He has your back.

I wanted to share a few amazing stories that illustrate faith, belief and an ever knowing of a larger presence that fills our lives. The first is a very real and genuinely scary experience that recently happened to me.

My little family moved out of state and landed in a small cottage in a beautiful, serene, majestic area of the Pacific North West. It has literally been just over three months and there have been soo many emotions already.

Whenever you move (I have moved many times throughout my marriage–at least 15 times & four different states) there is always a bit of a transition period. It can be a fun adventure full of new experiences and new places or a time of stress. There is always a bit of both, because with any change comes growth. It can be exhilerating and tough all at the same time.

Well, things were going great! We were enjoying our new area, the beauty of this place, new people, etc. Exactly a month later, my parents came to visit & while we were walking the beach with them I came across a woman who was looking for small, red pebbles in the sand. I started to help her look & we began to talk. She asked where we had moved & I began to describe our new home & instantly her face went very sad. She said, “I know that house very well. My dear friends use to live there. Then she paused and said, “I probably shouldn’t say anything.”

I smiled, “You cant do that. What?” She preceeded to tell me that her dear friend had lost everything after her husband had killed himself. She felt bad, left my side and began to walk down the beach in my opposite direction. Obviously the conversation was hard for her.

I think I was in shock, stunned almost. I looked down the beach in the opposite direction at my family & knew I could not say anything. I needed to process this info. 

The next few weeks were tough. When my daughter & husband were gone on a couple work trips, I was left at home with our two, little dogs. I sat up every night with disturbing thoughts running through my head. I wondered where the suicide had happened. I wondered what the story was. I wondered if there was a bad spirit….my mind raced and worried.

It began to take me back to another point in time when my sweet husband had hit a very low point in his life, was depressed and couldn’t make sense of life. He wrote a letter to me & my daughter (who was four at the time) and took a shotgun up a canyon to end his life. Thankfully, he did not end things that day and we worked through depression and got him to a better place in his mind. It was a very emotionally tough time in our lives.

So, with this new information in our new home I became genuinely worried that maybe there could be a negative force or influence that could lead my husband back down that road. My mind began to swirl with worry, fear, negative thoughts of this new experience. 

I did not say anything to my husband about what I had learned for weeks and then I could not take it any longer. I had to tell him the information and that it had been eating me up inside. He was very supportive & said we could move any time & that we did not have to stay in this home if I felt unsure or dark about the situation.

Then, the very weekend my daughter was leaving us for her first college experience and moving away from us, something else unthinkable happened. My husband got a phone call, he gets off the phone and explains that this man had called and was looking for information on the recent sale of our home. He was talking about how he was an appraiser, he wanted to see our documents, was inquiring about info.

My husband said it was a nice call, but strange that the man wanted us to send copies of our contracts to him. My husband never got his name. That evening, our little family was watching a movie when my husband received a text from the same man inquiring about our moving info. and shares his name…Joe Dejel (I did change his name). My husband starts saying the mans name out loud & says, “why is that name so familiar? Who is this guy?”

I about died and I am sure my face turned a few shades grey. I responded, “are you serious right now? Are you serious?”  I then reminded my husband that Joe Dejel was the guy who had been stalking me 13-14 years ago. 

My daughter was sitting between us & becomes genuinely concerned. Like we all were.

Joe Dejel had been following me around our neighborhood for months & then showed up randomly at a CPR class I was taking to get certified as a yoga teacher. He had followed me over 30 minutes away from my home. When the leaders of the class asked his name & noticed he was not on any list I was terrified but also relieved because I was able to at least get his name. It was a terrifying experience to feel like someone is watching and following you. I got the police involved, found out where he lived so I could find out the make of his car & empower myself with knowledge. It was the most unsettling, power sucking feeling and experience.

So, to have this same man call my husband looking for info. having our old address in hand and trying to find out where we had moved, was definitely unsettling to say the least.

My whole body began to panic, everything began to weigh on me, “Why was this happening? Why would God do this? Why would he have two terrible experiences (my husband’s depression/suicide & this man stalking me) that happened so close together be almost playing out again in our lives… mind swirled, hashing and thrashing, unsettled, angry, fearful, trapped in worry and soo concerned and unable to understand what I was suppose to learn or what we needed to do. I became a wreck and my sweet husband was genuinely concerned.

My daughter was literally starting college two days later & that was the main reason we moved out of state so we could be a good support system to her in her time of transition & now this!!

I felt terrible for the fear that was brought on. My daughter was genuinely scared for me & jumped on her computer and started changing all of her personal emails, so she could not be found.

It was crazy!!

For a few days, I was a wreck. I was beside myself with worry and concern why this man was showing up in our lives again.  

