Lessons learned from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium


What do you see?

“What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a sparkle?” -Molly     “What kind?” -Mutant      “Like something reflective of something bigger trying to get out!” -Molly      “That finger thing you do”. -Mutant      “That’s a cork, not a sparkle.” -Molly     

Molly Mahoney believed she was a musical genius when she was younger, but as she grew up she was not so sure. Molly needed an opportunity to prove to herself that she was something more than she believed. She was always trying to write a song, but could never quite get the right notes. She struggled with who she was & what her life direction was suppose to be. “I’m stuck as a person…everyone talked about my potential and everyone is still talking about my potential.” -Molly “Why don’t you stunn everyone with Molly Mahoney’s first!” -Mr. Magorium     

I think this is a great lesson for all of us to be aware of. We often get stuck in our own heads, our own set-backs, our own limitations. Sometimes we need to see and understand we have a sparkle like no one else. We may get stuck, but we are only one step, one decision from moving forward. We need to remember, we were made to do amazing things!


Sometimes you just have to believe…even if it is just a block of wood. “There are a million things one might do with a block of wood. But what do you think might happen if someone, just once, believed in it?” -Mr. M  “With faith, love, this block and a counting mutant, you may find yourself somewhere you never imagined.”  -Mr. M


Believe anything is possible. I love Eric’s character. He constantly believes anything is possible. I love the scene where Eric is trying to jump and reach his hat that is hanging high above him. He believes he just needed to jump a little higher to reach his hat that was about 7 ft up. I also love that Eric believes he can go in and buy the Emporium with his own money. If we could only have that kind of belief—like a child.


Step out of your comfort zone: “You have to give people a chance. People are full of surprises…start by saying Hi.” -Eric’s mom  I think this is a great lesson for all of us. We often get stuck in our comfort zones, but sometimes we need to step out, say Hi to strangers, smile at someone over the gas counter, hold a door open, meet a new friend, but it all starts with one tiny step.


There is always a need for balance: “We all have our things—ways we show we care, some people bring flowers, send cards or give hugs, but I fill out people’s paperwork.” -Mutant  The mutant accountant character is in desperate need of a balancing act & Eric (the little boy) is exactly what he needs. Eric helps the accountant step out of himself & his work mode & begin to enjoy the people around him. I think the accountant begins to feel needed by Molly & Eric, which gives him a sense of giving, helping, balance.


Live life to the ultimate end: “We must face tomorrow whatever it may hold with determination, joy and bravery.” -Mr. Magorium    “I fell so completely in love with these shoes, I bought enough pairs to last my whole lifetime. This is my last pair.”  -Mr. M   I love this metaphor that he found something he loved so much & bought enough to last him his whole life. Life is like that. We find things we LOVE and would miss desperately. Think about this for a moment. What would you miss most from your life? What have you fallen deeply in love with…the smell of rain, walks along the beach, a favorite chocolate bar, the smell of lavender, laughter, music…now purposely put more of these things into your day. Live life to the ultimate end!!


“Why are you doing this?” -Mr. M  “I wanted you to see all the little things you will miss.” -Molly  There are sooo many things we would miss in this life. If you begin to get grateful for them each day, then you will see more and more little things that will stay with you in your heart. A grateful heart is a place of wonder each and every day.


Live in the Moment:  “Thirty-seven seconds. Great, well done. Now we wait. No, we breathe, we pulse, we regenerate. Our hearts beat, our minds create, our souls ingest. Thirty-seven seconds well used is a lifetime.”

3550078149_9b228ce4f0-12007 Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium 006-1

Having something to love that you are passionate about is always a good thing. I think collections are inspiring. I think everyone has things they love, things that remind them of special memories, amazing places, things that light them up. We need little things like this in our life to remind us of all the many grand occasions life offers us.


Sometimes a close, unique group of friends is all you need.  Sometimes we find people that may seem like a unique fit for our life, but they may be the very jewel we needed to find.


