Follow your HEART


ImageLife is a funny thing…you wake up, follow your habits and patterns of a usual day, go through the motions of the to do’s, go to work, have other people tell you what to do, sign your kids up for things you are not even sure they truly want to do, but you do because they will fall behind in the game of life, you rush through every meal you eat, you unwind to your favorite television shows and then begin the process all over again…UNTIL…your life gets shaken up by something that shifts your patterns, makes you look deeper, stops you in your usual tracks, carries you away on a personal challenge and is some type of personal life wake-up call. 

This is when you truly begin to swirl, to look in a multitude of directions for your life, something that makes you finally stop and once again LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!  When we were kids we did things that sang to our hearts, we would paint for the pure enjoyment, we would dig in the dirt and not care if we got dirty, we imagined, we played, we explored, we did things that followed our hearts desires. THEN, we begin to grow up—the stuff of responsibility, the reality of home mortgages, kids college tuition, the REAL job, we begin to forget to listen to our hearts desires, we begin to do things out of necessity, not desire. Dreams begin to dwindle, life begins to go faster because of the routine. 

BUT, Thank GOD for LIFE’s Little INTERVENTIONs—the things that I lovingly call “FAITH BUSTERS”–moments in your life that give you opportunities to BUST OUT, to JUMP, to step away from the edge of the mundane, to try your spirit, to expand your growth, to help you build a little more FAITH.  

My little family is in the middle of one right this minute! We have been working on figuring out our current job jump, my husband has been interviewing non-stop & the whirl has been steady. I looked at my husband & said, “we need to get out of here, we need to step away, take a breather, have a fresh outlook.” We decided to PLAN a spontaneous trip to Disney World—a place across the country, a place we have never been, a place that will allow our imaginations to be free, a place of pure enjoyment, to step away from worry, to place our LIFE PLANS back in God’s hands.  

My sister texted me yesterday—“So I hear Florida is in the works?” I smiled to myself,  replied, “Absolutely! Yes. We are all about PLANNING a spontaneous trip until God finishes helping us PLAN our life!!”   

This morning while driving to the bank, I said to my husband, “This trip is a Faith Buster—we are going with full faith that he will be working on opening the right doors, putting in place the right people, the right situation for our family.”  I truly believe this. He works in mysterious ways, so this trip is part of following our hearts, doing something that will bring our family closer while creating memories that will last forever. 

Cheers to FAITH BUSTING moments!! Cheers to following your HEART!!





Life List It!


The more my creativity gets me, the more ideas that seem to swirl around in my head, the more time I spend dreaming, makes me need to write all the ideas down. Life is like that…a dream, an action, a talent, an idea, a passion, a friend who inspires, a child’s imagination & the stories they tell, a song that sings to your soul, a trip of a lifetime that makes you yearn for more…Life is like that…a mix of a thousand beautiful things.

So, today, after a whirlwind of creating within my mind—I figured I would put a few more personal ideas together that will make my life a little more directed, a bunch of possibilities that will have a place to fly within my mind & bring a little peace to my heart.  

So, today is to PERSONAL BUCKET LISTS:  those ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes, pursuits that will guide you, that will inspire you from one to another…

WHAT SHOULD BE ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Things you want to do before you kick the bucket! Countries, places or locations you have always wanted to visit.  Some of your biggest dreams or desires. Things you want to try or learn. People you would like to meet. Things that will help you live your life to the fullest!!! Here you go!!