It seemed like a very scary and difficult time in my life was showing up all over again and it was more than unsettling. Panic, fear, fear for my family, my daughter going off to college, so many emotions and feelings were welling up inside. 

I tried to be strong while we got my daughter off to college. I did not want her scared and worried about whether or not her mom was going to be okay. My daughter had been with me every day of her life, home-schooled & college was her first real experience to be around other people, socialize and find her wings. I was not going to have it all ruined or over-shadowed by a man and his possible intentions. 

We got our daughter off to college. She was still worried because my husband travels for work, so I would be home alone for days at a time. Our little home is surrounded by dark woods, so my daughter was genuinely concerned. “Shouldn’t we call the police,” she shared. 

I tried to calm her anxiety by telling her I would do what I did before, make sure we notify our realtors and neighbors to not share any info of our whereabouts & tried to reassure her that he would have to find a way in through our newly gated community.

She left feeling a little better. 

Luckily, I had a strong front for her but as soon as we got back to our new home, the fear would envelope me and I did not know how to stop it. For a couple of days I pleaded with my husband trying to understand why God would place both of these situations back into our lives. I desperately tried to come to a realization or seek to find some reasoning. My mind whirled with fear, anxiety, concerns of the unknown. 

My husband and I laid in bed Tuesday, September 21 (we dropped our daughter off on the 19th)  and after days of emotions we had the longest night and felt a heaviness within our hearts. My mind went from anger about no one telling us about a suicide to fear of someone breaking in and hurting us. I was jumping from one emotion to another, concerned our daughter was safe, wondering if we should move, feeling so alone and wondering why God would make us feel like this after just moving here. Soo many emotions. 

My sweet husband gently said, “We don’t have to stay here. We can go anywhere. If you don’t feel safe or you feel an energy in this home that is not good for you or our family, we can go.”

Neither of us slept the entire night. We kept talking and fretting about feelings, actions, trying to understand. I was a wreck and he just kept trying to do his best to console me.

The very next day I received ONE message from a sweet niece on my husbands side. She had just started college a month before our daughter, so I had been sending her little text messages of encouragement and love. Our communication was sweet, but just the regular Hellos and happenings. She had never sent me quotes or anything other than personal hello messages.

BUT, that particular morning I received just this quote in a text…this is what it said

“If the devil can’t take you out, he will try to wear you out. Stop obsessing, stop ruimating, stop scheming. Stop rehashing. Stop analyzing. Stop worrying. Give it to God and go to sleep. Since God never slumbers nor sleeps, there’s no use both of you staying awake.”

She said nothing. Only the quote was sent with a couple heart emojis. 

I read it and a peace like nothing I have ever experienced washed over me. I instantly ran to my husband and read him the message. We both looked at each other and said, “Wow.”

It was an answer to prayer, it was a calm like no other. Since that moment I have felt a peace and a knowing that God has our back. Whatever will be perfectly planned. He has taken our worries and freed me. I instantly felt safe. I have felt nothing but a sweet knowing that He is there and knows our every need.

That is the greatest gift. 


Zennon story.

I have been walking and walking while getting back in tune with listening to those things that inspire my heart and help me become a better version of myself. What God needs me to be.

I was listening to an incredible podcast…Good Life Project was interviewing Shelly Tygielski

Wow! what an inspiring woman with an incredile story. It was such a fun listen. LISTEN TO IT!

She had soo many great stories to share, but I LOVE a good Godwink story & she had a pretty incredible one. She was talking about her father-in-law and the wonderful man he was. She loved his spirit, but said he always hated the name he was given. For years he would not go by his usual name, Zennon. He told people to call him Chuck. Later in life he began to go by his given name.

Shelly shared that he was getting up there in age, to the point where the family decided to put him in a home. He hated it! He teased that he didn’t like old people. He had a lively spirit, so when covid hit and his facility was effected, it took its toll on Zennon. He contracted covid and was not expected to make it. The family was devestated and because of the situation no family could see him, but by some miracle, some end of life fight, Zennon tested negtive in his final days and family could come and give their goodbyes. 

Shelly and her husband flew to his bedside and were able to give their goodbyes.

She then talked about how hard it was to lose him and was trying to find some consolation in his parting, so she would ask for some sort of sign from Zennon that he was okay. She was so hopeful for some grand sign, but did not see or feel anything. 

It was time for her and her husband to head home, so they had called for a car to take them to  the airport. 

