Heaven is Closer than we think



I do think Heaven is closer than we have any idea, who is to stay. I recently went to see the movie “Heaven is for Real” and it was an amazing story full of heart, seeking truth, faith, hope, wonder…many emotions. It made me look at myself and wonder what I would do if my young child had gone through a similar experience. 

The closest experience I have ever had to heaven was when my brother was 16 years of age and was fighting demons daily. I could tell you a little bit about dark angels because I was living with one at the time. My brother had a darkness, a frightening reality of desperately wanting to leave this world, so much that he had conversations with me about how he would take his life. I was only 17 at the time and the discussions worried me to my core and I did not know how to deal or help him.  

One night I came in my front door from a date, it was late & I heard the garage door open. I looked outside, the door was closed, no one was in the garage. I was puzzled & my mind raced remembering my brother telling me how he would take one of the cars and simply drive off a cliff. Right then, I heard the garage door again. I looked into the garage and saw my brother sitting in the drivers seat of our mini-van. I didn’t hesitate, I jumped in the passenger seat and began to find out what he was thinking. There was a eery, darkness in his eyes, a gloss that seemed to be distant and he seemed to not even be there. I was worried and I began to get emotional, begging him to stay, knowing what his intentions were, I told him I wasn’t leaving & buckled my seat belt. He glared at me with no emotion on his face, “there are other ways.” Right then, I knew I was fighting an endless battle. He was right, there were many ways he could take his life. I seemingly talked him off a ledge and convinced him to come inside the house with me. He took off down to the basement where his room was. I ran upstairs in a panic & woke my parents begging them for direction, and emotionally pleading that he was going to try and take his life. My Dad went into the garage and came back upstairs, “he won’t be going anywhere,” he replied. I laid on the floor listening to every movement in the basement, praying inside, unsure of what we could do. All sorts of unsettling images filled my heart and soul & I was afraid of what may happen. I kept praying. 

Suddenly, the door to the garage slammed. Me and my Dad just sat there motionless, just listening and then a car engine fired up and screeched out of the garage. My Dad literally flew over our railing and raced out the front door. I watched in fear as my brother sped down our street in our brand new Ford Taurus. My Dad was dazed and confused because he had disabled the starters in both cars.  My parents and I didn’t know what else to do, we held hands and began to pray. Honestly, the only thought I remember from that prayer was when my mother said, “You know when every sparrow falls.” That one line did give me a little peace & I was able to go to sleep that night. 

The next morning, I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents, “have you seen him?” My Dad told me that he had come in early and just had a gash on his head, but the car was in the canyon. I couldn’t believe it. I went down stairs to find my brother lying on the heater with a blanket over him. I asked him if he was okay & he showed me the gash on his head. I was grateful he was alive.

The police searched the canyon for hours & when they did find the car, it was totaled. A dime that was on the car floor was actually bent in half. It was a miracle that my brother was alive. 

When I asked my brother what happened, all he could tell me was he remembered driving down the canyon and the song “Devil inside” was playing and he drove off the cliff. He didn’t wear his seat belt thinking that would help end his life, but ironically when the car rolled it threw him out into a snow bank. My brother was wearing shorts and a light parka, was knocked unconscious & woke up in a snow bank. The only thing wrong with him was a headache from the gash on his head. He literally walked from the canyon floor up to a road & luckily a delivery truck was coming down the mountain from a nearby ski resort. The guy gave him a ride home.

The point of my story–if there are dark angels, there truly are angels of light, right. If miracles happen, then heaven is there helping us along. ABSOLUTELY.



I wanted to share some other angel stories to show that heaven is truly closer than we think–enjoy.

AMAZING YOUNG ARTIST: This story was a side story in the movie “Heaven is for Real” but it is an amazing story, so I thought I would add the link from the story done on CNN. AMAZING. Just watch.


ANGEL STORIES: Here is a link to some angel stories from guidepost http://www.guideposts.org/inspiration/angels-on-earth/guardian-angels   –take what you will. Read what inspires, there may be a story that touches your heart and places a little piece of heaven where you need it most.



-Peace to you. Heather

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