Lessons learned from the Ramen Girl


The Ramen GirlJust Stir

I took some personal time and watched the movie, “The Ramen Girl” all alone. It was a mixture of words for me regarding the movie…slow, confused, a language barrier, a love story, sweet, people trying to heal, growth, a journey to find ones self, and finally LOVE and understanding. I seem to always relate to a character who is trying to find themself. It is a process. I did find myself pondering on moments of beauty held within this movie. I loved the idea of soup being a gift of oneself. It is a great metaphor in all we do…to give from the heart, to fill the pot with your love, your emotion. Life should be like that. Everything we do should be an expression of who we are. Every meal a gift, every day a welcomed morning of inspiration. Every touch given with sincere meaning. When we smile, it should be freely given, genuinely felt, not a insincere gesture to be nice. When we pray, it should be with feeling and meaning. When we speak, it should be with truth. We should love without fear — endlessly!! In the movie, she makes her own expression of how Ramen should be and calls it “Goddess Ramen.” She put a little of herself in the ingredients. I love that.

What ingredients are you putting into your life? Is there LOVE . FAITH . HOPE . LAUGHTER . PLEASURE . CONNECTION . INTENTION . RITUAL . SPIRIT!! In the movie the teacher tells the main character, Abby…”No Spirit.” She wasn’t putting feeling into her art of Ramen making. How are you feeling about your life? What do you feel you need? What little things can we do daily to make it an expression of the life we love, desire, need? Creating moments of intention causes one to have no regrets, to live daily with desire, to journey with faith, knowing answers are hidden within every moment.

I like the Cantonese meaning of the word Ramen, it means “to Stir.”

Life also needs “to stir” us within. It needs to bring out our individual ingredients, our gifts that only we hold. When we are stirred within, there is a momentum withim us, the movement of life, the flow within all things. To make most things, you must stir. You create from a whirling (stirring) of ideas. To cook you must mix many things together and then stir. To change one’s perspective, there must be a stirring within the soul. Think of a broth with a base of thin noodles, a beautiful array of vegetables floating on top. Imagine taking a chop stick and stirring. It is a wonderful metaphor of life. Everything moves in harmony, it’s own place, it’s own color, it’s own rhythm. JOY . GOODNESS moves us along… with the help of a heartfelt creator.

Peace to you.

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