Be an original YOU. Don’t worry so much about what others think. This is an ongoing life lesson for all of us. If we can get over caring about what anyone else thinks—wow, what a world we would have.  “No matter what they tell you, you don’t have to stay in the lines.” -Molly


Sometimes you just have to allow and let go. “Don’t go!! I’m not ready.” -Molly       “I only ask you that you turn the page, continue reading and let the next story begin.” -Mr. M       “I Love you.” -Molly     “I love you too. Your life is an occasion. Rise to it!” -Mr. M     I LOVE this last line. It is one of my favorites from the whole movie. Every single one of us has an amazing life if we CHOOSE to live it. Rise to it!!


Do what makes you happy. I think one of the biggest goals in this life is finding what makes your heart swell. When we are able to follow our hearts & step into joy…mission accomplished. Following your heart is a quest, a journey…make it a good one.


Life is an occasion—rise to it!! The store is black, the magic gone. “It just needs a little magic.” -Eric  “I don’t have any!” -Molly      “You are a block of wood. It’s you!! You don’t have to believe in the block of wood, it’s not the store, it’s not me, what you need to believe in is you!! Holy cow! A sparkle. “-Mutant       Molly begins to believe in herself, the store comes back to life. The magic begins again.

-Cheers to inspiring, great movies that hold gems of good things.  -H

What do we take for granted…

This is a big question & one that only YOU can answer. I know for me, I definitely take for granted that I was blessed to be given a daughter to hold, raise and love. I take for granted the little things that I daily am able to do like walk, see, hear, taste yummy foods, hold my husband’s hand. I take for granted that my parents are still alive and that they are still together after 40+ years of marriage. I take for granted the freedoms of where I live. I take for granted that I can read. I take for granted that I can freely learn anything I want. I take for granted that I can speak clearly & share my thoughts and ideas. I take for granted creativity, time, talents…There are many things that I take for granted at different times. I think we all do, but I have had a couple of experiences recently that have made me see a little more clearly.


This past school year I have been volunteering & helping with the schools “service club.” We offer this little club to kids who need a place to go, who want to do little projects for needy children in other countries. It’s been a wonderful experience. The woman who heads up the club was a great example to me of selflessness. At the beginning of the year she was going through her own personal crisis–her husband was in need of a kidney transplant. It was an emotional roller coaster each week watching her deal with her husband put on dialysis, trouble with doctors, having moments of hope that a sister was a good match & then learning she wasn’t emotionally the right match…on and on. She continued to come to our little service club despite everything going on at home. What I have not mentioned is that she also has physical challenges. She walks with a cane and hobbles in pain everywhere she goes. Her hip is displaced leaving one foot higher than the other, so she has to buy $50 shoes that help her walk.

I have watched this woman all year handle all these personal struggles with a positive attitude, a can do personality, a sheer determination to make it all work. Luckily, her husband  in the last couple months did have a family member who was a good match & the transplant was successful. yay!


For me, a big life lesson. We had been planning an end of the year service club party that we planned to do at a nearby pavilion at the school. The pavilion was probably 50 feet from the parking lot. The week before the party she hobbled in to service club & looked at me. “I think we are going to have to do a different location for the party. It is just too far for me to walk.”

Later that same day I walked the path from my home, passed the pavilion [the one we had talked about] and kept walking. I thought long and hard & looked to the heavens and said, “thank you for the gift of being able to walk.”  I can’t even imagine being bed-ridden, being imprisoned in a body that can’t function how it is meant to. It was a huge lesson in taking something for granted.

This made me think of the following video. This past weekend my daughter had a friend over & this song was one of her favorites. She shared it with us & then we almost all cried when we read one of the comments below the video…When i hear this song.. i remember my whole family who died in a road accident 4 months ago ! RIP Mom,Dad & my bro ! I’m left alone here and i can’t find the way to live ::::””((((

We all sat silent thinking about how hard that would be. Needless to say, it gave us a greater appreciation that we have our families still with us. I think there are moments where we all take that for granted.