Here is a giant list of ideas borrowed from others lists, thought up from my dreams, realized on a grander scale—enjoy the possibilities:  Inspire someone with my ART, See the monarch butterfly migration, Walk the countryside of Italy, French kiss in France, See the Northern Lights, Blow a kiss to a panda bear & send them some love, Ride an elephant, Wear a variety of costumes (masquerade mask, a biker jacket, a boa, my hair braided), Learn the hula & do it on a beach in Hawaii, Learn where my relatives are from, Go hot air ballooning, Go on a road trip, Sleep in a truck bed under the stars, Buy a jeep, Stay in an ice hotel, Go to the top of the eiffel tower, Ride a horse on the beach, Change someone’s life (through my writing or my creativity), Go to the galapagos islands, Get a puppy as a present, Go paddle boarding, Grow old with the person I love, Build a giant blanket fort, See lightning bugs, Lay in a hammock somewhere wonderful, Watch fireworks from a plane, Write a letter to myself & open it ten years later, Go paragliding, Try gelato, Attach a lock to a love bridge, Let go of a floating lantern, Have a day of crepes (sweet & savory), Kiss under mistletoe, Go on a cruise, Kiss in the rain, Go on a road trip to Canada, Create a secret family recipe, Kiss a dolphin or swim with one, Dance at the base of a waterfall, Travel to Fiji, Read 100 books in one year, Take nature pictures like Andy Goldsworthy, Learn something new (how to dry, how to write a musical, how to take a photo, how to paint, how to play an instrument, etc), Send a message in a bottle (even if it is to someone I love), Have a romantic picnic, See a cirque show in Las Vegas, Watch the ball drop on New Years Eve in NY, Write a book, Create a musical, Make a daisy chain, Go to Hollywood, Climb a mountain, Learn a foreign language (French), Go on a cruise, Go outside every day, Keep a gratitude journal, Enjoy a bonfire, Smile more, Achieve my ideal weight, Learn more about aromatherapy, Learn how to truly bake something amazing, Start my own business, Go to Paris with my daughter, Swim like a mermaid, Go rollerblading, Go to Disneyworld, Create a children’s book, Create products for children, Visit as many Disney parks as possible, Stay overnight in a treehouse, walk along a forest bridge, Make a wish in a wishing well, Give a homeless person a gift, Go on a carriage ride, Visit Lake Louise, Go to Yellowstone, Pull a good prank on someone, Ride on a scooter, Buy a convertible, Live somewhere warm, Be a great Mom, Be a great inspiration to my child, Be a wonderful wife, Live my best!!

Well, I hope this list will inspire wonderful ideas and directions for you on a personal level.

Honda CRV has a fun marketing campaign—the Leap List—here is a link to some of the fun leaps other people have made!

Cheers to the future!! -Heather

So many beautiful things to see and do…Image



“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”  -James Matthew Barrie

I have always had a thing for nature, but throughout my life I have always been surprised at the little miracles that have dropped into my life. Throughout my marriage I have raised three different nests of baby birds, helped a wounded red-tailed hawk we found in the desert, saved a baby robin from dying on a couple of occasions, and each time was always struck at the immense miracles birds are.  They are these little bodies of feathers, fluff & aerodynamics that help them carve through the wind, fly on an air stream, dive, soar—all at heights that at one time were unimaginable to man.

I am always amazed when I watch a bird fly, the way they float, allowing the wind to take their wings and send them higher and higher into the blue sky. There is this magic, this unmistakable gift birds have been given to be so high, to have faith in something bigger that allows them to drift into the high currents of the sky. They are able to have this knowing that their wings will carry them, that the sky is their home, that soaring high is their calling.

This makes me think of our personal callings–people are given gifts, talents and abilities that make them reach beyond their own limits, circumstances that  allow us to try to go higher on a personal level, to seek our ultimate potential.

Like birds, there are moments or times within our lives that we become wounded, put down, get involved in things that don’t help our spirit soar.

I have seen the sight of a wounded & broken bird unable to fly, it was heart breaking to know that this little spirit who was meant to fly, was for a time stopped from its purpose, was unable to fulfill its calling, was deterred by circumstance.

It truly is a beautiful metaphor for life, for the callings that we have been given, and when we get side-tracked, distracted, unsure, become indecisive, or complacent with the stirrings of our hearts, our inner knowings become dim, we begin to loose our ‘spirit wings.’

I just thought of that idea, ‘spirit wings’ –the ability to follow those things that make our spirit soar. When we get down on ourselves, loose a little faith in something greater than ourselves, follow things that take us away from our gifts, or we begin to do things that aren’t good for our spirit—we begin to loose our ability to fly.

‘Feelings’ are a good indicator of what makes your spirit soar. If you are listening within to what lights you up OR what brings you down, you will be able to follow your inner guidance, you will be able to follow those things that allow you to be who you are meant to be, to go beyond your personal limitations, to find the dreams that speak to your soul, to live the life you imagined and to be on purpose—to FLY.

“Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”  -Langston Hughes

Fly. Peace to you today. –Heather

Fun SUMMER Mix-ins!

With the triple digit heat, heat waves & non-stop sunshine, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some good ideas of fun things to MIX in to your SUMMER to make it even more enjoyable!! Enjoy.

ImageFUN ways to COOL off:

SWIM–We have had a index above ground pool for the last three years & have LOVED it!! I know they are a bit ugly, but we took a chance because here in the Utah sunshine we get numerous 100 degree days & the little kids & cousins in my family thoroughly have tons of SUMMER FUN in our big, blue pool!!  So if you need a good way to cool off–invest in an intex. Truly worth the investment!!

