Protection, Purpose, Gratitude, Love


Wow, my heart skipped a beat as my husband called and told me about a shooting at the Houston airport. “Are you okay? was anyone hurt?” I inquired. “Yes. they kept us on the plane for over an hour till they had everything contained. There was a guy shooting off rounds and then shot himself. It was crazy. There were police and chaos everywhere.”  “I am glad you are okay. I don’t know what to think about these numerous times where you have been close to shootings. Should I be worried,” I said light heartedly. “I know its unbelievable. Its crazy.” I was grateful he was safe.

I instantly thought about another business trip my husband went on not too long ago when there was another shooting at the mall across from where he was staying. He was on his way over to the mall to buy me a gift for our upcoming anniversary, but when he arrived, there was chaos and everything was closed off to the mall.

Situations like these you never think will happen, but it always makes me stop and give thanks…thanks he is in my life, thanks that he was not in the wrong place at the wrong time, thanks that he was safe and protected for another day.

My husband and I have been listening to the audio book “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews—great book. There is a statement in the book from the bible…hedge of thorns.  In the book the author describes the hedge of thorns as protection, that nothing will harm you until your purpose has been fulfilled.

I envision angels of protection, guardians who stand by you till your quest is at its end. I thought about this visual and wondered what lives we truly would lead if we had our blinders of fear removed, began to know our innate greatness, our daily purpose, the gifts we are given to move us forward to our greater self, the greater part of us that changes the world, lives fully, sees clearly the vision of who we truly are.

I am grateful to imagine and feel of a powerful protection, a safety net that harnesses us to life, an understanding that what happens to us, around us, between us, is meant to be. There are lessons, monumental moments, heroic action, chaos…for some purpose. Whether it is to bring forth faith, gratitude, guidance, love or the mere understanding of another, there is a reason.  I was again reminded of this—to give thanks for the ones you love in your life, to not take them for granted, to tell them how you feel…to share a prayer of thanks.

Please find something to share with those you love, a hug, a kind deed, words of gratitude, I love you’s, xoxo’s, a sweet note, a cherished moment that will not be left undone. Don’t wait.

Peace and love to you.  -Heather

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