Watch this beautiful video. This guy’s fiancé was in a terrible accident that left her with brain damage & he has stayed with her trying to get her to a better place. What a journey of selfless love. Beautiful.

I hope and pray that you will think about the little and big things you may take for granted in your life & hold a space of appreciation and love.  Peace to you.  -H


Okay, so today I wanted to do a Big Learning post because I have been learning a lot!! It is very exciting. I have been down with a cold for a couple of days, so I have been reading and watching movies that stretch the mind. Wow!!So, for the next few weeks I will share what I have been learning from many different sources. But, today I want to share with you some key thoughts from —Pam Grout’s book Esquared [it’s really a tiny 2 (squared symbol), but I am not sure how to make it work on here] smile.

Pam’s book is a unique idea—Nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. What I have learned so far—I am okay, not great at using my energy powers. smile. smile.   Her premise, think about what you want & it will show up for you.[I am not going to share all the experiments, but I will give you a sample. You have to want to read the book] So, here is the first experiment: The Dude Abides: Basically what it says is, “There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.” The experiment could be best described as an ultimatum. You are going to give the force exactly 48 hours to make its presence known. You’re going to demand a clear, unmistakable sign, something that cannot be written off as coincidence.     So, me and my crazy but faithful heart decided I would look for a red cardinal. Utah does not get Red Cardinal’s so I was really putting the experiment to the test!! A few days later my family got in on the game–My husband decided to look for a white feather & my daughter wanted to look for a white bracelet. The test was on!! I had started my red cardinal hunt a couple days earlier before my whole family got involved. My Red Cardinal never did show for a couple days, so on the third day I decided to continue looking for a red cardinal, but also added a blue feather into the mix. Another day passed and while I was in my car driving, I literally had the thought, I am definitely not very good at this test!! Right around the corner there was a sign that said, “Blue Raven” My heart jumped. That will do. A blue raven would have tons of blue feathers!! I had never seen that sign before even though I have driven that same road multiple times.  Within a few days, my daughter had a classmate who was wearing a white bracelet & my husband had saved a bird that had been hit on the road. He called me up…”remember how we were looking for white feathers…I just found all kinds of feathers.”

Try it yourself—put something out there and give yourself 48 hours to one week & see what you find!! Pam had some great thoughts to go along with this…“you do have to quit being so wishy-washy. Nobody in his or her right mind would call up Sears and say, “Oh, just send me something I like.” 

“To effectively work these spiritual laws, you have to “get it” deep down in your bones that the Universe is bountiful and that, at all time, it has your back.”


Wow! We are amazing…Pam also made the following statement: Scientists now know the brain receives 400 billion bits of information each second. To give you some idea of just how much information this is: it would take nearly 600,000 average size books just to print 400 billion zeros. So, what do we do? We start screening. We start narrowing down. I’ll take that information over there…When all is said and done, we’re down to 2,000 bits of information each and every second. Our brains continually sift through the possibilities and pick which bits of information to “see” and believe. Out of sheer laziness, the stuff we choose to perceive—and make no mistake…it is a choice—it is the stuff we already know.

Brown_Dragonfly_Janie_Dubman.600Trying to receive or tune into the things you want in your life. Pam Grout liken’s consciousness to a giant skyscraper. I may be living on the second floor, but the “thing” I created with my thought is up on the 17th floor. Until I can get to the 17th floor, it appears that it is still missing, that I am still waiting.     Another great analogy is a television set. If you have cable, more than 100 channels are yours for the clicking. TiVo aside, you can only watch one channel at a time. When you’re watching, say, Modern Family, you’re chuckling at the antics of Cam, Mitchell, Phil and Gloria and you’re completely unaware of the other 99 (or more) channels. That’s why it’s really important to stay on the channel you want. Tune in to your intent.

