Hello Fall


Fall is that special time of year when everything changes. It is a good time to reflect personal change, glorious colors and light, finding things that warm our bodies and soul and help us embrace a new season of our life.

I thought with Fall break coming I would find some fun ideas to help celebrate this beautiful time of year.

It is my daughter & husbands favorite time of year, so this is for you both!! Love you.



GET OUTSIDE: We have a traditional First Day of Fall walk through the woods near our home. We also like to rake up a giant pile of leaves & take fun pictures in them.

Last year we invited all the cousins over & hid a giant sized candy bar in the pile & all the kids dove in looking for it. It took forever & by the time they found it, it was a little smashed, but oh so fun!!  You could also get fun plastic, cheap toys and throw them in the pile to add to the fun.

Take a drive and enjoy the colors of the canyons. Take time to notice the changes around you. Ooh and Awe over the leaves below your feet & notice the intricate detail of patterns and color.



FOR YOU: Take the time to sit and watch the leaves fall. As you watch them one by one drop to the ground, think of things that weigh you down, that drain the energy from your body or make you feel low. As you notice those things, begin to watch the leaves again and envision your worries dropping with the leaves…going away, slowly drifting away, falling into a pile that will forever take them & leave you feeling a little less weighed down in your mind. Try it. See what happens.


its-a-new-season_fall-quote_1024x1024START SOMETHING NEW: We have a great advantage!! We have youtube and other diy channels that you can learn about anything! Its amazing. I loved hearing that one of my daughter’s online friends when asked what he was doing for fall break said, “Maybe I will learn the guitar, fix my bike or how to hack a new game.”  It screams of trying something new!! There is SO much to learn & if we just take a few minutes a day to invest in ourselves–think of the many things we would accomplish, learn & grow from.

What is something you want to learn? My list is endless! Italian, how to cook, learn more about energy & its effects, the power of nature, improve my photography skills, getting my creative ideas /writing out into the world, black belt (without being knocked down or throwing people to the ground–haha. not sure this is possible, so I will stick with kickboxing for now. smile), growing tomatoes (not successful yet), so many books to read (endless)…so many things to learn and do. Those are just off the top of my head.


ac3424c56058ebb9bdcaa8c542445c0d--fall-quotes-fall-recipesTRY SOMETHING NEW TO EAT: Maybe google some fun chili or crockpot recipes that are full of warm, spicy goodness. You could also make some homemade rolls to make it a meal. Then make a yummy pumpkin, spice dessert like cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or pumpkin pie always hits the spot.


maxresdefaultLISTEN TO SOMETHING PRETTY: I have been learning more about the power of music & its effects on the vibrations of the body. It is better to have good vibrations (no song intended. smile. smile).  Maybe try some of the classics: Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. I personally like chill music like ‘Light and Motion’ or Carinthia. Its just calming.


1RELAX THE MIND: Fall is a great time to put a puzzle together as a family, have quiet reading time or sit and color mindlessly. It gets darker earlier, so light a candle & find an activity that you can just calm the mind.


Homemade-Holidays-Lets-Make-the-House-Smell-Like-Christmas-1SCENTSATIONAL: grab a small pot and add cinnamon sticks, cloves, apple and orange slices, rinds, pine cones, etc. Let the scent fill your home with warm goodness.


salted-vanilla-hot-chocolate4-600x900GET COZY: My daughter always chimes in “lets get hygge” Ever since I read a book on the Danish style of embracing the coziness of what cold weather brings, she says this. We light a special candle that mirrors light throughout the room & creates an ambiance that we enjoy. Sometimes we embrace this sentiment with egg nog hot cocoa, cozy pants & cuddle up in our big blankets and watch a fun movie for fall.

