Your Storybook

tell-your-story-concept“We are all stories in the end, so make yours a good one.”

Do you know anyone in your life that every time you talk to them they are sharing the same stories?? My brother was over a couple of weeks ago & began telling his side of a fight with his wife. I had heard this same story over and over & was not about to listen to him and the energy he was carrying. I got up from the table & told him to be aware of the energy he is carrying. You can imagine he was a bit offended & shared with me a few explicit words. I know that sounds a bit heavy, but I was tired of hearing the victim, the “stories”, the same issues that continue to recur. Over 15+ years I have had countless conversations, heart felt moments, family meetings with him & I think at that moment, I was done. I invited he and my Mom (who was part of the conversation) to go outside & sit on the patio to continue their discussion, to go downstairs into my mothers apt, anywhere. I just wanted his energy away from me.


carryThere is definitely an energy that people carry & often times the stories we tell ourselves and others, is like a heavy bag filled with negative energy that we carry around. When someone gets offended, hurt, in a fight with someone, they begin to pull out items from their bag, items that are from the past, items that they need to hold onto to feel solidified or justified in the “story” they share or tell others & even themselves.



1524756_816129571735525_1582158071_nYOUR STORY

What would your storybook be like?

Would it be a heavy story filled with others constantly hurting, past hurts that need forgiving, lies you have told yourself, not finding the love you need, continuing to surround yourself with people that don’t lift or build, self-loathing, self-limiting, lots of villains??

OR Would your storybook be a story of overcoming obstacles, moments that may have been hard, but you came out stronger, you learned, you continue to grow, you seek higher places, people who lift you…

I want you to truly look at the stories you tell people—is it always gossip? What kind of energy does it hold? Do you feel good when you are telling others about yourself, do you feel drained by friends and family, do you feel good about where you are, or do you need to go a little deeper to work on the story that is your life.

Look at the different chapters of your life–do you focus on the negative, hard moments or have you been able to see them as learning and growing moments.

Are there things you would do differently–let them go, be gentle with yourself, begin to see those things differently within your mind. Let go of regret, let go of missed opportunities—it is all in the past.

From this moment on you can think of things you would like in your life—write those dreams down and begin to take a small step towards having those things in your life. Don’t ever give up on possibility.


Story_bookWrite. Journal. Doodle. Create images of the story of your life…see if you notice a pattern, the same stories that play in your mind, things that make you smile, moments that you love, the little things that make your story yours. Work on going forward in your life and not getting stuck with a big bag of “victim” on your back.

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Even Coldplay’s new album “Ghost Stories” has amazing drawings with details from the bands life. Check it out and see the details held within the album booklet. coldplay-ghost-stories-poster-400x470

Share your Light

I wanted to share some good thoughts from a movie I recently watched called Living Luminaries. I hope something stirs your soul.


“God is the electricity and we are the lamps.” -Marianne Williamson 1+FEAT-Herme虁s-Parfums-Jour-dHerme虁s-@-Ryan-Mc-Ginley-9-468x417

“Your mind is like a wild horse that takes you wherever it wants to take you.”  -Don Miguel Ruiz1180_1wild_horses_running_photo_6889a_copy_2

“Tend to your garden (your mind) every day because if there is a bad seed that gets put into your mind and you believe it, you believe that lie, that lie will begin to grow. As soon as you are able to stop that wed and not feed it, those lies will diminish and go away.” -Don Miguel’s Son


“Happiness is a decision I must make.” -Marianne Williamsondancing woman sunset sunshine happiness prezent moment now

“Anger is an emotion that often covers up fear. I believe we grow in two ways: pain or insight.” -Michael Beckwithcareer_happiness

“If we ever want to be happy we have to make sense of suffering. That there is something in the suffering that adds to the meaning of life, that helps us learn and become the best version of ourselves.”  -Matthew Kellydsc_3644_183066638_large

“Plato said if you attune your life to a higher value (beauty, love, truth, freedom, justice, peace) all the rest will come to you because they commune together and then happiness will follow.” -Professor


“The better journey is not the journey to success but the journey to significantly making a difference.” -MK


“Nurture your basic goodness, then widen it’s horizon”journey-of-life

“God sent us to this earth to realize and experience faith, hope and love, and to share that with as many people as we can.” -Robert SchulerSpread-The-Love

“Self-love is understanding that you are a unique expression of infinite potential. Self-love does not mean that you are better than anyone or less than anyone.”  -Beckwithtumblr_ma7cgn9dNs1ry2xw8o1_500

“I am bringing forth the gift of me, the deeper one who is deeply connected.”


Lessons learned from the movie Maleficent

Over the weekend I saw the movie Maleficent and wanted to share some thoughts on this movie. There may be a few spoilers, but I will do my best to not ruin the movie for you.

When I originally saw the trailer I thought it looked dark, a large presence of evil and my eleven-year-old daughter said, “it looks scary. I don’t want to see it.” I was not sure I wanted to see it, but I then heard it was a sweet tale, so my curiosity was peaked and we went to see it. I would describe it as a beautiful tale of true love and forgiveness, with a definite dark splash of heartache and anger, but understandably so. You see a very dark depiction of Maleficent, and you understand why, but there is a storyline that draws you in and you begin to fall in love with her character, from beginning to end.

What I took away from the movie:

1394820240_angelina-jolie-maleficient-zoomEverything is better when you heart is full of LOVE not HATE.

maleficent-poster-king-stefan-sharlto-copley-640x321Selfishness brings about a darker side in anyone and that will begin to consume all things.

mLooks can be deceiving. It is what is on the inside that matters most.

03-maleficentEvil resides in a heart full of hatred and anger. Be careful what you focus on, for in the world, it is easy to be consumed by such things.

o-MALEFICENT-570Be aware of the energy you carry. Your power can be used for good or bad. 

Maleficent-(2014)-214Trust is a gift. Be careful who you give it to. Give it to those your heart allows in & even in those moments go a little deeper.

1401309270000-MALEFICENT-REVIEW-FANNINGYou cannot hide true beauty. True Beauty comes from within.

MALEFICENTFriendship is a gift. A close friend is always a good thing. They can help you see beyond yourself.

Disney's MALEFICENTTrue LOVE’s kiss isn’t always what you think it will be.

Maleficent - Winged Angelina JolieA change of heart is freedom in and of itself.


Forgiveness & True Love are the biggest take aways from this movie.

Peace and Love to you. -Heather