Thank you. THANK YOU. Merci. Grazie!


Thank you for the Liebster Award


I cannot thank Alex at Valourborn enough for her nomination for the Liebster Blog Award. I am honored by her sweet gesture and appreciate the beautiful gift. Thank you. With this award you need to follow a few rules–you are asked to answer specific questions about yourself and answer questions from the nominee, and then nominate other blogs you feel deserve to be noticed, so here it goes…

Here are 11 facts about me:

1. I am the oldest of six children—I think this is why I only have 1 child. I think I secretly wanted to be an only child.

2. I love nature and everything she offers. I go on a nature walk almost every day and feed the birds. My husband thinks I may be related to Snow White.

3. I love being creative & have about 15 different projects going on at one time—books, multimedia, movies, my blog, photography…Love it!!

4. I love my little family. I have a great husband who I have been married to for almost 20 years—we are truly best friends & soul mates. We have a daughter named Kate Lauren-Sky who is ten. I love being her mom. I enjoy trying to make life magical for our little daughter. I enjoy seeing the world through her eyes–the imagination, the wonder, the creativity, the enjoyment of learning, seeing and doing new things, the possibilities.

5. I love learning. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and being inspired by the many amazing people in this world. There is always so much to learn.

6. I think I could be a gypsy. My little family has moved 14 times in 19 years–throughout the Western United States. It became fun to move around so much, new places, new faces, the challenge of finding the beauty anywhere you landed. It became a little harder once we had our daughter because she has family here at home & it is hard thinking of taking her away from cousins and grandparents.

7. I love to read—Self-Help books– probably because I enjoy trying to understand others and my self a little better.

8. I have trained to be a Life Coach and Retreat Coach, which both trainings were some of the hardest personal experiences. BUT, during those experiences I learned so much about myself and gained a more deeply spiritually side of myself. It is true—through tough times comes great strength.

9. I don’t mind being alone. I enjoy the quiet.

10. Craziest life experiences—crop duster plane crashed in front of my car & I was the first person on the scene to get the pilot out. Scary!    Most embarrassing moment—being locked out of my apartment in nothing but a towel & having to go door to door trying to borrow someones phone.

11. I LOVE LIFE!! The people, the moments, the learning, the beauty, the struggles, the changes, the possibilities all around us. Everyone is here for a purpose & we are all learning from one another. That is a truly beautiful thing.

Now, Alex then asked me some of her own personal questions that I need to answer, so here you are…

1. A word that makes you laugh?  Zipadeedoodah. This word always makes me smile.

2. Favorite color & object of that color? I always love blue & green because they remind me of the sky and of Spring green grass.

3. Have any pets? Yes. We have an adorable dog named Buddy. We got him at the pound (Humane Society) & he is either a white bichon or a maltese poodle. He is the best!! We also have an African Fat tail gecko (that is my daughter’s) and her name is CeCe. Love animals.

4. If you could be a bird of any kind, what would it be? A dove. They are beautiful, coo, can fly very fast and are a great symbol of peace.

5. Do you collect anything? I collect items from where we live or our travels—mostly things from nature like rocks, smooth sticks, sea shells, feathers, etc.

6. Have a catchphrase? I usually say Ciao. Ciao. Love. Love. When I say goodbye to anyone.

7. Favorite type of hat? I love all kinds of hats.

8. If you could learn another language overnight, what would it be? French

9. Ever had a pen pal? Alex

10. An instrument that you can/would want to play? I have always wanted to learn the harp, but they are very big & hard to move around.

11. Where’s the tallest place you’ve ever been? Hiked a mtn near my home called Mt. Timpanogos which has an elevation of 11,749 feet.  It was beautiful.

And finally my nominees and a short blurb about their blog…

I have loved hearing from other bloggers when they have liked a post I have written or something I posted. I always enjoy going and seeing what they are up to, so here are some of my favorites that I have enjoyed reading, seeing their creativity and admiring their work. Great job!! Good luck in all you do. You deserve greatness!! Cheers to you & your blog!!

CraftedinCarhartt  they are the epitome of creativity. Different artists display their art. Love the images and ideas.

Urbanwallart  “Emotion on Canvas” this is a talented artist who is making their way in the world. Best wishes! making people Happy. They have fun ideas and are finding great ways to spread the happiness.

Jamesfielden   “Thoughts of Light, Love and Being” James has a variety of talents and gift. He has written a book & on his site make sure to check out his ‘Music & Photography’ it is all very beautiful.   Food for thought on living a simpler, more frugal life.

Beyondusinc   “Reaching Beyond to Help Others”   Check out their examples of activities they are striving to do. I love people who are stepping out and trying to make a difference in some way. You go!! They are doing some great work!! Keep it up. Thanks.

My Questions for you—my nominees:

1. What inspires you the most?

2. Your favorite place to hide or vacation?

3. What time of day do you feel the most creative?

4. A favorite book you have read?

5. Do you have a good luck charm? What is it?

6. Do you have a favorite quote? Would love to hear it.

7. What is your favorite meal and why?

8. Who have you learned the most from in your life? (special mentor, teacher, parent, etc)

9. Greatest life lesson learned?

10. A celebrity you most admire and why.

11. A favorite song that inspires you.

There are lots of great blogs out there–keep the spirit of doing a little more each day, each week and know you are making a difference in the lives of others.  Thanks for taking the time to post—it is a gift to all.

Thank you again Alex. It means so much to be appreciated.

Bless you all in your journey.  -Heather

4 thoughts on “Thank you. THANK YOU. Merci. Grazie!

  1. YAY!! Congrats on this award 🙂 I believe it is SO well deserved – love hearing what you have to say!!

    1. Thanks Amanda!! You and TeJay are amazing and I truly appreciate the continued praise and appreciation. Thank you so much for reading and for your friendship. Hugs to you.

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