soft focus water lily macro

I just came across the video below that was done by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg. It is beautiful and I highly suggest you watch it and share it.

I thought it had a great message—What is your FOCUS. What are you seeing within the framework of your life. There is always so much going on around us, but it is the details that make up our life, our visions, our dreams, our reality. So begin to truly see where your focus is. Focus on the beautiful, the lovely, the purest forms of joy, the things that bring you peace, the smallest details that make up your life. AND if you need to refocus—step back and reframe the pictures and images of your life, the directions, the daily details that need to be changed to move you towards the ultimate beauty of your life. It is waiting. It is all around you. You just have to look deeper and have a clearer focus.

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