ICE CREAM: Have a fun ice cream party. Whether you make homemade ice cream,  go out and pick favorite flavors—have friends and family over for a ice cream bar with all your favorite add-ins (gummies, fruit, oreos, grahams, syrups, you get the idea).   Here is a great link from Real Simple for some homemade ice cream recipes.

SPRINKLERS: Old or young run through the sprinklers!! Turn on your automatic yard sprinklers or go out and invest in some fun twirls, up & downs, etc. Run, play, be a kid!!

TUBE: Find a local river or lake & grab a tube, float about in the summer sunshine.

SPRAY: Misters, water guns, water balloons & spray bottles are all fun ways to stay cool.

COOL: Cool off your lotions by putting them in the refrigerator, so they feel cool going on after being outside in the hot sun.

ImageFUN for the SUMMER: small things like great sunglasses, a new hat, having your nails painted in neons or glitter, buying a new maxi dress or a great pair of sandals, marinating steaks for a great bbq…always makes summer a little more enjoyable.  Indulge in something for you—look at it as an investment in you enjoying your summer a little more.

ImageSUMMER FOOD: Last night we made shrimp tacos, so I thought it would be fun to include a few recipes for some fun summer food…enjoy!!

Shrimp Tacos: Here is a great recipe for shrimp tacos

Something yummy with melon: I thought this looked good. I have not tried it yet, but it looks yummy!! Watermelon Salsa (see picture above)

Additional ideas:

If you are missing winter there is a great red box movie called “The Art of Flight” that is a extreme snowboarding movie that has amazing cinematography. Beautifully done! Amazing images.

Another one of our favorite things to do during the summer—watch “America’s Got Talent.” We don’t watch a lot of television, but at our house this is a weekly must. I truly enjoy the stories, the dreams, the talent. It can be so inspiring. A couple of my favorite acts: “Danceish”—here is a link to his performance. Amazing!! Still not sure how he does some of the moves

The other talent that is one of my favorites—Collins Key who is a teenage illusionist—amazing! Still not sure how he does it. Check it out here

Well, that is all for today.  Hope these ideas get you outside enjoying the last bit of summer that is left!!   Happy Summer!!


truth_myths_lies“How strange that the nature of life is change, yet the nature of human beings is to resist change. And how ironic that the difficult times we fear might ruin us are the very ones that can break up open and help us blossom into who we were meant to be.”  -Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open

This past weekend I spent some time with a brother-in-law that I have not really had any opportunity to know on a deeper level. We were out walking & he began to share how his family of ten siblings never talks about anything, they hide any dark secret, they don’t discuss any challenges or troubles…everything is hidden in a deep dark closet. He looked at his wife & smiled a big smile, “That is why I don’t tell her anything. If I did it would spread like wild fire throughout the family.”

Is your family OPEN, too open or do they HIDE everything from one another. Do they share things ‘through the grapevine’ or is it kept within the intimate walls of your home??

Something to think about…What do you think?? Is it healthy for siblings and family to know the intimate details of your relationships? Should family be involved in the conversations between lovers? Are they truly trying to help? Are some people too involved? Does more good or bad come from those situations? Every situation is different. You have and hold your own opinions.

This reminds me of the reality of who we are–no matter what!! Who knows what about you, who you were years ago, what you did last summer, the challenges, the change, the reality of truth vs secrets— no matter what, YOU hold the reality within your heart. Who you are determines how you feel about your life, how it affects others & the lessons held within. Whether people know your dark secrets or not—YOU know. You know if it is good or bad or helping you with the happiness within your life. Seek YOUR truth for YOU.

I have a friend who hid from the reality of his life for four years hiding secrets of drinking, bars, women, etc. when the cold, hard truth was found by his young daughter. His eight-year-old daughter was looking for a box of toys when she found a box of booze hidden in the basement. It has been a tough road for his little family, it has been a couple of years & they are still trying to deal, understand and figure out what will happen to the broken family. It is a hard reality to watch.

