Life List It!


The more my creativity gets me, the more ideas that seem to swirl around in my head, the more time I spend dreaming, makes me need to write all the ideas down. Life is like that…a dream, an action, a talent, an idea, a passion, a friend who inspires, a child’s imagination & the stories they tell, a song that sings to your soul, a trip of a lifetime that makes you yearn for more…Life is like that…a mix of a thousand beautiful things.

So, today, after a whirlwind of creating within my mind—I figured I would put a few more personal ideas together that will make my life a little more directed, a bunch of possibilities that will have a place to fly within my mind & bring a little peace to my heart.  

So, today is to PERSONAL BUCKET LISTS:  those ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes, pursuits that will guide you, that will inspire you from one to another…

WHAT SHOULD BE ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Things you want to do before you kick the bucket! Countries, places or locations you have always wanted to visit.  Some of your biggest dreams or desires. Things you want to try or learn. People you would like to meet. Things that will help you live your life to the fullest!!! Here you go!!

Here is a giant list of ideas borrowed from others lists, thought up from my dreams, realized on a grander scale—enjoy the possibilities:  Inspire someone with my ART, See the monarch butterfly migration, Walk the countryside of Italy, French kiss in France, See the Northern Lights, Blow a kiss to a panda bear & send them some love, Ride an elephant, Wear a variety of costumes (masquerade mask, a biker jacket, a boa, my hair braided), Learn the hula & do it on a beach in Hawaii, Learn where my relatives are from, Go hot air ballooning, Go on a road trip, Sleep in a truck bed under the stars, Buy a jeep, Stay in an ice hotel, Go to the top of the eiffel tower, Ride a horse on the beach, Change someone’s life (through my writing or my creativity), Go to the galapagos islands, Get a puppy as a present, Go paddle boarding, Grow old with the person I love, Build a giant blanket fort, See lightning bugs, Lay in a hammock somewhere wonderful, Watch fireworks from a plane, Write a letter to myself & open it ten years later, Go paragliding, Try gelato, Attach a lock to a love bridge, Let go of a floating lantern, Have a day of crepes (sweet & savory), Kiss under mistletoe, Go on a cruise, Kiss in the rain, Go on a road trip to Canada, Create a secret family recipe, Kiss a dolphin or swim with one, Dance at the base of a waterfall, Travel to Fiji, Read 100 books in one year, Take nature pictures like Andy Goldsworthy, Learn something new (how to dry, how to write a musical, how to take a photo, how to paint, how to play an instrument, etc), Send a message in a bottle (even if it is to someone I love), Have a romantic picnic, See a cirque show in Las Vegas, Watch the ball drop on New Years Eve in NY, Write a book, Create a musical, Make a daisy chain, Go to Hollywood, Climb a mountain, Learn a foreign language (French), Go on a cruise, Go outside every day, Keep a gratitude journal, Enjoy a bonfire, Smile more, Achieve my ideal weight, Learn more about aromatherapy, Learn how to truly bake something amazing, Start my own business, Go to Paris with my daughter, Swim like a mermaid, Go rollerblading, Go to Disneyworld, Create a children’s book, Create products for children, Visit as many Disney parks as possible, Stay overnight in a treehouse, walk along a forest bridge, Make a wish in a wishing well, Give a homeless person a gift, Go on a carriage ride, Visit Lake Louise, Go to Yellowstone, Pull a good prank on someone, Ride on a scooter, Buy a convertible, Live somewhere warm, Be a great Mom, Be a great inspiration to my child, Be a wonderful wife, Live my best!!

Well, I hope this list will inspire wonderful ideas and directions for you on a personal level.

Honda CRV has a fun marketing campaign—the Leap List—here is a link to some of the fun leaps other people have made!

Cheers to the future!! -Heather

So many beautiful things to see and do…Image

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