Anything GOOD is always a good thing

I just wanted to put some GOOD stuff out there for any of you who have seen or not seen the following videos. These all hold something GOOD you can take away. I have included a little bit of everything–a movie, inspiration, a beautiful go pro ad…hope you Enjoy.


One of my favorites!! The Butterfly Circus If you have not seen or even if you have–check it out again. It is beautiful…the short movie “Butterfly Circus”  


Scott Hamilton We all know Scott Hamilton, but I am sure you do not know all the struggles he has been through. His is an amazing story of struggle and triumph that he is still living. Check it out.  


Jim Carrey’s Secret of Life We all know Jim Carrey & you either like him or he may make you crazy. This powerful message may help you see his deeper side & hopefully you will walk away inspired.  Video done by the Journey of Purpose 


Beautiful Whale Fantasia GoPro Ad: This is just a beautiful ad, including inspiration by Alan Watts, while underwater…well done. 

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