Talking about trying to tune into something I wanted—Here is a great story that happened to me yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well, but my dog needed to go outside, so I walked him out onto our deck. I noticed a brown dragon fly circling the yard. I LOVE these beautiful, mysterious insects so I slowly walked out into the middle of the yard and said, “come play with me.” The dragon fly whirled above my head, flew around, came close, then out again, the natural rhythm of these creatures. I just followed it with my eyes and smiled as it came closer. I watched it for awhile and then went back inside. I left the door open for the natural breeze and bundled up on my couch. Within a minute I heard a noise right behind my head that sounded like a wrapper moving against the blinds behind me. I peeked over the couch edge & there was the dragon fly I had been with outside. It was now stuck behind the lip of my couch. I gently put my hand under its body & lifted it out about four inches & then it gently flew directly out the door. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. The exact dragon fly had followed me into the house & then knew right where to go once it wasn’t caught behind my couch (directly behind where I was sitting). I went back outside to make sure it was okay & it flew by me again. Amazing. Beautiful.


Reasons why we have a harder time receiving…here are a few of Pam’s thoughts.     1. We’re Really Not here: Not in this moment. If you are not really here [present], your mind is NOT available to do what you are asking it to do. You are operating out of old encrusted beliefs, beliefs you downloaded before your were five. Do you really want a five-year-old running your life?   2. We’ve named it difficult. We spend so much time talking about what doesn’t work that we miss the whole point: namely, that we have the power to create something that does.    3. We Stalk Negativity: What do we study? Disease, problems, disasters of the past. What do we prepare for? emergencies. We love to sink our teeth into problems and ask, “What’s wrong?” Once we begin to look for What’s Right, our lives begin spinning in unimaginably exciting new directions.  Every “wrong” thing has a flip side. Lack is the flip side of abundance. Sickness is the flip side of health. While living in the consciousness of space and time, you can only observe one side of the coin at a time. But it’s important to realize that the other side is just as real and that at any time, you can simply flip it over.

The reason 99.9 percent of your mind is devoted to things you don’t want is because that’s the world’s default setting, what it defines as normal. The world’s default setting sees news about floods and earthquakes, hears stories about your second cousin’s epilepsy, and says, “See what did I tell you?” 

The only thing you need to do is devote your mind ONLY to things you want. 


“The greatest discovery and development of the coming years will be along spiritual lines. Here is a force which history clearly teaches has been the greatest power in the development of man and history, and yet we have been merely playing with it and have never seriously studied it as we have physical forces. Some day people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men and women creative and powerful. Then the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over to the study of the spiritual forces. When this day comes, the world will see more advancement in one generation than it has in the past four.”  -Charles Proteus Steinmetz, inventor of the alternating-current motor

Thanks Pam Grout for your ideas, thoughts and directions.

P.S. I believe Pam has a wordpress blog–check it out. She always shares great stuff.

Well, I hope this post will help you see how powerful your mind is, how important your thoughts and intentions can be. We have a greater potential than we possibly know. We have a spirit that tunes in to the energies all around us. We have endless possibilities within us. I believe we are creators, spiritual beings trying to find our way, to see our purpose and constantly reaching higher to something greater than us all. Peace to you today.

I hope you found some big learning within this post. Best wishes for your life.

Happy Mother’s Day Week

Tammy-Swales-Rochester-NY-Photographer-Portraits-mother-daughter-laughing-studioHappy Mother’s Day Week

I wanted to share with you the following beautiful you tubes..share it with your sons & daughters. [I am putting two separate versions–son & daughter]

As a mother we have a responsibility to lift our children higher, to see them as the beautiful gifts that have been given to us. We get to love them every single day and cherish the moments and memories that we experience. I hope this Mother’s Day week you will take a moment & share with your children why you LOVE being their mother. Those moments are priceless. Make this week memorable: Write your children a love note, sit and watch a fun movie together, go on a Mommy/Missy or Mommy/Me date, Make friendship bracelets and wear them all week, give them a special charm that means something between the two of you. Sure it is your Mother’s Day Week, but make it special with those that made you a Mother.

Enjoy the movies.

black-and-white-daughter-family-love-mother-favim-com-110567FOR DAUGHTERS


Some other fun pics & quotes to make you smile about Mother’s Day