A few things to inspire LOVE

I am going to make this post short and sweet…full of good things. A few things I LOVE & want to share with you…enjoy!!



I LOVE America’s Got Talent & my little family gets caught up in the wonderful acts, so last night there was one beautiful act that stood out for me…enjoy the beautiful music.



I also fell in love with a book called Of Love and Sea Glass by Donald Verger. Here is my favorite image from his book. It reminds me how LOVE is made up of so many little things.




LOVElife_bloomFULL_webDoodling–Who doesn’t LOVE some free time to just doodle. To sit & swirl the ink, to make patterns, to have some quiet time, to let your mind wander. Just google ‘doodle ideas’ and let your mind play. Get out a sharpie and enjoy! (Image by Sashe)




I also LOVE memories. I just had a birthday over the weekend & my husband took me and our daughter up to a lodge & then we went hiking. I tried to be intentional in making our hiking experience memorable. Usually my daughter just whines and complains, so when the whining began I began to tap into my inner child & made our hike like a ninja warrior training of jumping obstacles, log balancing, bouldering and puddle jumping. We tried touching the many butterflies that played and danced all around us. We marveled at the trickling stream, the beauty all around. We even named the hike our very own, “Fairy Hill” because of the beauty and wonder we enjoyed. The experience turned into amazing memories that we will always cherish. Be intentional with every moment, every day. 



mariannewilliamsonquoteI also LOVE quotes. Here is one of my favorites by Marianne Williamson. There are so many beautiful quotes, but this one seems to always remind me of inner fears, playing small & that no matter what happens we were made for amazing things, to shine, to become brighter.





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