“May you listen to the voice within, the beat even when you are tired. When you feel yourself breaking down, may you break open instead. May every experience in life be a door that opens your heart, expands your understanding and leads you to freedom.”  -Elizabeth Lesser

I have listened to a lot of Elizabeth Lesser podcasts on Oprah’s network & I have fallen in love with the wisdom this woman shares. She has a book called “Broken Open” (which I need to read) that talks about breaking open the spiritual part of you.  On the Oprah show She mentioned not looking at life as something to get through but to look at it as a spiritual adventure of learning. To not waste time pretending because so many people go through life pretending everything is perfect instead of facing the fear that everyone has. Everyone has fears, they just get stuck pretending, they don’t look at life and go with the natural flow.   It’s like nature–nature is born, it grows, it withers, it dies.  If you get stuck pretending, you miss out on the natural connection that you can have with others if you share that vulnerability to show people that you have fears, that you are real—it will open them up to you.

I thought that was so powerful—go with the flow, life is ever evolving, changes happen, their is newness and possibility in many things, but eventually with everything it tarnishes, it changes, it eventually fades away. But, when you are able to find the deeper, spiritual part, you can go with the flow & not feel you need to cover up the tarnish, pretend to be something you are not to fix things, hide behind addiction to cover up the pain of growth or challenge. You are able to truly live, to find the essence of the life you are meant to live, you are able to look at hard things & see they were meant to break you open to a better part of you.

So, don’t be afraid to let go of your walls, to be broken open by the fragility of your heart, to understand that deep within you is a place that yearns to share peace, that wants you to go within to truly understand the life you are meant to live.

Peace to you today.  -Heather

Put a little SPIRIT into your PARENTING

ImageINSPIRE (truly means ‘In Spirit’) your children in loving ways.

I have been reading Deepak Chopra’s book “The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents.” It has been a good read, so I thought I would take today to include his weekly suggestions on ideas to incorporate a little SPIRIT into parenting.  


Here is a beautiful beginning he includes in his book:  Everything flows from the infinite source, which is God…God is part of every child, connecting every child with the source.  Since God creates everything, a child should be encouraged to believe that everything is possible in his or her life.   Everyone can get in touch with the seed of God that is inside…Every day brings a chance to water that seed and watch it grow.   When children feel small and weak, remind them that they are children of the universe.


Ideas for doing simple things each day of the week to put a little SPIRIT within your life.

Monday is the day of GIVING.   Today we tell our children “If you want to get something, give it.”  On Monday we agree as parents to do the following things with our children:  

1. Invite them to give one thing to someone else in the family.  Make it a practice as a family to have every member give something to someone else. These gifts should not be elaborately planned or worked over. Remembering to give a smile, a word of encouragement, or help with a chore is natural and simple. It is also likely to last, for simple giving within the home cultures the desire to serve.

2.  Inspire them to receive graciously. To receive graciously is an art that cannot be faked. If it is more blessed to give than to receive, it is much harder to receive than to give. We receive ungraciously out of pride, feeling that we don’t need anyone’s help, handouts or charity, or out of some sense of discomfort. These are all ego reactions, and there is no need to have them once you realize that the giver is never the giver, just as the receiver is never the receiver. Both stand in for spirit. Every breath we take is a gift, and in that realization, we see that receiving from another person is a symbol of receiving from God. Every gift is a gesture of love that stands in for divine love, and should be received as such.

  3.  Share a brief ritual of gratitude for life’s gifts. A ritual of gratitude, shared by the whole family, is a nice way to acknowledge the gift of life. You might hold hands at the dinner table and give thanks, not just for the food but for all that has been given that day. Have each member mention one thing, such as “I’m thankful for the beautiful butterfly I saw on the way home from school.” “I’m thankful we are all happy.” “I am grateful to be able to take dance.” and so on.


Tuesday is the day of KARMA   Today we tell our children, “When you make a choice, you change the future.”

1. Talk about some choice they made today.  Talk to your children about one choice he or she made today. Whatever the choice–making a new friend, spending money on something, deciding not to play with A or B—begin to explore what happens when choices are made. You can begin to teach your children about the intricate mechanisms of cause and effect, of sowing and reaping.    When a choice is brought up, gently explore it by asking questions such as “How did you feel about that?” “What do you think will happen?”  “What will you do if this or that happens?”  Choice is intimately personal, and as much as you might be tempted to try to control your children’s choices of playmates, activities, hobbies, school subjects, and so on, the best way to use your influence is to make your children into sensitive, aware choice makers.  The fact that every action leads to the best result possible is a law known as grace. Grace is God’s loving organization of time and space. It allows us free will to do anything we want, and the results of our actions, whether pleasant or unpleasant, are brought back to us at the perfect time to learn from what we chose. In other words, anything that happens to us reflects a loving guardianship of our well-being.  Life is a learning process.