In the hussle of packing and preparing to leave, Shelly’s phone went off with an incoming message. She froze, in shock she yelled to her husband. He rushed to her, “are you okay? Did you forget something?’ Shelly looked at him in disbelief and showed him the phone, “Your Dad is coming to pick us up!” she exclaimed!! Her husband was worried, “are you okay?” He then looked at the phone and noticed the person coming to pick them up was “Zennon”

Sure enough her sign had come and Zennon picked them up and was driving the exact car her father-in-law drove.

Such a great story. The bigger, grander picture. The other side is closer than we can imagine.


I genuinely hope and pray that these stories will leave you feeling peace and comfort in a knowing that God has your back and that there is a bigger picture for your life. Have faith in that!

Peace, Love and Light to you today. -H

Change. Little things. Grateful.

Well, I have not written for a couple of months because we picked up and moved out of state!! It has been a lot of change, but for the most part, so many little things that make me so grateful.

Change vs Challenge: It is what you make it! Just before we were physically moving, my husband seemed to get into a bit of a funk and was not happy or excited about moving. I knew he was sad and concerned to leave so many things he was use to. He LOVED our walmart two minutes away, his family, beautiful properties that we LOVE to visit, his work was within 15 minutes and the airport 45 minutes away. He was struggling with the thought of so much change and being far away from things that were comfortable. I was actually a little shocked, because every other move we have made throughout our marriage, he was ready for. We had moved over 15 other times within probably a 15 year time period–mostly for different job opportunities. He was struggling this time & that did not make things easier. I had to remind him that we were moving for our daughter & that no matter what happens, she is the reason we are making the move, to be there as a support system while she begins college.

We moved. We have landed. We have taken the jump. The nearest Walmart is 30 minutes away, the closest airport is 2 hours away, according to the USPS we have an “undeliverable address” for the mail system (but don’t worry we get Amazon 🙂 the closest and only fast food that we recognize is Subway, taco Bell and McDonalds, which are all about 20 minutes away. There have been many changes, but with every chance we strive to find the good, the beautiful, to enjoy the new environment, the new experiences and all the new people. It has been so fun to go out of our way to meet our new neighbors. Where we live there are literally only 25% of the people in this gated community. Most of the homes are vacant & are used as vacation or second homes. We have stretched to find all the regulars. We have delivered cookies, had ice cream nights, long conversations and have been going out-of-our-way to connect with those around us. There is a variety of people: artists who do art fairs, a retired camera man from The Price is Right, Farmers from Southern Oregon, Texans, widows…variety is the spice of life!

In all the change, it has been the most rewarding to see my husband completely change his perspective and embrace the whole experience. He walks around our community lit up by the beauty & just talks over and over again about how wonderful everything is and that it never gets old. He takes us to the beach every chance we get together. He gets up at the crack of dawn on a low-tide & takes us agate hunting. He seems to have taken the changes and turned the challenges into positive moments and memories that will last forever.

It is what you do with your experiences that will matter most!

Here comes the Sun: Little did we know that we would be genuinely in awe of the tremendous beauty that is here along the coast. We have been blessed with amazing weather for the two months we have been here. Months leading up to our move we had soo many people share their own opinions—political views, weather related issues,such change, etc . Most people were not supportive and a bit sarcastic to say the least. We have had our own hesitations and concerns, but we take it day by day and enjoy every sunny day we can. There is this incredible mist that comes and goes along the coast. It seems to have its own weather system that brings in a thick, misty fog that mists the trees and green foliage, to then burn off to bring a sunny, blue sky moment or day. With the sun coming and going you definitely find moments where you know you have taken it for granted and just need a little sunshine. I smile when I see my dogs move around the house lying in various sun spots they can find. We all need a little sun…light.

Don’t judge: It has sincerely been a lesson over and over again in don’t judge! If you were to drive around the small town we live in you would see a very distinct contrast from where we came.

I had a tattoo-faced, window washer, musician and father of five come into my home. At first glance many would wonder about him, probably steer clear of him, but I embraced the moment and wanted to know everything about him. We had an instant connection and a very stimulating conversation about his life story, connecting with people, the purpose of life…deep stuff. He became an instant, great friend. It was sincerely one of the funnest conversations I have had in a long time.

Another experience–I had an older, Hippy looking man come over to give us a floor estimate. My first impression wondered what his story was and considered that he could be one of the many people in this town that look like they are coming and going…most likely passing through with this job. He came in and began measuring and letting us know what we would need to do. We got into a conversation and he began to share a personal experience of losing his daughter to drinking & how she was unexpectedly killed in a car accident. It was one of those moments that just connects you to another human being. Here was this humble man sharing part of his heartache while measuring our floors. When he left we felt so connected to this kind man. We later found out he was actually the business owner. One of those aha moments.

Don’t judge—then you miss out on the treasures inside.

