From Old French divin, from Latin dīvīnus (“of a god”), from divus (“god”)

Hebrew meaning of the name Divine. A modern name meaning literally ‘divine’ or a variant of the name Divina from the Hebrew for ”beloved’ or ‘friend’.

I LOVE the idea of a beloved friend watching out for us through a divine existence.

I am not here to say this religion or that religion is truth. I am here to say, that no matter what you believe, there is a divine existence that plays out in miracles, guidance, dreams, directions, inspirations, etc. We are all given gifts of grace, quiet moments of inspired whispers, physical nudges, people who come into our lives to share something we need to hear, books that pop up that we are in need of their messages, miracles that catch our attention, stories that stop us cold, faith affirming experiences that are ours and ours alone. We each have a journey and the deeper directions are there, we just need to seek the divine and have faith in it. We need to pay attention. We need to look for what we seek. We need to notice beyond the ordinary and know the divine moments are for each one of us and have faith in that.

I wanted to share some stories to inspire and help you see and believe the greater need—the need to know and understand a deeply divine connection that seeks you.

MIRACLES Story of cops who hear a voice that leads them to a life saved https://www.faithwire.com/2016/12/09/mysterious-voice-led-cops-to-save-a-baby-girl-and-this-officer-is-convinced-it-was-divine-intervention/

[MUST watch] Inspired story of a couple who goes through a tough journey together and the miracles they walked away with. Very inspiring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QIZEfmoDC4&t=1253s

https://www.hopeheals.com is their org site & this other video is what they have been doing to lift others with the organization they have created. So inspiring. They are doing miraculous work for people. Love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRlKZxb4wvc

3 Medical Miracles https://guideposts.org/angels-and-miracles/miracles/gods-grace/3-unexplained-present-day-miracles/

GODWINK’S is another one of my favorites! Squire Rushnell has been collecting, inspiring and sharing books of miracles, coincidences, divine connections that are “Godwink” collections of incredible stories.

One of my favorite Godwink stories: [taken from belief net.com]

Mavis had driven past the Crystal Cathedral every day for 20 years on her way to work in Anaheim. And every day she said, “Someday I’m going to go there.” One Sunday morning she arose and announced, “Today’s the day.”

She arrived early and found a nice spot in the center of the 3000-seat all-glass structure. She marveled as the choir and orchestra filled the cathedral with beautiful music and the glass ceiling rolled back so that even the birds were allowed to come into the sanctuary. At the end of the service she stood, bursting with joy, and turned to the young woman who’d been seated next to her, saying, “I’m so glad I came today!” Then added, “Are you from around here?” “No,” said the young woman. “I’m from the Midwest. I’m here on a mission…to find my birth mother.” There was a pause. Then Mavis said, “I know how you must feel, I once had to give up a little girl for adoption…I didn’t want to, but I had to.” There was another pause. The young woman looked deeply into Mavis’ eyes. “Do you…remember her birthday?” “Yes,” said Mavis, “October 30th.” (gasp) “That’s my birthday!” said the young woman. In a matter of moments they were able to establish, that through some incredible miracle…an extraordinary divine alignment…that they were mother and daughter reunited! And they knew that Mother’s Day would never be the same again.

For years, this story was told by the pastor of Crystal Cathedral, Robert Schuller.

The reunion of Mavis and her long-lost daughter reinforces that you and I are each on a grand GPS…I call it…God’s Positioning System. Through divine alignment…and His small still voice…He nudges us to do something, go somewhere, to take an action. And what a comfort it is to know that He is always directing our paths. -Squire Rushnell

A Divine gift–MEDIUMS We can all be skeptical, but my sister-in-law was in need of some connection with her father. He has been dead for over 20 years, but she has been going through some of her own life struggles. She ended a 30 year marriage, broke her family apart & all of her six children have been struggling deeply. She had issues with connecting with her Dad when she was younger, so she wanted to see if there would be any hope of connection with her father on the other side. She called her son to tell him that she was going to talk to a medium & he responded with cynicism and questioned her motives. She knew her son had a connection with her Dad, so she wanted his support. The medium mentioned that while she was preparing for the reading that two males came up–one who has been deceased for a long time (her father) and the other, her son (in his twenties) who is still living. My sister-in-law was intrigued because she did not tell this medium about anyone she wanted to hear from, so she was excited that her father wanted to come through. During the conversation there were some very sweet things shared, but to me the most wonderful moment was when her father told her to continue to keep praying because he could hear her prayers and he enjoyed those connections. He then said, “and please tell Will (her son) that I enjoy hearing his prayers especially” My sister-in-law felt a bit deflated because she knew her son did not believe in anything and has been agnostic. When she called her son to tell him about the whole experience, she then proceeded to tell him that her Dad especially wants to hear his prayers. Will, paused and proceeded to share with his mom that although he does not believe in anything, for some reason he feels the need to pray every night. He said, “I usually just pray for other people, but I pray every day.” To me that was so powerful. The thought that we have these sweet connections with others on another side somewhere and that they can hear our prayers. Wow! how special. How beautiful. How divine.

My other experience with Mediums is the show, “Life after Death” with Tyler Henry on Netflix. Many would and could be skeptical, but I found the show to be very comforting and powerful. What a gift. What sensitivity. What a journey. Highly recommend if you have any interest. There are definitely some stories that are more powerful than others, but a great show.

INSPIRED DREAMS that changed the world. Is it Divine guidance? From the theory of relativity, the atom, the sewing machine, Beatles songs, to the book Twilight. Read about 13 world changing dreams https://www.rd.com/list/ideas-that-came-from-dreams/

More movies, songs, poems…that came from dreams https://www.huffpost.com/entry/famous-ideas-from-dreams_n_4276838

DIVINE INSPIRATIONS “Inspiration” is something GOOD that moves you to encourage others and you share it with them”…htt. [Facebook]

I hope you are able to find a story here that inspires you in some way. There are beautiful messages sent through music, poetry written in the winds, dreams filled with stories and ideas, people who have gifts to share with messages to heal…their is divinity in the symmetry of nature, the details of science, the notes of music. The gifts abound if we look, listen and seek to see and hear them.

May you FEEL something deeper…something divine.

Peace. Love and Light to you . -H