Enjoy the ride

ImageYesterday while I was out walking I was listening to a podcast with Brene Brown & she made the comment, “No one rides for free. Everyone has a heartbreaking story to tell.”

My mind began to swirl and envision a ride; a carousel that slowly turns. It made me think of waiting in line this summer with my daughter and her cousin for a carousel ride. We waited patiently & every time the carousel made its round my daughter kept eyeing a different animal she wanted to ride. They kept going back and forth, “I want the seal, no I want the wolf, the pony, maybe we should go with….” The carousel was a whirl of color, vibrance & smiling faces.  It was then their turn, I watched them break free from the line & run to their desired ride. I watched as they went up and down, smiling all the while. Round and Round.

Thinking about them deciding which pony to ride I see a correlation to life. When we are children we look at a carousel and see color, details, sparkle…we decide which pony to ride by the “prettiest”, the one that has the colors we like. In life we often think as soon as we acquire the “pretty things”, the certain house, the expensive car, the fabulous appearance, the perfect children that our life direction will be on course & happiness will be the end result. BUT, really, it is about the ride and enjoying whatever life gives you no matter what direction it goes in.

Watching the girls ride the carousel also makes me wonder what stories lie ahead for them…wonder, imagination, heartbreak, love, betrayal…in one moment we are riding the carousel of life and its all in a forward direction and hopefully we are enjoying the ride. But then there may be a day where we need to take a different direction that life has to offer and the course may be difficult, but it helps us find the different paths to define who we become.


Few Carousel Metaphors to share:Sometimes people associate life as a “broken merry-go-round”—obviously the daily grind can feel like an endless circle of movement that never seems to have an end. But hopefully when you are able to slow down you will see things a little more clearly.

“A carousel of memories” Is such a sweet sentiment. To think of life with an inexhaustible whirl of memories, to see things as a beautiful ride to this sweet life.

“You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around and why his parents will always wave back.”  -William D Tammeus  To me this is because the child is enjoying the ride no matter what!! He delights in the movement, the up and down, the playful music playing & the game of seeking to find pleasure in those who love him. His parents delight in all things that make their children filled with joy!! The love goes round and round.

ImageMy point to my blog today, everyone’s ride will be theirs & only theirs. No one rides free of pain, guilt, fear or any other emotion that has a lesson held within. It’s how you find meaning in the ride. Some children on a carousel will definitely hold on tight waiting for the ride to be over, while other children will wave every round, smiling all the while. Life is like that—you can either enjoy it or wish it away, not finding anything worthwhile in the ride.

Life is like a merry-go-round. You can either whine or find wonder. Enjoy the ride.  -Heather

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