From Old French divin, from Latin dīvīnus (“of a god”), from divus (“god”)

Hebrew meaning of the name Divine. A modern name meaning literally ‘divine’ or a variant of the name Divina from the Hebrew for ”beloved’ or ‘friend’.

I LOVE the idea of a beloved friend watching out for us through a divine existence.

I am not here to say this religion or that religion is truth. I am here to say, that no matter what you believe, there is a divine existence that plays out in miracles, guidance, dreams, directions, inspirations, etc. We are all given gifts of grace, quiet moments of inspired whispers, physical nudges, people who come into our lives to share something we need to hear, books that pop up that we are in need of their messages, miracles that catch our attention, stories that stop us cold, faith affirming experiences that are ours and ours alone. We each have a journey and the deeper directions are there, we just need to seek the divine and have faith in it. We need to pay attention. We need to look for what we seek. We need to notice beyond the ordinary and know the divine moments are for each one of us and have faith in that.

I wanted to share some stories to inspire and help you see and believe the greater need—the need to know and understand a deeply divine connection that seeks you.

MIRACLES Story of cops who hear a voice that leads them to a life saved https://www.faithwire.com/2016/12/09/mysterious-voice-led-cops-to-save-a-baby-girl-and-this-officer-is-convinced-it-was-divine-intervention/

[MUST watch] Inspired story of a couple who goes through a tough journey together and the miracles they walked away with. Very inspiring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QIZEfmoDC4&t=1253s

https://www.hopeheals.com is their org site & this other video is what they have been doing to lift others with the organization they have created. So inspiring. They are doing miraculous work for people. Love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRlKZxb4wvc

3 Medical Miracles https://guideposts.org/angels-and-miracles/miracles/gods-grace/3-unexplained-present-day-miracles/

GODWINK’S is another one of my favorites! Squire Rushnell has been collecting, inspiring and sharing books of miracles, coincidences, divine connections that are “Godwink” collections of incredible stories.

One of my favorite Godwink stories: [taken from belief net.com]

Mavis had driven past the Crystal Cathedral every day for 20 years on her way to work in Anaheim. And every day she said, “Someday I’m going to go there.” One Sunday morning she arose and announced, “Today’s the day.”

She arrived early and found a nice spot in the center of the 3000-seat all-glass structure. She marveled as the choir and orchestra filled the cathedral with beautiful music and the glass ceiling rolled back so that even the birds were allowed to come into the sanctuary. At the end of the service she stood, bursting with joy, and turned to the young woman who’d been seated next to her, saying, “I’m so glad I came today!” Then added, “Are you from around here?” “No,” said the young woman. “I’m from the Midwest. I’m here on a mission…to find my birth mother.” There was a pause. Then Mavis said, “I know how you must feel, I once had to give up a little girl for adoption…I didn’t want to, but I had to.” There was another pause. The young woman looked deeply into Mavis’ eyes. “Do you…remember her birthday?” “Yes,” said Mavis, “October 30th.” (gasp) “That’s my birthday!” said the young woman. In a matter of moments they were able to establish, that through some incredible miracle…an extraordinary divine alignment…that they were mother and daughter reunited! And they knew that Mother’s Day would never be the same again.

For years, this story was told by the pastor of Crystal Cathedral, Robert Schuller.

The reunion of Mavis and her long-lost daughter reinforces that you and I are each on a grand GPS…I call it…God’s Positioning System. Through divine alignment…and His small still voice…He nudges us to do something, go somewhere, to take an action. And what a comfort it is to know that He is always directing our paths. -Squire Rushnell

