See things differently

The new year is always a good time to come across anything that makes you smile, things that make you want to be creative, things that make you want to think outside of the box, to find a little inspiration in so many different places. I saw a new Coke ad over the weekend & was taken back by how creative and well done it was. It made me want to share—enjoy!!

A little inspiration and creativity to brighten your day, to help you look at things a little differently. Because if you don’t sometimes venture to see things differently–nothing will ever change.

New Coke Ads—LOVE IT!! Two AMAZING videos that make thinking differently memorable & AHH inspiring!

THINK DIFFERENT–Classic Apple Commercial. Always inspiring.

DREAM BIG I love big dreams, big ideas and the little places where inspiration and sparks begin. I LOVEd this ad that recently was put out by Dell. It is proof that big dreams can have small beginnings as long as someone is thinking differently to see the bigger picture.

To where dreams may begin…just loved the sentiment of this ad


A little something to think about. A little something to inspire. Have a beautiful day.  -Heather

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