Grateful: I know gratitude is talked about constantly, but there truly is a loving power in the grace of getting grateful. Say thank you for your day. Find little details to be in awe of. Experience something new and be thankful for a beautiful view, a new perspective. Gratitude has power—utilize it in your life. It is constantly talked about for a reason.

With my new environment, I seek images to capture, moments and memories to make, admire sticks or rocks in the sand, love watching and connecting to a bobbing seal in the water, to be in awe of the thunder of the rolling ocean and to be humbled by it all. Change can shake you, bring you to your knees and help you see a different perspective. Be grateful for that. What a gift.

With the topic of CHANGE I am beautifully reminded of one of my favorite speakers, authors, spiritual advocate…Elizabeth Lesser. Here is a great quote by her about embracing change.

Have a blessed day. Peace, love and light to you in all you do. -H

Trying to embrace the NEW

I LOVE this and need this quote at this particular moment. I am sitting in the comfort of my little home that we have lived in for nearly 11 years. We raised our daughter here, have blue jay friends that fly into our door to say hello, our park-like yard surrounded by trees, paths that we have walked every single day, beautiful mountain views that peak into our windows…priceless memories, family close by, security, comfort, support…but I sit here with a for sale sign out my front window. Why? because life needs movement. Life needs challenge and change. It has been a hard decision to leave behind this little piece of heaven, but my heart wants what it truly needs.

With the whole past year of corona virus, uncertainty, stagnation, fear, insecurity…when our daughter decided she was going to head to Oregon for college, we knew we would want to be there to support her. We decided early on that she would live at a distance from us (1.5 hours) so she could find her wings, have her own growth, her own challenges and change, but that if she needed us, we would be there.

With the uncertainty of the past year…Corona, families separated by boarders, friends dying or in the hospital, my own personal experience of being in the hospital and still struggling to breathe every morning, I have an even greater need to have my little family together—whatever that looks like.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been a wave of emotions for both me and my husband, but little Godwinks have continued to help us along. The past year and a half my husband has been taking close care of his Mom, but three weeks ago she got married unexpectedly. The very next day, one of the two little homes that my husband and daughter looked at in person months before on the Oregon coast, went back up for sale and they took our offer the same day (which in this current, crazy market is unheard of—our agent was genuinely shocked). We decided we were going to Oregon.

It will be hard to leave so many things that we love and appreciate, but we also know there are always things to love everywhere you go. I was talking to one of my new family members (from this new marriage three weeks ago) and she was sharing how she couldn’t just up and leave the support and security. She said, “Aren’t you nervous?” I genuinely said, “I am most worried about how I will handle the weather.” I shared with her that we have previously moved to Arizona, both sides of Idaho, the other side of Oregon and that we are just trying to cover the entire West. Smile. Smile. I told her, “You can always find things to love everywhere you go.” You truly can! I am genuinely excited to experience living near the ocean and trying out all the restaurants that are meant for vacationers. I think living near a tourist town will have its highlights and we will be able to experience a lot of new things. As William Cowper says, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

I am excited to have new views and perspectives, to take pictures of things I have never seen before, to walk paths that are new, to make friends with Sandpipers and Seals, to walk beaches and take selfies with light houses, to learn about the beauty of secret places only Oregon has to offer. Sure, there will be things that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable, challenging, but with those comes a deeper place of discomfort that challenges your very being and you have to find that something within you that rises up and goes beyond the fear and discomfort. That part of you that yearns to grow—even just a little.

I hold this quote very close to my heart. I find comfort in the knowing that change is a friend and that when we can lean in and embrace that very idea, beautiful things happen.

I pray for calm, I pray for guidance, I pray for peace to follow the change and see where it leads. Hopeful it will lead to beautiful landscapes that fill my heart with nothing but love and light. May we all pray for that…places that bring us to the windows within our soul, the very essence of true growth and ideally to the heart of our truest purpose.

Change does that…it breaks us open and helps us beautifully blossom, fully.

Peace, Love and Light to you today. -H

True to YOU

I literally just sent this quote to my mother-in-law this morning. She is a beautiful, 79 year-old woman who is still working through this life to find her true self. Her husband (of over 40 years) died about a year and a half ago. She has been living on her own, feeling quite alone at times, but learning about her own, personal needs. A couple friends arranged for her to go out to dinner on a double date with one of their close friends, who had lost his wife a few years ago. My sweet mother-in-law was like a young school girl, giddy with excitement and anticipation of someone new, people to talk to, time to have conversations and not be alone. She has been spending quite a bit of time with this new man and excited for the future possibilities. It has been weeks of ups and downs, comments like, “I think he likes me more than I like him.” or “I don’t want to get close to him on the couch, I just want to be friends.” She is excited for his call & then she is excited for him to go somewhere else. It has been so funny to watch this relationships ups and downs.

