“At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything else.”  – George Leonard

Thank God, thank you for any glimmer of a pulse of perfect rhythm. So often, I feel misunderstood, listening, dancing to my own rhythm that I feel few understand.

It is comforting to believe we are each unique, gifted with an existence that is one-of-a-kind. That we originate from an indescribable place that continues to nurture, love and surround us with beauty and knowledge of who we truly are. We are gifted a spark, a glimmer of this perfect rhythm that sustains us on this journey of life. It connects us forever, helping guide us to our truths, our essence and reminds us of the immeasurable potential we have within.

This pulse, rhythm, light shines on. We live our lives by the yearnings of our heart…the silent pulse that plays a song, a beautiful melody throughout everything…throughout our existence. A rhythm bigger than anything and everything. A knowing that connects all.

Listen to your rhythm. Find your way by listening within.

Peace to you.

Lessons learned from the Ramen Girl


The Ramen GirlJust Stir

I took some personal time and watched the movie, “The Ramen Girl” all alone. It was a mixture of words for me regarding the movie…slow, confused, a language barrier, a love story, sweet, people trying to heal, growth, a journey to find ones self, and finally LOVE and understanding. I seem to always relate to a character who is trying to find themself. It is a process. I did find myself pondering on moments of beauty held within this movie. I loved the idea of soup being a gift of oneself. It is a great metaphor in all we do…to give from the heart, to fill the pot with your love, your emotion. Life should be like that. Everything we do should be an expression of who we are. Every meal a gift, every day a welcomed morning of inspiration. Every touch given with sincere meaning. When we smile, it should be freely given, genuinely felt, not a insincere gesture to be nice. When we pray, it should be with feeling and meaning. When we speak, it should be with truth. We should love without fear — endlessly!! In the movie, she makes her own expression of how Ramen should be and calls it “Goddess Ramen.” She put a little of herself in the ingredients. I love that.

What ingredients are you putting into your life? Is there LOVE . FAITH . HOPE . LAUGHTER . PLEASURE . CONNECTION . INTENTION . RITUAL . SPIRIT!! In the movie the teacher tells the main character, Abby…”No Spirit.” She wasn’t putting feeling into her art of Ramen making. How are you feeling about your life? What do you feel you need? What little things can we do daily to make it an expression of the life we love, desire, need? Creating moments of intention causes one to have no regrets, to live daily with desire, to journey with faith, knowing answers are hidden within every moment.

I like the Cantonese meaning of the word Ramen, it means “to Stir.”

Life also needs “to stir” us within. It needs to bring out our individual ingredients, our gifts that only we hold. When we are stirred within, there is a momentum withim us, the movement of life, the flow within all things. To make most things, you must stir. You create from a whirling (stirring) of ideas. To cook you must mix many things together and then stir. To change one’s perspective, there must be a stirring within the soul. Think of a broth with a base of thin noodles, a beautiful array of vegetables floating on top. Imagine taking a chop stick and stirring. It is a wonderful metaphor of life. Everything moves in harmony, it’s own place, it’s own color, it’s own rhythm. JOY . GOODNESS moves us along… with the help of a heartfelt creator.

Peace to you.

gratitude journaling

To live a life of gratitude

is to open our eyes to the countless ways

in which we are supported by the world around us.

Such a life provides less space for our suffering

because our attention is more balanced.

We are more often occupied

with noticing what we are given,

thanking those who have helped us,

and repaying the world in some concrete way

for what we are receiving.

 -Gregg Krech, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection

Gratitude Journal

The process.

The process of journaling is a way to free your emotions on to paper. It is a way to connect with your thoughts and view them with a different perspective. Whether you are angry or loving–it is a conversation with yourself. The thoughts, feelings and questions can be freeing. Writing in th morning is the best time to write and connect on a deep level.

Wayne Dyer always quotes…The Morning has secrets to tell you, do not go back to sleep. I believe this, your mind is still partially asleep & if you have ever been up at 3am, you find this quiet, this clarity, this creative outlet that springs awake.

Not that you have to journal at 3 in the morning, but that does happen.

Questions to help you ponder

Sometimes you may have a hard time thinking of something good to write about because it is often easier to write your feelings of anger or sadness, so here are some suggestions to get you thinking good thoughts when journaling. Always begin with five things you are grateful for –this will help you get in the right place emotionally to share what you feel.

What do you truly appreciate about your life right now?

