ImageSummer is a time of PLAY, NURTURING, LEARNING, being in NATURE, CREATING, and LOVING every MOMENT!!

Here are a few packets of fun activities, coloring pages, summer inspiration!! Have fun.


I have a passion for getting kids outdoors because of the immense good things that come from it, so I created a packet designed to teach you as a parent the importance of getting your kids outdoors.  I then created & gathered activities around things that will teach kids about nature and get them outdoors. Have fun with this!! PLEASE take the time to understand how vital it is to get our kids outdoors.


The following are two summer fun packets that I made for my little nieces and nephews for some summer fun. It is a compilation of coloring pages, summer bucket list ideas, activities, just some plain, old summer fun!

SummerFunPacket  (for younger girls)

BoysSummerFunPacket (for younger boys)

HAPPY SUMMER!! Hope these bring lots of JOY!

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