We were shocked when out of nowhere the two announced they are getting married! My husband and I were shocked at how quickly things were turned on. It has been a week of excitement, fears, future plans, wedding ideas…on and on. My husband is the only son and even he began to wonder what was fully going on & why they were in such a rush to get married within a couple of weeks. We needed to have dinner with this new man and get some questions out of the way. We barely know him.

Our little family sat down last night with this new guy (lets call him Joe) and my mother-in-law. We only had so much time because Joe had a previous card game engagement. We all sat and had chicken together. We got a few questions, cares, ideas, happenings out on the table, but there is still plenty to discuss. The whole conversation my mother-in-law just sat at the table embarrassed at some comments, shyly commenting at other bits of conversation. It was like seeing a different person at the table. A mix of happy, shy, her, but not her. I observed her every action.

After Joe left, we got to talking with my mother-in-law and could sense some deep fears, some funny situations that she felt caused the whole quick engagement, her genuine nervousness to jump in to so many new changes—home, travel, someone new, new children & their personalities, her insecurities, etc. It was a conversation that was up, down, begging my husband to help her slow things down, wondering if she could keep her home, fears of leaving her security…a realm of various feelings. She was like a young girl that was so unsure of herself. Someone who you could see and feel was broken from previous relationships, someone who felt like she finally had a person who sincerely cared about her, thought she was beautiful, wants to take care of her and you could see she did not feel worthy of such love and care. It was a little heartbreaking to see this beautiful woman who is so kind, big hearted, generous, willing to help anyone—so unsure of her true essence, confused why someone would want her, questioning if she deserved someone so willing to do things for her. So afraid, so childlike and yet knowing that she did not want to hurt this sweet man, but needs to learn and understand some of her own feelings.

I think everyone has moments, situations, challenges, insecurities that make us become almost childlike, to talk in whispers of our real feelings, to seize up in fear of falling or making a mistake. There are times when we hurt, but don’t feel safe to share everything. I think we have baggage that sometimes we need to carry to a place that we can finally set it down and let it go. Everyone at different points in our lives may feel small, will be challenged beyond comfortable spaces, will need to face the fears we hold within so tightly, need to gently talk to the child within and make them feel safe, loved and nurtured. Each and every one of us goes through life with varying experiences and it is what we take from those moments that will help us reach higher to find an even better version of ourselves. Moments that challenge us, change us and make us grow.

I just received an Oprah article that talked about finding your truest self beyond your every day self. In a sense—finding and connecting with your deeper, soul self vs your daily ego self. I think that is a daily struggle for many. How do we get to a place where we are genuinely listening or following the guidance that is given to our soul vs the person who is here living this life daily. I felt this article had some great insight into my mother-in-law’s personal needs.

My mother-in-law had shared that she felt like she was putting on a persona so much of the time with Joe and having a hard time being her self. We expressed that we had seen that in even how she talks to him. It was so interesting. Her insecurities step in and her self doubt takes over—she thinks, “Why would this guy who has traveled the world, is so smart, so educated, so….be interested in me?”

Here are some key takeaways from the Oprah article:

At those tough moments, try to get some outside perspective about what is happening. The qualities of the everyday self and the true self are actually very different: 

1. The true self is certain and clear about things. The everyday self gets influenced by countless outside influences, leading to confusion. 

2. The true self is stable. The everyday self shifts constantly. 

3. The true self is driven by a deep sense of truth. The everyday self is driven by the ego, the unending demands of “I, me, mine.” 

4. The true self is at peace. The everyday self is easily agitated and disturbed. 

5. The true self is love. The everyday self, lacking love, seeks it from outside sources. 

Once you begin to recognize and encourage the qualities of the true self, your life will begin to change. You’ll make better choices. You’ll expand your awareness. You’ll discover and encourage your purpose. You’ll challenge yourself to meet new goals. 

The greatest spiritual secret in the world is that every problem has a spiritual solution, not because every prayer is answered by a higher power, but because the true self, once discovered, is the source of creativity, intelligence and personal growth. No external solution has such power. The true self is the basis for being deeply optimistic about how life turns out and who you really are, behind the screen of doubt and confusion. The path to it isn’t simply inspiring; it’s the source of solutions that emerge from within. 

Deepak Chopra, MD, is the author of What Are You Hungry For?: The Chopra Solution to Permanent Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Lightness of Soul, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center

Read more:

Read more:

I thought there was some great truth in this article. If we can all begin little by little to seek the truth hidden in our problems and find a spiritual solution, then we will be following the guidance of our truest self. The confusion will break to clarity, the fear will bow down to joy, truth will set us free.

