Change. Grow. Fly.

ImageI watched many mothers this morning taking picture after picture of every moment of the first day of school this morning. I watched a mother well up in tears, while another was getting every possible shot of her children by the school bell, by the principal, in line waiting with the other 20 students, all worried about their first day.  It was mostly lots of faces of nervous children, while their mothers were trying to snap and hold on to any piece of their little child that they could.

It was definitely a lot of emotions that swirled around. My husband and I were interviewing all the kids in our daughters class, trying to erase the worries, trying to help unify them in any thought that they were all in the same boat…nervous!!! We enjoyed every moment, knowing that within our little girls heart–she was terrified. She began her morning in tears, butterflies whirled in her stomach & she was quiet, oh so quiet. She was filled with tiny worries, where do I go, how do I find my way??  All I could do is reassure her that we would walk her through it. We would be there every step of the way.

It is funny how life goes…it is a constant learning game–we are always trying to figure out where we fit, we are always trying to find out where we belong, we are always trying to find the road we belong on.  Life is a constant whirl of unknown—from when we are young & experiencing our first day in elementary school to trying to identify a passion, seeking the right job, moving to a new city, meeting new people…it is always changing, but with change comes strength, comes a different feeling from the old, the comfortable.

I love the thought, “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.”    While we were walking our daughter Kate to school this morning, she began to hold her tummy in nervousness. I explained her tummy pains were like little nervous butterflies fluttering about & all she needs to do is let them fly & the worries will go away.

Change is inevitable, so we must take the day, embrace the differences & see everything in a different perspective.

Don’t be afraid to FLY.Image



“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”  -James Matthew Barrie

I have always had a thing for nature, but throughout my life I have always been surprised at the little miracles that have dropped into my life. Throughout my marriage I have raised three different nests of baby birds, helped a wounded red-tailed hawk we found in the desert, saved a baby robin from dying on a couple of occasions, and each time was always struck at the immense miracles birds are.  They are these little bodies of feathers, fluff & aerodynamics that help them carve through the wind, fly on an air stream, dive, soar—all at heights that at one time were unimaginable to man.

I am always amazed when I watch a bird fly, the way they float, allowing the wind to take their wings and send them higher and higher into the blue sky. There is this magic, this unmistakable gift birds have been given to be so high, to have faith in something bigger that allows them to drift into the high currents of the sky. They are able to have this knowing that their wings will carry them, that the sky is their home, that soaring high is their calling.

This makes me think of our personal callings–people are given gifts, talents and abilities that make them reach beyond their own limits, circumstances that  allow us to try to go higher on a personal level, to seek our ultimate potential.

Like birds, there are moments or times within our lives that we become wounded, put down, get involved in things that don’t help our spirit soar.

I have seen the sight of a wounded & broken bird unable to fly, it was heart breaking to know that this little spirit who was meant to fly, was for a time stopped from its purpose, was unable to fulfill its calling, was deterred by circumstance.

It truly is a beautiful metaphor for life, for the callings that we have been given, and when we get side-tracked, distracted, unsure, become indecisive, or complacent with the stirrings of our hearts, our inner knowings become dim, we begin to loose our ‘spirit wings.’

I just thought of that idea, ‘spirit wings’ –the ability to follow those things that make our spirit soar. When we get down on ourselves, loose a little faith in something greater than ourselves, follow things that take us away from our gifts, or we begin to do things that aren’t good for our spirit—we begin to loose our ability to fly.

‘Feelings’ are a good indicator of what makes your spirit soar. If you are listening within to what lights you up OR what brings you down, you will be able to follow your inner guidance, you will be able to follow those things that allow you to be who you are meant to be, to go beyond your personal limitations, to find the dreams that speak to your soul, to live the life you imagined and to be on purpose—to FLY.

“Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”  -Langston Hughes

Fly. Peace to you today. –Heather