Parasailing Mexico

beach-parasailIt is funny how a little google animated short can remind you of a funny life experience. Today is apparently the 216th anniversary of the first paragliding jump. Wahoo!! So I was definitely taken back to a crazy parasailing experience I did in Mexico about six or seven years ago.

Envision this…Me, my husband, my Dad, my mom and a family friend looking for a parasailing adventure. Why Mexico?? I have no idea. I now know Mexico is the last place to look for a parasailing adventure—probably, any type of adventure. Luckily my Dad spoke Spanish, so I thought we would be just fine. A local pointed us in a direction of a certain beach that offered parasailing. I had envisioned a nice, little boat ride and being slowly let off the back of the boat by a large pulley system. Not a chance, we showed up at this beach as a small group of locals was untangling and untangling a very messed up parachute. I began to panic & wondered what we were doing. Could this actually be the place where we were to go parasailing. My Dad was talking to the guy in charge, apparently making some sort of deal because then we were one by one getting fitted in the harness. It was my turn & I panicked as the young man in charge just started saying over and over again, “listen for whistle, go this direction to X.” I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen. My heart raced with thoughts of a Carribean trip where I saw a guy in a similar contraption crash into the beach and die. Yikes!! All the sudden I was beginning to go up into the air. I looked down & my mind then began racing with thoughts of sharks below. I scanned my surroundings below and thankfully didn’t see any dark shadows. Then my mind began to think of the directions that were given, listen for the whistle. Just then it was like every possible car alarm in Mexico was going off & there was no way I could hear anything—let alone a whistle. My eyes scanned the beach for an X, I saw nothing but little specs of people and heard only alarms. I was looking everywhere, hoping to find some sort of direction as to the next step or how I would make it safely to the ground. “I have a kid, I can’t die like this.” My thoughts began to panic because I couldn’t hear a whistle to save my life!!!

Then, I began to slowly go down, I was able to get a closer look at the small, wooden type boat that was pulling me. I didnt feel any better. I was closer to the beach, still searching for a whistle, looking for any type of X landing that may lead to a beach where my family awaited. I got closer and the noise began to break further away & the whistle was in reach. “got it!!” I followed the gestures that were madly being waved at me so I could land correctly & in the right spot. I definitely didn’t want to land on the neighboring beach house veranda.

I made it!! My heart slowed and the chaos in my mind began to shut down. I do it again—Not in Mexico!! Just the sight of the tangled parachute should have sent us running, but it was quite the adventure!!

It does remind me of life directions & how we make decisions. Sometimes we come to a road where we need some help making a decision, so we wish for a loud whistle, a big sign to come our direction, a friend to call and give us the right answer. This makes me think of the funny scene in the movie, Bruce Almighty when he is praying for a sign & a big truck full of signs pulls in front of him (smile. smile). Life is not usually like that. We may need to humbly be guided, seek guidance through a solemn prayer, have an understanding and faith that things will work out in a way we need to experience the direction. Life is a big adventure, full of big jumps, scary cliffs, heart wrenching pain, people who come and go, moments that thrill, memories that leave us breathless…it is all with the gift and understanding of what is needed and when. We just have to go with faith and listen…sometimes, for the whistle!!


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