Are you hiding out?

lost-in-your-cell-phoneIt may be more important to click with people than to click our phones on.

I think in our current society, it is hard for us to reach out and connect. We are connected to our phones. It is easier that way. We don’t have to make eye contact, we can pretend we are ‘busy.’

It doesn’t have to be much, genuine eye contact and a simple smile, our world will be better for it. I don’t know about you, but I definitely find moments where I hide out on my phone because it is easy and convenient. We find safety, entertainment, and even some connection. Phones aren’t bad things, as long as we also don’t forget to be present & connect with those right in front of us, passing us on the street, standing across from us on the train…give a smile, a hello, a simple gesture of connection. The world needs it!!


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