 2. Show them how our future was changed by a past choice we made.  It is helpful as children grow older to tell them stories about the choices that affected your life. Instinctively children know that life is a quest; they may have to learn that the future depends on the choices they make, but emotionally they intuit that adults have made many important choices. When you talk about your choices, don’t voice them in terms of regret. “I did this wrong, so I’m going to make sure you never do the same” may be well intended, but your children are going to try a little bit of everything. That is inevitable.

  3.  Explain right and wrong in terms of how choices feel. Talk to your children about how it feels to make one choice over another. Childhood is the age when we first decide whether results are more important than emotions. Discussions therefore tend to take a familiar shape: “You won the game when you didn’t pick that weak boy to be on your team, but how did you feel when you looked at him? How did he feel?” Or “Your friends asked you to cut school, and now you’re afraid they’ll think you just suck up. But how would you have felt knowing that you weren’t where you should have been?” Or “You didn’t pick up your room when I asked you to. Did you have a certain feeling about that?”  The critical factor in being a good choice maker is usually not the rational reason for doing one thing as opposed to another but how each choice felt. This is because, in spiritual terms, intuition is a subtler faculty than reason. Our hearts tell us when an action is right or wrong or in some gray zone of doubt.

In practical terms, what we do on this day is observe our immediate reactions and then ask, “Is this all there is to a situation?”  Introduce the notion that every situation contains aspects beyond what any one person can see. How do other people see the situation? For example, how did the loser of a game feel if your child was the winner? How does your child feel when someone else hurts her feelings? Show that it is possible to empathize by putting the shoe on the other foot. [or the golden rule] Through these gentle instructions on witnessing how things work, you can make karma very real and concrete.  


Wednesday is the day of LEAST EFFORT  Today we tell our children, “Don’t say no–go with the flow.”

1. Find the game in at least one task.  The third element in the Law of Least Effort is responsibility. Children should also be taught that success and fulfillment come from inside, and it is only inside that matters. Each of us is responsible for how we feel, what we wish for, and how we decide to approach life’s challenges. The highest responsibility is fulfilled not by doing a huge amount of work but by doing the work of spirit in an attitude of joy and creativity. This is the only way that life without struggle becomes possible.       Go with the flow…a taks that waits to get done until you feel relaxed and comfortable about it is a task well done. The exact opposite of this attitude is perfectionism. Perfectionism is rooted in fear and control. Set an example for your children by turning any task—vacuuming the rug, picking up their room, mowing the lawn—into a game or a source of stimulation.  You can practice a song while taking out the garbage or make up a poem washing the dishes. Make up songs, games, find a way to reverse your own tendency to forget that life is meant to be approached as play, reflecting the divine play. The maturing process can be a numbing, even deadening process. To combat this tendency, find the game in your own activities, the joy as the heart of work. Show your own enjoyment to your children, and as soon as any task isn’t fun or the game grows stale, stop working. There’s no harm in a job well done, but a job done in an attitude of fatigue, struggle and imposition isn’t worth doing.

2.  Reduce the effort it takes to accomplish something important.   Your children are going to hear from dozens of people a day that things are hard, tough, difficult, a struggle, even overwhelming. Set aside a few minutes for the whole family to concentrate on reducing effort, strain and wear and tear. Talk at the dinner table about times when solutions appeared that were much easier than you thought they would be. The whole drift is to defuse the notion, which bombards us, that life is a problem. In spiritual terms, life is not problematic; only our attitudes toward it are.  Nothing is more efficient than spirit. When you can invoke spirit, you have more chance for success than under any other circumstance. Spirit is creative fullness; that is why the Latin word genius also means “spirit.”  In practice, invoking spirit means: Being in a good mood for work.  Approaching tasks with relaxed confidence.  Not straining or putting excessive demands on yourself physically (staying up late, working overtime, not taking breaks, not eating or getting enough fluids).  Asking for inspiration; being patient until it comes.  Not resisting changes in the situation.  Not having to have your own way.  Not assuming you know the answer in advance.  

3. Look for ways Nature has helped us. When spirit, or Nature, does come to help with a task, its arrival is often silent and unnoticed. Help your children begin to notice–“Did you get a new idea today?” “Were you surprised by how easy something that you thought would be hard turned out to be?” What did you feel was inspired today?


Thursday is the day of INTENTION and DESIRE  Today we tell our children, “Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed.”

