ImageYesterday I had all my nieces and nephews over for a fun summer activity I called “A Day of AWESOMENESS!!”  We made an eruption out of a 2 liter of Diet Coke with half a package of mentos, then we created little tornadoes out of water bottles filled with dish soap (2 drops) and glitter, did activity books, learned lots of weird but true facts & had lots of FUN!!

I truly enjoyed watching their faces Ooh and Ah at the wonder and delight of seeing their own little tornadoes take shape. Children have this amazing sense of wonder and imagination and I thoroughly love being around the creativity they hold—making up games, coloring so vibrantly with such passion, learning and seeing things at a new level–their level.

SO, what is something that would make YOUR DAY OF AWESOMENESS?? What peaks your interest? What lights you up? What do you want to learn about?   Is their a science experiment you want to try? Do you want to go volunteer at a shelter or humane society for a day. Maybe sit with a child and think of all the super powers you would like to have. Maybe take a friend and go visit a museum you have never been to. What about flying kites (homemade ones if you want to be truly creative & scientific). Take your camera outside & shoot pictures close-up of everything—see the details. Get online and find some AWESOME experiments you can try. Have a night of Constellations under the starry night sky. Blow up Ivory soap in the microwave and make Soap Clouds…there are soooo many things to learn, try, experience…there is an abundance of AWESOMENESS!! Have fun, get creative…do, try, PLAY!!

I am going to attach a fun packet of weird but true facts I put together for the kids—feel free to print them off and share them with people in your life. You can never learn too much!!Awesomepacket

Here are a few pics from our day of AWESOMENESS!  Cheers to YOU & having an AWESOME DAY!!ImageImage