What gifts and talents do you feel you have been given?

What makes you laugh. smile. What do you love.

Write about one of your happiest memories.

What would you do if failure was not an option?

What do you love about yourself?

Who do you think you are?

What did you love when you were a child?

(play. art. imagination. friends. building things. dressing up. etc)

What’s stopping you from discovering your passion?

List five things that you desire for your life.

What are 5 things people compliment you on.

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you not regret doing?

What does security mean to you?

What are three things you have learned about yourself?

List ten highlights within your life?

List five things to do this year to continue personal growth…books to read, courses, goals, retreats, etc.

Think of five people you have read or learned about that you feel have mentored your life.

What did you take away from them?

My Personal Tips and Tricks: Every evening my family gathers together before bed and we share three or more things that we are grateful for from the day. We brake it down by person and each person shares what they were grateful for throughout the day. Things like: I am grateful I got to go to the art museum with Mom today.  I am grateful for long walks through the forest. I am grateful for a job. I am grateful for beautiful music. I am grateful for a healthy family. I am grateful for Dad being home…Each day is different.

Then we each have our own personal journals where we share our feelings or answer personal questions. On my daughter’s eighth birthday I created a Self-Love journal for her. I peppered the pages with personal questions that she answers when she feels like journaling. It is another place for gratitude and personal reflection. 

I think getting grateful with your family is a good place for a gratitude journal.

-have a grateful day.

The gift of gratitude

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.    -Melody Beattie

Gratitude is a gift that helps us begin to notice the little things we take for granted every day. It gives us the opportunity to be grateful for the simple and overlooked. A warm shower becomes a blessed rain, a cozy blanket feels like a comforting hug, a smile becomes a connection. Gratitude makes us awaken to the true need we have within to be aware of all things. To begin to see beauty in the smallest of places, to listen when the winds blow, to take the time to walk with a child, to truly feel a sense of gifts found in all things. It is the mere truths that push us from being petty within our thoughts and actions. Gratitude is a reminder of what is important in our lives. It helps us overcome the trap of selfishness and moves us to the vision of what life blesses us with.

When someone sits down to write or reflect those things they are grateful for, it is impossible to dwell on the negative because the focus is on the good things within their life. Gratitude helps us unlock the little things that make a difference. Give thanks in every breath you take, every loving kiss, every memory you can make, every morning you awake. Give thanks. It truly is the little things that make life beautiful.

What five little things can you write about today?

 Gratitude makes your life better…it is a fact!! If you took the challenge of writing down five things a day you were grateful for within ten weeks you would be 25% happier. Do you believe it? Try it!According to a study done by Robert Emmons and Mike McCullough (from the University of Miami)… At the end of the 10 weeks, participants who’d kept a gratitude journal felt better about their lives as a whole and were more optimistic about the future than participants in either of the other two conditions (negative group and a neutral group). To put it into numbers, according to the scale we used to calculate well-being, they were a full 25 percent happier than the other partici- pants. The study also noted those in the gratitude condition reported fewer health complaints, exercised more, and also got a better nights sleep. -Greater Good, Pay it Forward, Robert A. Emmons


Gratitude Challenge

My first post is about gratitude. I know everyone is talking about gratitude, but I am not sure anyone is actually taking it to heart. So, I am going to put a challenge out there to anyone who would like to join.


November is the month of giving thanks and we often neglect to take the time between the hustle of the holidays to give thanks. I would like to invite you to take a gratitude challenge through the month of November.

Keep a journal or notebook by your bed and each evening before you go to sleep write down 3-5 things you are grateful for. That is it!!

This is also a wonderful exercise for kids. Gather your family around your bed and ask each person what they are grateful for & keep a family gratitude journal.

It is a small thing that will make a big difference. You will feel more connected, grateful, loving, happy and truly be in the spirit of giving thanks during the season of Thanksgiving.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking…grateful for my healthy family, my breath, that I can walk and run, have food readily available at a grocery store, warm home, warm showers, clean drinking water, fingers that can write, to be able to go to school, parents, to be able to see and hear, for friendships, for pets, books to read, inspired people, hugs, someone to love, favorite foods, music, freedoms, sunsets, stars, the sun, to be creative, to have a talent, nature, religion, to make my own choices, the gift of life, etc.

Happy gratitude!
Please do the 30 day challenge and let me know how it goes. I would love to hear your comments. Let me know if you felt more happy, connected, thankful.
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.