1. List clearly all our desires for the week.   Today have everyone in the family make a list of desires for the coming week and post it on the refrigerator. (begin this when a child is nine or ten–younger children would just interpret it as making out a list for Santa).  In guiding your children’s lists, ask prompting questions such as “What do you most wish for yourself this week?”; “What do you most wish for someone else?”; “What do you want to happen at school?” Try to avoid the tendency for the list to become a series of acquisitions [a new bicycle or a video game.  Point out instead that the universe is always bringing to us rewards and results that stem from our wishes and wants. Wishes and wants are like seeds, and the things that happen to us are the sprouting of those seeds. Some seeds take a long time to sprout—a child inspired to play the piano can be planting a seed that grows for a lifetime, for example. Not all of these can come true at once. Each desire has its own season, its own way of coming true.  Encourage your children to want happiness and fulfillment, the absence of conflict and struggle and other spiritual rewards as primary desires.  But also encourage the sprouting of seeds that you see as valuable on any level—a budding talent, a good tendency at school or in personal relationships, being less shy or better at a certain game or subject.   For younger children–help them understand by actually planting a bean seed and show them the miracle of germination. The metaphor of the seed growing is applicable at every age.

2. Release our desires for Nature to fulfill. Releasing your desire is not the easiest thing for children to grasp, especially if they have developed the habit of seeing their parents as the source of all the things they want. You can begin to teach your children the principle of patient expectation. That is, once you know what you want, you stay relaxed about it. The shallow, trivial desires will simply fall away, but those that are sincere and deep will be nourished by nature. Tell your children that desires kept in the heart come true faster than those we constantly broadcast by talking about them or putting demands on others.

  3. Be alert in the present moment, where all fulfillment occurs. At any moment of the day, some desire is in the process of coming true. Old seeds we planted are bringing results, mixed in with the beginnings of larger results to come. The point is to make children aware that the universe (or spirit or God) is always listening; none of us is alone. We are constantly heard.  A simple way to remain alert is to keep tabs on the lists you have put on the refrigerator. Ask your children to report on how each desire is coming true throughout the week. You can ask “Did anything really nice happen to you today?” and then point out how it fits into the bigger picture of the child’s list. Begin to see the good, be grateful, be alert to the blessings that are all around you.


Friday is the day of DETACHMENT. Today we tell our children, “Enjoy the Journey”

1. Talk about the “Real You”  The ‘real you” is a fascinating topic at any age. Children already feel an age-old attraction to the otherworldly. Stories of God, heaven and angels are told to children almost from the cradle; fairy tales create a similar world that children accept as imaginary and yet more real than the world around them.  With this in mind you can talk to your children about the Self in understandable ways.  Here’s the kind of fable, for example, suitable to tell younger children: “Everyone has an invisible friend who looks after everything they do. You have this friend, and so do your brothers and sisters, and so do Mommy and Daddy. God sent you your friend. Your friend isn’t in heaven like the angels but right here, in your heart. You know what your friend’s name is? Just the same as your name, because your friend is really part of you. When you love your toys or me or anything else, your friend helps you to feel that love. So you always want to make sure you pay attention whenever you feel sad or angry. Shut your eyes and ask your friend to remind you that we all love you very much, so you must always love yourself. That’s what your invisible friend is here to tell you, always.”  The Self is a person’s soul, which looks down on all events in this world with perfect peace and joy. It is one’s connection to God and heaven or to the field of all possibilities. Your Self is never hurt or confused; it always loves you; it is always near. Children will be reassured to hear these things, even though it will be a long time before they believe them completely.  God is always with you leading, guiding, loving. You are always connected in spirit.

 2. Show them that uncertainty can be good–no one has to have all the answers.   Uncertainty can’t be wished away; therefore its deeply valuable to come to terms with it, to realize that there is wisdom in uncertainty–the wisdom of a Creator who want to keep reality fresh, new and ever-moving toward fulfillment.  How do we communicate this to a child? Young children love surprises, and this is the day to fully indulge your delight in surprising them. Unexpected treats bring joy to giver and receiver, and they need to have no better reason than “I just wanted to do something different”—after all, thats the only reason God needs.  At older ages, uncertainty can seem to be a problem, since it implies a shifting world that is difficult to cope with. Teaching your children to let go and enjoy change as it comes is important, as is direct confrontation of hidden anxiety. With children of five and older, asking if something new is a source of fear is appropriate. All you need is a simple opening like “I know you haven’t done this before. Is it a little scary?”  Also remind yourself not to act in front of the children as if you know everything. Always put your own uncertainty in positive terms. Instead of saying”I don’t have an answer,” emphasize that there are a lot of answers and the fun of life is finding out how much you have yet to learn, no matter how much you already know.