Here are hygge tips from Good Housekeeping: Spend quality time with friends and family. Sit by a roaring log fire. (wish I had my old fireplace. sad face). Keep things simple (recipes). Dim the lights and use candles instead. Decorate the inside of the house with the outside (bring nature in with stone walls, wood floors, big wood tables, piles of logs). Bake bread. Drink cocoa. Don’t deprive yourself (indulge the good things in life–even dessert). Get outside (getting out in nature is key). Pick up a book. Put down the phone.


1-1DRESS WARM: Celebrate the season with a new pair of boots or find a wrap you can throw on to keep you warm while enjoying a beautiful, fall breeze. Be aware of the aesthetics of what you put on and around you. Enjoy the fibers and textures & make sure they make you feel embraced in warmth.


9755cef6GRATITUDE TREE: One year I found a large branch, stuck it in a pot & filled it with pebbles. On each branch I had my family write down things they were grateful for on little paper leaves & we hung them on the branches. It was a good daily reminder of good things within our life.


Well, I hope these ideas get you in the mood for fall. It is a beautiful time of year. enjoy.





Fun SUMMER Mix-ins!

With the triple digit heat, heat waves & non-stop sunshine, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some good ideas of fun things to MIX in to your SUMMER to make it even more enjoyable!! Enjoy.

ImageFUN ways to COOL off:

SWIM–We have had a index above ground pool for the last three years & have LOVED it!! I know they are a bit ugly, but we took a chance because here in the Utah sunshine we get numerous 100 degree days & the little kids & cousins in my family thoroughly have tons of SUMMER FUN in our big, blue pool!!  So if you need a good way to cool off–invest in an intex. Truly worth the investment!!

ICE CREAM: Have a fun ice cream party. Whether you make homemade ice cream,  go out and pick favorite flavors—have friends and family over for a ice cream bar with all your favorite add-ins (gummies, fruit, oreos, grahams, syrups, you get the idea).   Here is a great link from Real Simple for some homemade ice cream recipes.   http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/recipe-collections-favorites/desserts/homemade-ice-cream-recipes-10000001626889/index.html

SPRINKLERS: Old or young run through the sprinklers!! Turn on your automatic yard sprinklers or go out and invest in some fun twirls, up & downs, etc. Run, play, be a kid!!

TUBE: Find a local river or lake & grab a tube, float about in the summer sunshine.

SPRAY: Misters, water guns, water balloons & spray bottles are all fun ways to stay cool.

COOL: Cool off your lotions by putting them in the refrigerator, so they feel cool going on after being outside in the hot sun.

ImageFUN for the SUMMER: small things like great sunglasses, a new hat, having your nails painted in neons or glitter, buying a new maxi dress or a great pair of sandals, marinating steaks for a great bbq…always makes summer a little more enjoyable.  Indulge in something for you—look at it as an investment in you enjoying your summer a little more.

ImageSUMMER FOOD: Last night we made shrimp tacos, so I thought it would be fun to include a few recipes for some fun summer food…enjoy!!

Shrimp Tacos: Here is a great recipe for shrimp tacos   http://allrecipes.com/recipe/shrimp-tacos/

Something yummy with melon: I thought this looked good. I have not tried it yet, but it looks yummy!! Watermelon Salsa (see picture above)  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/trisha-yearwood/watermelon-salsa-recipe/index.html

Additional ideas:

If you are missing winter there is a great red box movie called “The Art of Flight” that is a extreme snowboarding movie that has amazing cinematography. Beautifully done! Amazing images.

Another one of our favorite things to do during the summer—watch “America’s Got Talent.” We don’t watch a lot of television, but at our house this is a weekly must. I truly enjoy the stories, the dreams, the talent. It can be so inspiring. A couple of my favorite acts: “Danceish”—here is a link to his performance. Amazing!! Still not sure how he does some of the moves  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd1pnzmmEfA

The other talent that is one of my favorites—Collins Key who is a teenage illusionist—amazing! Still not sure how he does it. Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-DEbvgPnoU

Well, that is all for today.  Hope these ideas get you outside enjoying the last bit of summer that is left!!   Happy Summer!!