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I just came across the video below that was done by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg. It is beautiful and I highly suggest you watch it and share it.

I thought it had a great message—What is your FOCUS. What are you seeing within the framework of your life. There is always so much going on around us, but it is the details that make up our life, our visions, our dreams, our reality. So begin to truly see where your focus is. Focus on the beautiful, the lovely, the purest forms of joy, the things that bring you peace, the smallest details that make up your life. AND if you need to refocus—step back and reframe the pictures and images of your life, the directions, the daily details that need to be changed to move you towards the ultimate beauty of your life. It is waiting. It is all around you. You just have to look deeper and have a clearer focus.

I Love You

stock-footage-pretty-girl-erases-lipstick-on-mirror-i-love-you-a-beautiful-woman-wipes-off-the-words-i-love-youI was just watching a video clip of Christiane Northrup talk about a personal morning ritual that she does. She mentioned it is Louise Hay’s work. She said she stands in front of a mirror and looks deeply into her eyes and says, “I Love you.”

This took me back to a women’s retreat I did years ago where I had groups of women sit down together and do this same activity. It was remarkable to see a group of strangers instantly have a connection through the emotions of such a task. Women were balling as they looked at themselves in the mirror and then there were questions, stories, people who related to others feelings. The circle connected and lifted and loved one another.

I think this is a great thing to begin to do. If you have never looked at yourself in the mirror. smile. smile. Of course you have, but have you ever really looked? Have you looked deeply into your own eyes and reached a deeper point in to your soul and told yourself, “I Love you.”  If the mind monkeys creep in and begin to see your flaws, your lines, your gray hair, your age…push them aside and tell yourself again, “I Love you.”

Christiane said to try it for at least 30 days and see what happens. I know I am going to. It was a good reminder.

I LOVE YOU. Three little words with a big impact on your heart and soul. Spread the LOVE. Begin with YOU.

The Choices you make…

spp-dandelion-wishes1I was just reading an article from Oprah that came in my inbox and it contained some good questions. Mind you, they were not mind-blowing questions, just questions we often forget to consistently ask ourselves, so here you go…

Close your eyes and imagine that Aladdin’s genie is standing right in front of you, right now. There’s no one else around; it’s just you and the genie. Here’s what he tells you: “I’m going to give you one wish. You can wish for anything you want, with only two limitations: You can’t wish for more wishes, and you can’t receive a wish that will take away someone else’s free will. But wish for basically anything else, and you will get it. If you wish for 10 million dollars—done! An ‘incurable’ health issue healed—you got it! A big achievement goal accomplished—victory! You get the idea. No one will ever know how you got it; they will think it just happened naturally through the course of life’s circumstances. Also, you can never have another wish fulfilled in your lifetime, and if you don’t tell me your wish in 10 seconds, you lose it.”

Okay, this is it; the moment of truth. Treat this as if it were really happening to you right now. No filtering; you’ve got 10 seconds. Close your eyes—go.

What did you tell the genie your wish was? Write it down.
This morning I have been struggling with how to help my family be HAPPY. I often feel as if I am on a roller coaster of emotions between the two people I love most, so my wish was automatically—to know and understand how to help my family find happiness.  The funny thing is, as I am writing this, I am telling myself—you can’t make another person happy. They have to find it for themselves. I know this. It is obvious, but as a wife and mother, I seem to seek some sort of knowing. I pray to know their personal needs, I pray to know how to look for guidance, I pray to be guided on each one of them, I pray for understanding, I pray for patience, I also just cry.
What would you ask for at this moment? What wish would fulfill your dreams, your hopes, your happiness? I think different moments of our lives we would wish for different things…at some point we would wish for the HGTV dream house. At another point in our life, we would wish for our child to be healed from sickness. Another moment, we would wish to have our parents here on earth. A different day we would wish to live in Hawaii. I think our wishes would constantly be changing depending on our changing seasons of life, our moments in life, our depths of spiritual growth, our emotions of the day, our wishes for our families, our health, etc.
i-amI heard a great quote that was from Wayne Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled that said, “Make your future dream a present fact by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” -Neville Goddard  
Wayne Dyer spoke of constantly engaging your life with believing and assuming the feeling that I AM…healthy, strong, beautiful, blessed, in a divine relationship, happy, a marvelous gift to this world, a present mother, a loving wife… this seems like a beautiful way to ask, feel and be in alignment with a greater will for your life.  We may not have a genie’s magic lamp, but we have wisdom to use our feelings in a positive way and to help create a greater outcome of happiness, love, peace, harmony, joy, etc. within our life and within the world.
Peace and love to you today.  -H
For the other questions on the Oprah article go to this link:

Thank you Wayne

get-your-class-creating-beautiful-word-clouds-using-tagxedo-16-638I know there are many posts about Wayne Dyer dying, but I wanted to say Thank you. I know he is listening and seeing all the well wishes, the blessings, the tears, the memories, the blessed gifts of thanks and I need to be among the congregation that sings praise and appreciation. Thank you Wayne.

I had not heard of Wayne Dyer until I received a white elephant gift during a Christmas auction. It was suppose to be a joke, but to me I was willing to watch a Dvd called “Inspiration”  Why not?? I was a seeker and this sounded amazing. That Dvd got me hooked on anything Wayne Dyer. I have LOVED everything he has done over the many years. I read his children’s books to my daughter as she has been growing, I was an avid “The Shift” dvd believer & shared it with many, I listened to his podcasts every single day and dreamed of going on a cruise with him.

He is light and who doesn’t want to learn all they can from someone like Wayne. Not to mention he lived in Hawaii.


What a gift to this world: Wayne’s life is full of goodness and gifts that he has shared with the world. He was known as the ‘Father of Motivation”, He did numerous PBS specials. He did a movie that he was so proud of he wished over 10 million people would see.  If you haven’t seen “The Shift”, which was later renamed, “From Ambition to Meaning,” I would suggest you see it. It is a great movie. He has also written 30+ books, including 5 children’s books.  His life has been a great gift.


Some fun facts you may not have known about Wayne: He is the father of 8. His favorite movies are Deja Vu by Henry Jaglom (said he had seen it about 50 times) and Brother Sun, Sister Moon, the story of St. Francis of Assisi (whom he truly admired). *taken from Gaiam interview    He has been on thousands of radio/talk shows, including The Tonight Show and Phil Donahue show, Oprah, Ellen (who was such a fan of his that she had him officiate her wedding).  He was born in Detroit.


10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Wayne:

#1 Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.  Your attachments are the source of all your problems. The need to be right, to possess someone or something, to win at all costs, to be viewed by others as superior—these are all attachments. The open mind resists these attachments and consequently experiences inner peace and success.

#2 Don’t die with your music still in you. That music that you hear inside of you urging you to take risks and follow your dreams is your intuitive connection to the purpose in your heart since birth.

#3 You can’t give away what you don’t have. By changing your inner thoughts to the higher frequencies of love, harmony, kindness, peace and joy, you’ll attract more of the same, and you’ll have those higher energies to give away.

#4 Embrace silence. Silence reduces fatigue and allows you to experience your own creative juices.

#5 Give up your personal history.

#6 You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Your thoughts are the source of virtually everything in your life.

#7 There are no justified resentments. Anytime you are filled with resentment, you are turning the controls of your emotional life over to others to manipulate.

#8 Treat yourself as if you already are what you’d like to be. From thoughts to feelings to actions, they will react affirmatively when you stay inspired and get out in front of yourself in ways that are consistent with what you want to become…Whether you think this is possible or impossible, either way you’ll be right.

#9 Treasure your divinity. You are “a piece of the divine intelligence that supports everything.”

#10 Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.

Great quotes by Wayne to live by:



To finish out this post I wanted to send out a loving song called Miracles by Coldplay. Enjoy

One last quote that he always shared. Peace to you on your Journey, Wayne.