3. Teach them to feel balanced about loss and gain. You can begin early to teach your children another way, to look inside rather than to outside things for happiness. This is where the lesson of loss and gain come in. Treating loss on the material plane alone isn’t satisfying to a child. To say, “Don’t cry, Ill buy you another doll,” is just as shortsighted as to say the opposite, “It’s your fault for losing it, you’re not getting another.” Both statements assume that the doll/plane is the source of happiness, You are going to have to decide whether or not to replace something that’s been lost, but the larger issue is that the doll doesn’t matter. Make children feel secure and loved no matter what anyone has or doesn’t have. Thus loss can be a reason to reinforce the notion that “the real you” is all right no matter what. Allow the grieving over loss to occur—you shouldn’t stand in the way of emotional expression—but put it in perspective: “I know you feel bad now, but it’s only a thing, and you are here for much more important reasons than the things you own or don’t own.”


Saturday is the day of DHARMA  Today we tell our children, “You are here for a reason.”

1. Ask each one, “Where are you right now?”   This question is your way of exploring your children’s own ideas of their purpose and progress. One’s dharma is one’s path, which translates into several components:  Where I think I’m going. This is my vision. How I plan to get there. This is my work on the path. How far I think I have gotten [my present level of awareness].  What I think is holding me back [present challenge or lesson]  It is good to have your children learn to be aware of their paths. The youngest children have an instinctive purpose, being happy. But as soon as a child is old enough to set goals 9after age five or 60 measuring progress towards a goal is a necessity. “Where are you? How are things going? Are you getting close to what you want to achieve? If not, why not?” With these questions in mind, parents can begin to encourage each child to feel an intimate connection with life’s purpose day in and day out.  You can also broaden this topic by asking, “Where are we as a family?”  It is a life long process to become patient and make peace with the notion that every person is just where she needs to be.

2. Encourage their unique talents and abilities.   Making a child feel unique means making him or her feel uniquely wanted. Having a talent is one thing; feeling that the universe welcome it is another. Uniqueness without love is barren and very little different from loneliness. Today you can sit down and list each child’s talents, having your children participate, in order to reinforce the notion that talents are given to us by spirit for our happiness and fulfillment.

3. Invite them to perform an act of service. Invite each child to do something kind for someone else. however small the gesture might be. Picking up litter seen while taking a hike, opening a door for an elderly person, helping younger siblings pick up their room—these are as valuable as charity work. The inner meaning of the gesture is what you want to teach.  When you serve others, you remind yourself of your duty as a loving child of the Almighty. Duty is a synonym for dharma, and the word covers duty to society, duty to oneself, and duty to God. Your duty to society is to serve others; your duty to yourself is to unfold spiritually; your duty to God is to participate in the divine plan for humankind’s higher evolution.


Lastly…remember the Innocence. Innocence is the knowledge that you can guide children but never control them. You must be open to the person within every child, a person who is bound to be different from you. In innocence, this fact can be accepted with a peaceful heart.

There is more, so much more to his beautiful book, so if you have the desire to read it—do. There are so many angles of parenting, so many lessons to learn, so many jewels to hold within learning. I pray for you as parents that we can all hold our children tight and give them the love they need and remember the innocence they are born with. Help us to teach them, help us to pray for them & in the end be the parents we were meant to be to these little gifts that we were given.

Peace to you. -Heather


ImageYesterday I had all my nieces and nephews over for a fun summer activity I called “A Day of AWESOMENESS!!”  We made an eruption out of a 2 liter of Diet Coke with half a package of mentos, then we created little tornadoes out of water bottles filled with dish soap (2 drops) and glitter, did activity books, learned lots of weird but true facts & had lots of FUN!!

I truly enjoyed watching their faces Ooh and Ah at the wonder and delight of seeing their own little tornadoes take shape. Children have this amazing sense of wonder and imagination and I thoroughly love being around the creativity they hold—making up games, coloring so vibrantly with such passion, learning and seeing things at a new level–their level.

SO, what is something that would make YOUR DAY OF AWESOMENESS?? What peaks your interest? What lights you up? What do you want to learn about?   Is their a science experiment you want to try? Do you want to go volunteer at a shelter or humane society for a day. Maybe sit with a child and think of all the super powers you would like to have. Maybe take a friend and go visit a museum you have never been to. What about flying kites (homemade ones if you want to be truly creative & scientific). Take your camera outside & shoot pictures close-up of everything—see the details. Get online and find some AWESOME experiments you can try. Have a night of Constellations under the starry night sky. Blow up Ivory soap in the microwave and make Soap Clouds…there are soooo many things to learn, try, experience…there is an abundance of AWESOMENESS!! Have fun, get creative…do, try, PLAY!!