A Divine gift–MEDIUMS We can all be skeptical, but my sister-in-law was in need of some connection with her father. He has been dead for over 20 years, but she has been going through some of her own life struggles. She ended a 30 year marriage, broke her family apart & all of her six children have been struggling deeply. She had issues with connecting with her Dad when she was younger, so she wanted to see if there would be any hope of connection with her father on the other side. She called her son to tell him that she was going to talk to a medium & he responded with cynicism and questioned her motives. She knew her son had a connection with her Dad, so she wanted his support. The medium mentioned that while she was preparing for the reading that two males came up–one who has been deceased for a long time (her father) and the other, her son (in his twenties) who is still living. My sister-in-law was intrigued because she did not tell this medium about anyone she wanted to hear from, so she was excited that her father wanted to come through. During the conversation there were some very sweet things shared, but to me the most wonderful moment was when her father told her to continue to keep praying because he could hear her prayers and he enjoyed those connections. He then said, “and please tell Will (her son) that I enjoy hearing his prayers especially” My sister-in-law felt a bit deflated because she knew her son did not believe in anything and has been agnostic. When she called her son to tell him about the whole experience, she then proceeded to tell him that her Dad especially wants to hear his prayers. Will, paused and proceeded to share with his mom that although he does not believe in anything, for some reason he feels the need to pray every night. He said, “I usually just pray for other people, but I pray every day.” To me that was so powerful. The thought that we have these sweet connections with others on another side somewhere and that they can hear our prayers. Wow! how special. How beautiful. How divine.

My other experience with Mediums is the show, “Life after Death” with Tyler Henry on Netflix. Many would and could be skeptical, but I found the show to be very comforting and powerful. What a gift. What sensitivity. What a journey. Highly recommend if you have any interest. There are definitely some stories that are more powerful than others, but a great show.

INSPIRED DREAMS that changed the world. Is it Divine guidance? From the theory of relativity, the atom, the sewing machine, Beatles songs, to the book Twilight. Read about 13 world changing dreams https://www.rd.com/list/ideas-that-came-from-dreams/

More movies, songs, poems…that came from dreams https://www.huffpost.com/entry/famous-ideas-from-dreams_n_4276838

DIVINE INSPIRATIONS “Inspiration” is something GOOD that moves you to encourage others and you share it with them”…htt. [Facebook]

I hope you are able to find a story here that inspires you in some way. There are beautiful messages sent through music, poetry written in the winds, dreams filled with stories and ideas, people who have gifts to share with messages to heal…their is divinity in the symmetry of nature, the details of science, the notes of music. The gifts abound if we look, listen and seek to see and hear them.

May you FEEL something deeper…something divine.

Peace. Love and Light to you . -H


“My mom smiled at me. Her smile kind of hugged me.” ― R.J. Palacio, Wonder

To me that is a beautiful sentiment. The best kind of all…how we make our kids FEEL. The greatest gifts we can give our children is the knowing that we are there, we care and our love is lasting. When they leave us, hopefully they know how deeply our love goes. When just a smile can help get them through anything. LOVE that.

It is that time of year where we get to celebrate some incredible people…our MOM’S!!

I know it is a couple weeks out, but I thought everyone may need a little time, preparation and great ideas to make this year a bit more memorable. Life is short. Take the time to GIVE YOUR LOVE.

My Mother is in another state, so I need some extra time to make things special, so here are some ideas, gift suggestions, and traditions to help get you moving in making moments really count this year.

Traditions, Unique Gift & Gathering ideas to incorporate from around the globe:

I obviously cannot do every country, so please understand I am just doing various places.

Peru: They celebrate for a week!! Oh, YES. That sounds like an incredible idea to me. Who doesn’t want at least a week of your favorite foods, family time, free entry to places like museums and festivals. I think Peru has the right idea of making the moments really count as a family. Mother’s are adorned with flowers and gifts throughout the week. Who can get too many LOVE notes, really? Right? Another one of their traditions is gathering at cemeteries of those beloved women who have passed on. Families socialize, eat, drink, clean and decorate the grave in honor of them.

My Idea: Make something Peruvian inspired by the fun, colorful patterns of the country. Create a bright card with detailed patterns, Cross-stitch something for Mom, give something llama themed, take her on a family hike, or make a handmade gift. Give your Mom a Rosado (Pink) flower and tell her she is bonita (pretty).

You could also go and decorate a grave of a beloved woman you have lost.

PhilippinesFilipinos, who think of mothers as the ilaw ng tahanan (the light of the home), typically honor their mothers with flowers, chocolates, and small gifts.

My Idea: To remind her that she is The Light of the Home you could gift her with a beautiful candle or a decorative strand of lights, or a special lantern.