Have a blessed day. Be true to you. Peace, Love and Light to you today. -H

A little wisdom for the New Year

My daughter is now at the age of college applications, scholarship interviews, early college classes…lots of changes and challenges, so when she broke down in tears yesterday morning I knew big hugs and divine intervention were needed. I held her in my arms and prayed to know how to direct her, to calm her, to ease her struggle. I had a feeling, almost a whisper to read from the book in the car. I stored it in my mind to pull out something to inspire when we drove her to work later this morning.

My daughter’s tears bubbled and rolled down her face, she sobbed a variety of feelings and then proceeded to put her foot down that she was not going to work & that there was too much to take on this week.

My husband and I walked her through the need to push through challenges, to move beyond the fearful moments, that life is going to be hard sometimes and the struggles will be real, but that is not when you just lie down and give up on everything. This week she has a life-changing interview with a college that would pay for everything, new college classes (she is still in high school), learning to drive, work, and the unknowns are real. She has to grow up & with change comes fears and challenges of how to deal with life and all the good and bad that it has to offer.

How do you fully prepare your child for all the unknowns, the what if’s, the heartbreaks, the ups, the downs. You pray. You pray to be the parent that your child needs. You pray that answers will fill in the voids of faith. You pray that even when your daughter is alone and on her own that she will be protected by the faith of angels and the strength of the heavens.

This morning was a little moment, but it is the little moments that bring us to our knees in fear, or pain, or struggle, that we are granted the little gifts from above. The little whispers that bring us to a place that helps us know we are heard, that we are protected, that we are not alone.

We helped our daughter along & she prepared herself for work. We all jumped into the car & I quickly remembered the whisper to read something from the book int he car.

Now, this book has been in the car door for months. On occasion I would pull it out and read something to hopefully inspire something good, but this morning, it was perfect. It was just what we needed. It was just what my daughter needed to hear. Here is what the page said…

“Every challenge we take on has the power to knock us to our knees. But what’s even more disconcerting than the jolt itself is our fear that we won’t withstand it. When we feel the ground beneath us shifting, we panic. We forget everything we know and allow fear to freeze us. Just the thought of what could happen is enough to throw us off balance.

What I know for sure is that the only way to endure the quake is to adjust your stance. You can’t avoid the daily tremors. They come with being alive. But I believe these experiences are gifts that force us to step to the right or left in search of a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Let them help you adjust your footing.

Balance lives in the present. When you feel the earth moving, bring yourself back to the now. You’ll handle whatever shake-up the next moment brings when you get to it. In this moment, you’re still breathing. In this moment, you’ve survived. In this moment, you’re finding a way to step onto higher ground.” -Resilience from Oprah’s book “What I Know for Sure”

After reading this we all knew it was divine intervention. It was a page book marked for us to read this very morning. We had never read it before. It was a necessary moment into knowing that we are in the bigger picture of life and that God is listening and aware of where we are in every moment. It is so reassuring to feel a prayer answered, to read something so in tune to the situation, to feel so cared for and to know that every little experience that brings us to our knees—puts us in the perfect position to pray.

I hope that in every struggle, challenge, fear you begin to find yourself in prayer. Even the little moments. The world needs less fear and more faith. Believe in that.

Peace, Love and Light to you today. -H


Our lovies—Teag and Lola

PLAY with LOVE: We just got a new addition to our family about a month ago. We have had our dog, Teag for about five years but always thought it might be fun to find another dog for him to play with. Well, I saw an ad for a female dog who was about Teag’s same age, so I set up a time to meet with the current owner and see how the two might do together. Her name is Lola and she is the sweetest, little spirit of an animal. At first the two were checking each other out, unsure of the dual existence. There were tough growls of territory, standoffish stares, fights over toys & I genuinely was not sure how they would do. They seemed to just stand each other.

Its been a month and they both seem to know and understand that this is their fate–to be living and loving the same family, under the same roof. Our Teag has been a spoiled pup & it has honestly been a little harder for him. We have made sure he feels included, loved, and knows he is and always will be the top dog. Lola has just been happily along for every ride. Her patience with Teag has grown and she follows him everywhere like a groupie of some sort.

I have been working on getting them to try and play but the two are not quite sure how to. Lola lived with a woman who was emotionally disturbed, diabetic and unable to barely walk, so Lola has had to learn how to play, period. It is almost like a whole new lease on life. She clumsily runs and jumps and is doing her best to find any type of coordination. Our dog Teag is soo fast so Lola has just been studying him and watching him run back and forth in play. When we first got her she could not get near his speed but the last couple of weeks she is finding her way & keeping up.