I am going to attach a fun packet of weird but true facts I put together for the kids—feel free to print them off and share them with people in your life. You can never learn too much!!Awesomepacket

Here are a few pics from our day of AWESOMENESS!  Cheers to YOU & having an AWESOME DAY!!ImageImage

Bring on the SELF LOVE

ImageI was listening to a podcast this morning & the topic of self love came up & the speaker was talking about how much better everything would be if we would LOVE ourselves. I think this has been an ongoing struggle for me. I think it is an ongoing process to find self love and develop it and nurture it. I am going to periodically post different ways to put a little more self love into your life. Here we go!!

Here are my first suggestions for putting a little more self love into your life.

When we are able to LOVE ourselves then we begin to truly recognize our connection to the divine.

Surround yourself with people who enlighten you: surround yourself with the types of people who will lift and build you, enlighten you about higher living, say things that will teach you about becoming a better person, have conversations that stretch and grow your soul then they will be a source of light and inspiration for your life. People you will yearn to be around. If there are people in your life that drain your energy, that are not kind, say belittling comments,  etc. Make a conscious decision to not spend time or surround yourself with these types of people.

Be gentle with yourself: we are often far too hard on ourselves. If you find yourself beating yourself up over past mistakes, eating something you shouldn’t have, talking negatively to yourself, focusing on the lack, etc. Remember, be gentle with yourself, know life is a walk of learning and growth. As long as you are learning from challenges, there is growth. Be gentle, nurture your feelings, be kind with your heart and begin to recognize, see and understand the bigger picture—you are connected to divinity.

Live with a daily prescribed intention: Look at your life & evaluate what you need to fulfill it–do you need to live with more meaning, do you need to feel more healthy, do you need to feel more connection in your life, do you need to feel more spiritually connected…what do you need to feel better about your life?   Then look at a particular area & set a daily intention of something you would like more of in your life. One example of this: I am working on creating an intention of bringing more spirituality into my home, so I am following the steps in Deepak Chopra’s book ” The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents”  it outlines different things you can do each day of the week to instill more spirit in your home as a parent.

You could do this with a variety of areas & take one thing each day if you like. Look at it as a daily dose of self love—prescribe for yourself something each day that would make you feel a little more loved, valued and appreciated.

Don’t look OUTSIDE look WITHIN: The love you need is held within. It is and always will be there. Sometimes the ups and downs of life experiences begin to bury this love, but it is there, patiently waiting for you to look within to find it. Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that external things will give you the love you desire. Things can’t buy or give you the LOVE you need.

Take some time to be ALONE: alone time, away from relationships, family, schedules, activities, etc. is nourishment for the soul. Whether you take yourself on a date to the local art museum, go on a walk in the woods, read a book bundled up on the couch alone, have a prayer in your car, or just take a long drive to have some time to be alone in your thoughts. Take some time to be alone in your mind, to go to a place of re-connection, a place where you can hear yourself think, a place where you can pray out loud, take a moment to just be alone—to recharge, to stop, to be still.

Find GRATITUDE: This is always a good thing for self love and self nourishment. You can find gratitude any time, anywhere. You can say it out loud like a prayer of thanks, you can write it down in a journal, you can discuss it with family, you can share it with friends. Gratitude is a great expression from the heart. When we begin to see the little gifts within our life—our life truly changes. The LOVE begins to flow where it is needed most.

LOVE LIST it: We often over look all the gifts we have been given–the talents, the personalities, the things we are good at, the things that make us shine. Over the years I am sure you have heard praises or compliments that brought a smile to your heart. Take a moment and write them all down. Think of anything and everything that people have said about YOU…your beautiful smile, your loving heart, the way you wear your hair, your style, the way you dance, play the piano, the wonderful mother you are, the great friend you have become, etc. Find a beautiful piece of paper and make a LOVE LIST…and list out all the beautiful things people have said about you. Then put it somewhere to make it shine. Somewhere where you can look at it every day and remember the beautiful things that are YOU.


A couple great links I came across:

A Self Love Quiz—take this quiz and see how you do when the topic is self love. Here is the link

Here is another link to 31 days to Self Love. Check it out and see if it is worthwhile to you.

Cheers to you and the LOVE you need!!   -Heather