Australia–Very similar to the festivities in the US. Lots of flowers are given as gifts, primarily carnations and chrysanthemums are the most popular – chrysanthemums because mom is called “mum.”

ThailandA traditional way that Thai children recognize their moms is with a gift of white jasmine flowers, which symbolize the purity of a mother’s love.

My idea: Gift a special vase of flowers with a ribbon tied to the vase that shares the meaning of the specific flower symbols.[ie: Rose is Love, Lily of the Valley–Return of Happiness, Calla Lilly for feminine beauty, Bellflower means gratitude] OR you could gift them their birth month flower. [ie: April is Daisy] You can google these lists for specific details.

UK calls it Mothering Sunday: Simnel cake– a light fruit cake layered with marzipan are given, breakfast in bed. Families who had moved away would return to the original church they attended. Today, the holiday remains grounded in religion, with many churches handing out daffodils for children to give to Mom. Traditionally, girls also bake a fruitcake for their mothers.-scholastic

My idea: Bake one of her favorites. Whether she is a pie gal, cake or cookie lover–make her something to let her know how special she is to you. Personalize it with frosting or add her favorite fruit for flare. Bake her something yummy.

Italy: La Festa della Mamma [Mom’s Day or Mom’s holiday]—everyone comes home for the holiday OR you must call. Handwritten poems and letters are given with fresh flowers, heart-shaped cakes, the day off from any meals, and all about the quality time with family.

My idea: Give a gift of some kind in a heart shape, whether it is a baked good, a heart rock you find at the beach, a handmade, origami heart garland, heart jewelry, etc. Give a little love and create a quality family memory.

France: Pull out the awards and medals. haha. The idea of a Mother’s Day in France originated during the Napoleonic era when families with a large number of children were presented with medals. Some localities still honor this tradition and present moms with medals on Mother’s Day. The French gift flower bouquet cakes, have intimate, family dinners with everyone bringing handmade gifts, flowers and poems.*

My idea: Well, this would be what I am doing this year for my Mom—vintage flower cards adorned with the specific meanings of each flower and then a personal list of the flower sentiments I would hand deliver in a bouquet (if I were in the same state).

You could also do a family award night & give each family member some type of award–[ie:The funniest in the family, The best at family tree.com, The last to be early, etc.] The awards can be fun and light-hearted or you could make it a sincere evening with loving roasts and quality, family time]

Japan: Japanese dishes associated with mother’s day are the Tamagoyaki (a rectangular omelet) and Chawanmushi (a savory egg custard). Younger kids make handmade gifts or draw portraits of their moms. Calligraphy gifts are also popular.* Thank the moms in your community who help your family by writing notes of gratitude. Tie the notes to white carnations and leave the flowers on the moms’ doorsteps. -scholastic

My idea: Do an omelet bar or sushi night for family. Have everyone bring specific ingredients and enjoy the meal together. You could also draw a portrait or make he a handmade origami garland or card. OR gift her with a special set of sushi utensils and have everyone eat with chopsticks. You could also buy bulk fortune cookies and have everyone share what their fortune reads. fun!!

Some countries create and dedicate songs to the women in their families. Other countries dance to specific music with friends and family. Some give cake over flowers. In Canada it is customary for husbands to give their wives and mothers a rose. China makes handmade cards, while some take holy baths in Nepal. There are so many various traditions to keep families closer and to ensure Mother’s feel loved and appreciated.

*some parts of the info https://www.storiesbysoumya.com/mothers-day-traditions-around-the-world/. Scholastic. 1800flowers.



75 Gift Ideas (all sorts of DIY projects to make a great gift for MOM) https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/mothers-day/g2412/mothers-day-homemade-gifts-crafts/?slide=33 (Some of MY FAVORITES from the list: Lip scrub, Salt gift set, Garden herb planter, Wrapping paper bouquet, New Mom, Floral bath bombs, Bath tea, Floral pots, Marbled dish, Rope basket, Monogram clay Keychains (or you could make into tiny charms too), Stamped tea towels, arm knit blanket)

