Fun SUMMER Mix-ins!

With the triple digit heat, heat waves & non-stop sunshine, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some good ideas of fun things to MIX in to your SUMMER to make it even more enjoyable!! Enjoy.

ImageFUN ways to COOL off:

SWIM–We have had a index above ground pool for the last three years & have LOVED it!! I know they are a bit ugly, but we took a chance because here in the Utah sunshine we get numerous 100 degree days & the little kids & cousins in my family thoroughly have tons of SUMMER FUN in our big, blue pool!!  So if you need a good way to cool off–invest in an intex. Truly worth the investment!!

ICE CREAM: Have a fun ice cream party. Whether you make homemade ice cream,  go out and pick favorite flavors—have friends and family over for a ice cream bar with all your favorite add-ins (gummies, fruit, oreos, grahams, syrups, you get the idea).   Here is a great link from Real Simple for some homemade ice cream recipes.

SPRINKLERS: Old or young run through the sprinklers!! Turn on your automatic yard sprinklers or go out and invest in some fun twirls, up & downs, etc. Run, play, be a kid!!

TUBE: Find a local river or lake & grab a tube, float about in the summer sunshine.

SPRAY: Misters, water guns, water balloons & spray bottles are all fun ways to stay cool.

COOL: Cool off your lotions by putting them in the refrigerator, so they feel cool going on after being outside in the hot sun.

ImageFUN for the SUMMER: small things like great sunglasses, a new hat, having your nails painted in neons or glitter, buying a new maxi dress or a great pair of sandals, marinating steaks for a great bbq…always makes summer a little more enjoyable.  Indulge in something for you—look at it as an investment in you enjoying your summer a little more.

ImageSUMMER FOOD: Last night we made shrimp tacos, so I thought it would be fun to include a few recipes for some fun summer food…enjoy!!

Shrimp Tacos: Here is a great recipe for shrimp tacos

Something yummy with melon: I thought this looked good. I have not tried it yet, but it looks yummy!! Watermelon Salsa (see picture above)

Additional ideas:

If you are missing winter there is a great red box movie called “The Art of Flight” that is a extreme snowboarding movie that has amazing cinematography. Beautifully done! Amazing images.

Another one of our favorite things to do during the summer—watch “America’s Got Talent.” We don’t watch a lot of television, but at our house this is a weekly must. I truly enjoy the stories, the dreams, the talent. It can be so inspiring. A couple of my favorite acts: “Danceish”—here is a link to his performance. Amazing!! Still not sure how he does some of the moves

The other talent that is one of my favorites—Collins Key who is a teenage illusionist—amazing! Still not sure how he does it. Check it out here

Well, that is all for today.  Hope these ideas get you outside enjoying the last bit of summer that is left!!   Happy Summer!!


ImageSummer is a time of PLAY, NURTURING, LEARNING, being in NATURE, CREATING, and LOVING every MOMENT!!

Here are a few packets of fun activities, coloring pages, summer inspiration!! Have fun.


I have a passion for getting kids outdoors because of the immense good things that come from it, so I created a packet designed to teach you as a parent the importance of getting your kids outdoors.  I then created & gathered activities around things that will teach kids about nature and get them outdoors. Have fun with this!! PLEASE take the time to understand how vital it is to get our kids outdoors.


The following are two summer fun packets that I made for my little nieces and nephews for some summer fun. It is a compilation of coloring pages, summer bucket list ideas, activities, just some plain, old summer fun!

SummerFunPacket  (for younger girls)

BoysSummerFunPacket (for younger boys)

HAPPY SUMMER!! Hope these bring lots of JOY!