ImageWHY is a great question & a great reason for any type of change within your life.  Think about it—If you have a reason to do something, you will get results. If someone is getting married, they are going to do all they can to lose weight—WHY??? to fit into their wedding dress. If someone has a hard time giving up smoking & then suddenly stops—WHY??? because they get pregnant & don’t want to harm their baby OR finds another good reason– like truly seeing the harm they are doing to their body.

Ask yourself if there is something in your life that you want to change—then ask yourself WHY you can’t?? Find a reason WHY that will help you stick to something you want to change.

I recently have been trying to stop drinking Mr. Pibb because I have noticed how poorly it affects my breathing. WHY was I able to stop drinking it overnight??  Because every time I think about needing a drink I think about how badly it affects my lungs.

WHY don’t you like to exercise? Maybe you need to reframe the picture & envision being able to play with your kids instead of ending up winded & unable to have fun with them. WHY don’t you find some type of exercise that you do enjoy. WHY havent you tried taking a class, going to your local gym to see if you enjoy swimming, going on a walk. WHY will bring up more questions that you can ask yourself & get a feeling for where your hesitations are.

WHY can’t you give up a bad habit?? because you don’t want too badly enough & you then set yourself up for failure. You need to create or think of a positive to replace the negative bad habit. For instance, every time I pass the gas station that I usually get a Mr. Pibb, I have to refrain & think of somewhere else to get a good drink to replace that bad one. I usually go to a Sonic & get a cranberry or lime drink to ease away from needing my usual sip.  What if you enjoy staying up really late, because you have told yourself you are a ‘night owl’ or have created a time slot to finish deadlines, only to wake the next day dragging. Work on creating a good schedule for yourself, one that gets you to bed earlier, so you won’t be dragging, will get the necessary sleep your body needs to properly work to get things done efficiently. Create a plan to get rid of a bad habit. Once you have a plan in place, your actions will speak louder than your “words.” You will be able to ‘walk the talk’ and truly see progress.

WHY is very powerful!! It is what you do with it. 



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