Thoughtful and unique gift ideas https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/mothers-day/g511/mothers-day-gifts/. (Some of MY FAVORITES from the list: Bucket list book, hummingbird feeder, Cloud slippers, “What I Love about Mom” book to add your thoughts and sentiments–these are great! Silk pillowcase [many swear by them], Tabletopics are always good for family gatherings (like Mother’s Day), Petite lemon tree, A small purse to fill with some of her favorite things & tiny notes of love hidden throughout, A 5 yr Q&A journal (Could be a priceless gift to have filled by your loving Mom)

60 DIY Gift Ideas from HGTV https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/holidays/diy-mothers-day-gifts-mom-will-love-pictures. (Some of MY FAVORITES: Love the Cozy Night In Gift Basket idea, Gardener Tool box, Wildflower seeds, Twist gift basket, Paper flowers, Lip & Body scrubs, Stamped napkin, Tabletop fire pit, cupcake bouquet, handmade cards, Macrame plant hanger)

Oprah’s Favorite Mother’s Day List https://www.oprahdaily.com/life/relationships-love/g26788572/gifts-for-mom/utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=arb_ga_opr_d_bm_comm_org_us_g26788572&gclid=CjwKCAjwxr2iBhBJEiwAdXECw9NuH-kd7cj9BSna1I-tX9KXvQHUFpcv_epMKvfY8hhsIhEAT_RWDBoC_xAQAvD_BwE

(MY FAVORITES from her list: Warmie Slippers (I want to try some), Oprah’s Love & Happiness Journal (I may want this too), Meditation app, Softies hooded lounger, Mindfulness deck, Barefoot Dreams (love them), Succulents trio, Cooling blanket)

Mom’s Happy Box: I did this for my Mom recently. She was feeling a bit down because of the weather, so I made her a Happy Box and filled it with everything BRIGHT–socks, a couple movies, cut out paper hearts, quotes written on all the sides with happy messages, stuffed plush teddy bear, some of her favorite things. Anything that helped brighten a day!

Special Family Recipes: Frame a special family recipe & share it with all the Mom’s in your family, so they all have a copy. I did this once with a digital recipe book idea. I had everyone share some of their favorite recipes & any special recipes they had from their Mom. Then I made it into a digital book & sent it to everyone in the family. Great gift idea.

MicroGarden: Can buy your home gardener mason jars for an indoor herb garden OR buy an indoor light system to grow herbs.

Intentional card decks: You could go a couple directions with this—you could buy a simple set of cards that are already made for mindfulness, creativity, meditations, affirmations…the list goes on with options. You could also buy a collage set of cards that have various designs, some have photos, some have patterns, styles, places (like beach)… and add your own quotes, personal activities, personal affirmations, date ideas, challenges to give your mom, Love notes from each person in your family, recipes, the options are endless of what to write on the back. Get creative. Give with intention.

Jewelry. Jewelry can be a great gift, but jewelry given with meaning…oh, the sentiment. Find a piece of jewelry that speaks or shares a simple message. Maybe you find something with her birthstone OR maybe you find something that has a special symbol of something she loves [ie: maybe her favorite flower is a daisy, so you find a sweet, daisy chain inspired necklace or ring] Maybe she collects something. Maybe she has a specific dream she is after. Think of a little charm that symbolizes something meaningful [ie: She wants to take more pictures, so you get her a tiny camera charm to accompany a new camera bag] OR maybe she loves the ocean, so you get her a simple, tiny shell necklace that you gift with a thoughtful ocean quote. So many options.

Personal pics: Pictures are always a favorite. To see cherished memories looping on a digital frame, hundreds layed out in a picture book or a simple video made to share with family and friends… Priceless. Pictures bring memories to life and help you hold those moments to be cherished forever. Just share—in some way.

Whatever you do in your family—just do it with LOVE. xoxo

Make heartfelt gifts, write handwritten notes, take the time to express your gratitude and sentiments to those dearest to you. It is one time a year, so take the time. Share your heart. Give with your greatest feelings. People need to feel, hear, be seen and cherished, especially our moms.

Well, I hope these ideas get you thinking of something very special you can create for your mom. Life is a great occasion, so do your best to make Mother’s Day a GRAND OCCASION. The beautiful women in your life deserve your very best!

Peace. Love. Light and Happy JOYS to you. xoxo -H