I started walking towards Teag and in my playful voice, “I am going to get you, Teag. I am going to get you.” He would playfully pull away. Then I would look at Lola, “Should we go get him?” Lola would take off in the direction of Teag and the two would start chasing each other and the games would begin. Teag would then turn to chase her and start to bark and get a little intense. Lola would instantly stop and look at him. He would then come over to me and start nipping at me in his intense play.

I stopped and looked at Teag. I then made a heart with my hands, “You need to play with LOVE,” I said to him. I explained, “Lola thinks you are playing too fierce and needs to feel a more loving energy.”

They have been playing more since my new game & if Teag starts to get too intense I flash him my hands in the shape of a heart & say, “Play with more love.”

There is a lot of love between these two and time will only bring them closer. It is always wonderful to see them lying on the couch together, sharing the same chair, tugging on toys together. LOVE wants to break their hearts open and day by day there is more love—that is a wonderful thing.

Fun show. Fun personalities.

GIVE LOVE: While we were in Corona quarantine I was watching a fun show my daughter & I love called, “Zumbo’s Just Desserts.” It is always so interesting to see people out of their normal elements and how they react to things, situations, other people, etc. This particular season there was a man who since the very first show said he was going to win and had already spent the 100K prize. He was a very talented man & had many incredible skills. Throughout the show we noticed he was never giving other people praise, thanks, acknowledgement. He just seemed to talk all about himself and outdoing everyone else. It made my heart sad feeling that this person could not be happy for other people when they would win—it was all about him.

My daughter and I talked about what a different experience he would have if he could appreciate the others skillset, see and praise their abilities, give love and acknowledgement for the efforts of others. I told my daughter, “it is so sad to think he does not know how to give love to others because he is so focused on his own needs. That will cripple him in his life and his advancement.”

He did make it very far, but in the end there was not enough love in anything he did, so even though he had a pretty plate and it looked beautiful—I believe he did not give enough love and it showed through.

LIVE LOVE: In all you do you need to remember there is an energy you carry and share in every situation, every conversation, every interaction. When you are living from a place of love it will be felt.

There truly is something said for the idea of Karmathe spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

One last funny–my little family was at a small pond fishing. My husband and daughter have bonded over the years fishing & love it. They both egged me on to throw a line. [I have not thrown a line in over 20 years] but I decided to make things fun & told them I would try my luck. I quickly explained I was already so lucky… because I have them…I casted & on my first try…I snagged a fish!! They couldn’t believe it. It was soo great!! The next cast wasn’t so fluid & I lashed it into the water just off the bank. My daughter laughed so hard and teased me.

Then I handed the rod back to her & her first cast she then accidentally lashed it into the bank where she had just been teasing me. I quickly smiled & said…KARMA!! We both laughed hard. It was great!!

LIVE in LOVE. Do all you can to foster the love within to overflow from you and touch those who need to feel of your light and love. You do the LOVE you were meant to shine.

Peace, Love and Light in all you do. xoxo H

Hanging with Corona

Well, as much as my family has stayed home, strayed from being in social gatherings, avoided family (almost to a fault–literally have gotten in trouble with the fam), haven’t gone shopping since March, pu groceries at the drive up…the list goes on. We have been that family who has “stayed safe” one necessary meeting between my husband and his sister ( who had Corona over three weeks before their meeting) and now we have the dreaded bug!

It has been a week since my husband started showing symptoms and then got tested. It has been a week of grumpy emotions, agitation, tired aches and pains, cold symptoms, sleeping far apart…and the back of the mind, but forefront daily prayers of keeping all of us safe. We pray together and alone that this dreadful illness will not send one of us to the hospital. You wake up each morning going over a physical check list with one another to ensure no one is going deeper into a well of coughing or severe pain any where.

It is scary. You hear the daily numbers rising and the death tolls & you know it can be deadly. I fear going to bed that lying down will cause something in my body to swell liquids into my lungs and that may cause me to go into the hospital. You never know.

It definitely makes you feel for families who have lost loved ones and can only imagine their horror. It is a scary situation.

However, it is also comforting to have your little family all together and to be able to check on them, to snuggle up in blankets and watch a good movie together while we ingest the whole experience. Things happen. You can’t control what happens to you, only what you do with the experience.

We are taking it day by day. That is all you can do.

That is what life is…day by day. That is all we have.

Cherish that!! Many people have been struck down and don’t have another cherished moment with those they love.

Give those around you a big hug and tell them you love them.

Be safe & know—Corona is scary, but so is not taking a moment to cherish those you love.

