A LOVE story you can LEARN from…

ImageI woke up this morning thinking about a remarkable story…a remarkable man, named Nick Vujicic. Millions have seen his story, but this is one of my favorite versions of his love story. If you haven’t seen it. Take the time—it is worth every minute.



ImageI thought about him and his wife having a baby. It instantly made me wonder if he wishes he could hold his son in his arms. It made me think that I need to give my daughter more hugs—why? because I can! This morning I am making her crazy because I am grabbing her and giving her hugs & more hugs. Why? because I can!! Nick has made me think twice about the importance and the gift it is to have arms and legs, to hug my child, to hug my husband, to feel of that connection.

Thank you Nick for sharing your amazing, beautiful LOVE story.

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