster care, just turned 18 and was finally trying to make a life of her own. She responded to my ad for the lost cat & wanted to give it a good home. L has lots of love to give, so I thought the two would be a great match. Off they went together. At that point, I had no idea what a gift we would be for one another.

L kept reaching out & sending me pics. First she sent me one of her, the cat and a little old lady she helps take care of. L told me that she was trying to get her CNA and was currently helping elderly people at a facility & many of them missed their pets. L was going to use the cat to help the elderly. I LOVED that idea & when I saw the pic, my heart melted. L was doing good things and so was the kitty.

L and I have been corresponding back and forth via text for weeks now. Her story is one of abuse, heart ache, adoption, cruelty, self harm, detention and finally foster care. That last year helped turn her life around by taking her out of a dysfunctional place and giving her hope.

In our conversations I have seen her hope, her big heart, her love of animals and her good will to help people. I also saw her need for connection, her feelings of being alone with no family, her yearning to be loved. So, I invited her over for dinner.

She came over last night & brought her boyfriend. I was honestly not sure what to expect or if it would be awkward. It was a gift to all of us. Both of these young kids, coming from the same small town & having no relationships with their family because of past lives. We all sat around the dinner table talking, sharing stories, connecting and enjoying our differences. They needed love and connection—who doesn’t!! We went on a walk down our forested path, we talked about nature, animals, silly things that made us laugh. L and I heard how similar we are–our love for nature and animals, how we can be misunderstood for our sensitivity, our big hearts, our love for living things (even spiders). We now know we are true kindred spirits. I think we will always be connected in some way. I told L, “I believe there are no coincidences. Kitty brought us together for some reason.” We both just smiled at one another and knew it was true. Getting to know this young girl helped me to once again see how important it is to be in tune to what others may need. We are a gift to one another.

WE ARE A GIFT TO ONE ANOTHER. Is a story, an experience that continues to be told through each one of us. Look at those around you and don’t judge. Just open your hearts and hands to help give them help, understanding, love, kindness, part of yourself.

It is a gift to each and every one of us, if we reach out and grab hold of someone who may need us.

Have a beautiful day. Smile at a stranger. Talk to someone who may look different than you. Listen to a story. Share a moment. You will be better for it. I promise.

Peace to you today.  -H

What one single thing can YOU do?

WOW! It is truly humbling to see different projects, movements, videos, songs, people…making a difference. It is AMAZING!!

I LOVE thinking of doing one thing that could make a difference in someone’s world. ITS HUGE. Think about it!! Think about a time in your life when you did one small thing, but it made a big difference to someone else. YOU CAN! I CAN! WE CAN!! Even one small step at a time.

A SWEET GIRL–I just met a young girl yesterday. I had posted an ad in my local paper looking for a home for a stray cat that had been left in my neighborhood & has been living on my back porch for over a month. After trying to find the owners & not able to give it the love it needs (I am allergic) I posted an ad. This young, probably 18 year old girl responded & when I met her she began sharing her story….she had just got out of the foster care program, had been abused, adopted for money, lots of dysfunction. But then she lit up telling me that her life had changed since she had been living with a couple who have helped over 600 girls in the past 30 years. Her gratitude towards them was intensely positive & she was so positive talking about her experience with them. They made a definite difference in her life.

We had a fun conversation & I am sure we will keep in contact. The thing that was so amazing to me—thinking about the great impact that one couple had on so many lives. It is humbling to think of one couple taking in, investing, nurturing and trying to better the world of so many girls lives. AMAZING.

I LOVE stories that inspire, and even more, people who inspire. Here are some other people who are making a difference one message, one story at a time.

Take this guy—Prince Ea…rapper poet to movement maker! I LOVE this video & look how many people he has touched. WOW!! over 6 million views.

His other statement–SORRY TO FUTURE GENERATIONS—SAVE THE TREES–is another video close to my heart & has made an even BIGGER statement with over 11 Million views. One voice. One action. One stand. He just began!! That says something.

I LOVE trying to spread anything GOOD. It all makes a positive difference.

USE your VOICE. SAY SOMETHING that needs to be said. DO SOMETHING that needs to be done. USE your life!! USE IT FOR GOOD!!

Here is another great story about one person making a movement–BECAUSE I SAID I WOULD 

Make sure you listen to the whole story. The reason he truly started the organization was a very powerful story. Not just his Dad, but someone else.

I hope these stories make your day a little brighter!! I hope it helps you think about something small you can to do make a difference in the world.

Peace and Love to you today  -H