Lessons learned from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium


What do you see?

“What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a sparkle?” -Molly     “What kind?” -Mutant      “Like something reflective of something bigger trying to get out!” -Molly      “That finger thing you do”. -Mutant      “That’s a cork, not a sparkle.” -Molly     

Molly Mahoney believed she was a musical genius when she was younger, but as she grew up she was not so sure. Molly needed an opportunity to prove to herself that she was something more than she believed. She was always trying to write a song, but could never quite get the right notes. She struggled with who she was & what her life direction was suppose to be. “I’m stuck as a person…everyone talked about my potential and everyone is still talking about my potential.” -Molly “Why don’t you stunn everyone with Molly Mahoney’s first!” -Mr. Magorium     

I think this is a great lesson for all of us to be aware of. We often get stuck in our own heads, our own set-backs, our own limitations. Sometimes we need to see and understand we have a sparkle like no one else. We may get stuck, but we are only one step, one decision from moving forward. We need to remember, we were made to do amazing things!


Sometimes you just have to believe…even if it is just a block of wood. “There are a million things one might do with a block of wood. But what do you think might happen if someone, just once, believed in it?” -Mr. M  “With faith, love, this block and a counting mutant, you may find yourself somewhere you never imagined.”  -Mr. M


Believe anything is possible. I love Eric’s character. He constantly believes anything is possible. I love the scene where Eric is trying to jump and reach his hat that is hanging high above him. He believes he just needed to jump a little higher to reach his hat that was about 7 ft up. I also love that Eric believes he can go in and buy the Emporium with his own money. If we could only have that kind of belief—like a child.


Step out of your comfort zone: “You have to give people a chance. People are full of surprises…start by saying Hi.” -Eric’s mom  I think this is a great lesson for all of us. We often get stuck in our comfort zones, but sometimes we need to step out, say Hi to strangers, smile at someone over the gas counter, hold a door open, meet a new friend, but it all starts with one tiny step.


There is always a need for balance: “We all have our things—ways we show we care, some people bring flowers, send cards or give hugs, but I fill out people’s paperwork.” -Mutant  The mutant accountant character is in desperate need of a balancing act & Eric (the little boy) is exactly what he needs. Eric helps the accountant step out of himself & his work mode & begin to enjoy the people around him. I think the accountant begins to feel needed by Molly & Eric, which gives him a sense of giving, helping, balance.


Live life to the ultimate end: “We must face tomorrow whatever it may hold with determination, joy and bravery.” -Mr. Magorium    “I fell so completely in love with these shoes, I bought enough pairs to last my whole lifetime. This is my last pair.”  -Mr. M   I love this metaphor that he found something he loved so much & bought enough to last him his whole life. Life is like that. We find things we LOVE and would miss desperately. Think about this for a moment. What would you miss most from your life? What have you fallen deeply in love with…the smell of rain, walks along the beach, a favorite chocolate bar, the smell of lavender, laughter, music…now purposely put more of these things into your day. Live life to the ultimate end!!


“Why are you doing this?” -Mr. M  “I wanted you to see all the little things you will miss.” -Molly  There are sooo many things we would miss in this life. If you begin to get grateful for them each day, then you will see more and more little things that will stay with you in your heart. A grateful heart is a place of wonder each and every day.


Live in the Moment:  “Thirty-seven seconds. Great, well done. Now we wait. No, we breathe, we pulse, we regenerate. Our hearts beat, our minds create, our souls ingest. Thirty-seven seconds well used is a lifetime.”

3550078149_9b228ce4f0-12007 Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium 006-1

Having something to love that you are passionate about is always a good thing. I think collections are inspiring. I think everyone has things they love, things that remind them of special memories, amazing places, things that light them up. We need little things like this in our life to remind us of all the many grand occasions life offers us.


Sometimes a close, unique group of friends is all you need.  Sometimes we find people that may seem like a unique fit for our life, but they may be the very jewel we needed to find.


Be an original YOU. Don’t worry so much about what others think. This is an ongoing life lesson for all of us. If we can get over caring about what anyone else thinks—wow, what a world we would have.  “No matter what they tell you, you don’t have to stay in the lines.” -Molly


Sometimes you just have to allow and let go. “Don’t go!! I’m not ready.” -Molly       “I only ask you that you turn the page, continue reading and let the next story begin.” -Mr. M       “I Love you.” -Molly     “I love you too. Your life is an occasion. Rise to it!” -Mr. M     I LOVE this last line. It is one of my favorites from the whole movie. Every single one of us has an amazing life if we CHOOSE to live it. Rise to it!!


Do what makes you happy. I think one of the biggest goals in this life is finding what makes your heart swell. When we are able to follow our hearts & step into joy…mission accomplished. Following your heart is a quest, a journey…make it a good one.


Life is an occasion—rise to it!! The store is black, the magic gone. “It just needs a little magic.” -Eric  “I don’t have any!” -Molly      “You are a block of wood. It’s you!! You don’t have to believe in the block of wood, it’s not the store, it’s not me, what you need to believe in is you!! Holy cow! A sparkle. “-Mutant       Molly begins to believe in herself, the store comes back to life. The magic begins again.

-Cheers to inspiring, great movies that hold gems of good things.  -H

One thought on “Lessons learned from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

  1. Thank you so much for all your effort in this piece. I have found it so inspiring while I create an English program for my students on points of view and perspective which also integrates with self esteem and being unique.

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