Peace, love, light and safety to all. xoxo. -H

Life is but a dream

Life is but a dream…

inspirational alan watts quotes about life, love and dreams on Alan Watts Quotes On Nothingness – Broxtern Wallpaper and Pictures Collection

Something to inspire you today among the endless unknowns. Our perspective on how we face things will completely change and direct our world.

Peace, Love and Light to you today.


LIFE Mosaic


Another quote I came across that [I changed slightly] goes along with this perfectly: “When things in life seem to break you down and there is no hope of reassembly use the pieces to create a beautiful mosaic that is even more awesome and beautiful than what you started with.”

EVERYONE has moments that break them, heartache that leaves us cracked, things that chip away at our fragility.  We are human and life can be beautiful but also beautifully broken. We are here to learn, to feel, to grow, to face fears, to stare down pain and come out stronger. Every struggle or step makes or breaks.

It is like a mosaic. Tiny pieces come together to create patterns—some are so detailed and take longer to put together=like going through things that hurt or challenge us. Other mosaic patterns are full of vibrant colors & are quick work because of the joy within the details.

il_fullxfull.2330841732_3g2b-1I recently found a piece of jewelry that is from the early 1900’s called Micro-Mosaic. I saw this bracelet at a vintage shop and was drawn to the tiny details. At first glance I had no idea of its origin or intricate detail–I was just drawn to the patterns and uniqueness. I then asked the girl working there and she lit up sharing its origin. The bracelet was pieced together with the tiniest of tiny pieces of shell. The intricate design is a piece of art, not another like it. The pieces of jewelry were made in Italy and sold to tourists who were on a European tour. I was taken by the tiny details, the story, the beautiful art held within its lines.

Life is like that—tiny moments, special details, intricate memories all placed together to make a beautiful life. We have moments that are dull, challenging and may feel like dark pieces in the mosaic and then there is white or light pieces to contrast the dark times. There are splashes of color, pieces that make up flowers, trees…patterns that all work together to make something beautiful.  A BEAUTIFUL LIFE.

Love and Peace to you today. xoxo

Wildfire of LOVE

Kindling-the-Fire-of-Divine-Love“Be lit up. Be unstoppable. Be a force of nature. Be a light in the dark. Be a wildfire for LOVE.”

Yesterday my daughter looked at me and said, “Wow! 2020 is quite the year!”

The night before there was a fire started by a firework that was five miles from our home & lit up the dark night sky. Hundreds of people were evacuated.

Now, we were sitting in our truck overlooking the valley to see another fire devastating a nearby mountain. Thousands were evacuated and the winds were howling, making the fire run further along the mountain with great speed. We literally watched as pockets ignited and began to get brighter and brighter. Our hearts sank thinking of the families that feared for their homes, all the poor animals & plants that were overtaken by the smoke and fire. We sat and prayed that rain would come and help put out the fire. We talked about the firemen that were probably exhausted working from one fire to another to another.

In situations like this you feel helpless.

Just turn on the news–[actually dont!] 🙂 Our world has been feeling very helpless in various situations. Emotions have flared like wildfires.


To me this quote states, that there will always be various chaos, but sometimes we have to seek the good that can come from where we are. The world will have haters on every side of every fence, but that does not mean we have to hate. We need to spread LOVE like wildfire. Can you imagine the force for good that would come from a wildfire of LOVE.

All I am saying is, LOVE should always guide our hearts. The world will be stronger and overall better if we can follow good feelings, loving energy, and good will for ALL.

2020 has been a year of ongoing struggle and challenges for the world but also a chance for us to use our LOVE for good. It is an opportunity to look at the pain, the heartache, the hurt and seek to understand and to hopefully find warmth in the LOVE we can give, share, and maybe even spread like wildfire.original-4

What can you do? JUST BE LOVE. It is the little LOVEs that can help fan the flames of kindness, connection, unity, peace and love.

A few ideas of LITTLE LOVES: SMILE. Say THANK YOU. Give a compliment. Remark positively on a blog you enjoy. Give a sandwich to someone in need. Donate things you don’t need. Tell people you love and appreciate them. Send notes of gratitude.  Avoid the negative television or online resources that will bring you down. Listen to someone who needs a friend. Share heartfelt praise to those you work with or love. Volunteer at an animal shelter or for a good cause. Make someone laugh with a funny joke. Make a positive sign to share on your street. Share a positive quote, message, video or beautiful photo via social media. Plant a tree. Make a list of things you are grateful for & share it somewhere. Pick up trash at a local pond or field. Be a force for LOVE.

Those best parts of a good life: little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.”                     ~ William Wordsworth

Peace, Love and Light to all today. Bless you. Stay safe.  -H