Lessons learned from the movie Dolphin Tale 2

1410381680000-AP_FILM_REVIEW-DOLPHIN_TALE_2_67119068My little family just went to see Dolphin Tale 2 last night & we were happy to see another sweet, true story. The thing we like about these movies is the real video footage you get to enjoy to truly understand and see the real story come to life. It is also a great, heart-warming family movie & you just want to swim with dolphins after seeing it! Who doesn’t love dolphins!


Here is the movie trailer incase you have not seen it 


Here are some lessons learned from this sweet film:

noxSquare“I don’t want to look back on this knowing we didn’t even try”

At this point in the movie Sawyer is fighting to pair the two dolphins because he knows what the outcome will be if they don’t even try.

This could be a slogan for life. There are definitely times where you have to ask yourself—am I going to look back and have regrets that I didn’t push through, I didn’t even try… Are you at a point where you are wondering should I take this path, or should I take that one?? Are you wondering if your talent is worth pursuing? Are you questioning what direction you are headed? We all have moments where we wonder if we should start a new business, go to a certain school, pursue a dream, take a spontaneous trip, etc. Don’t look back and wonder what could have been, go forward in your pursuit of anything great!



dolphintale_spot2_hd“It’s a big world. You have to shake it up now and then to get it moving forward.” 

At this point in the movie Dr. Cameron (Morgan Freeman) is trying to help Sawyer understand that sometimes you need to step out of the box to find solutions to problems.

This is so true in any situation. Sometimes you need to step away from a project, a relationship, a hard situation & see it from a different angle, a new perspective, so you can have a new way of seeing it.



Dolphin-Tale-2-Wallpapers“Now, all we can do is Hope.” “That’s her name.” “Hello, Hope”

Hazel gave the new baby dolphin a very fitting name, Hope. This dolphin was also a gift & hope for Winter the dolphin.

HOPE is a beautiful word. Last night my daughter was stressing about 6th grade homework & the stress was building through the night. I laid in bed with her to say prayers & she started counting all the things she needed to do…mini poster, spelling, read 100 pages… I brushed her face with my fingers & told her to calm down & that everything would be okay. I told her to envision a lush, green field full of wild flowers & had her envision walking barefoot through the grass. I explained how she began to hear water nearby & came to a beautiful ocean outlet that had two channels. I had her see it in her mind. In one, I had her envision the beautiful dolphin Hope that we had just seen in the movie. I had her see it twirling and jumping in the water up one channel of the ocean. I asked her—Would you rather go and swim with HOPE or take the channel of HOPELESSNESS? I had her see herself jump in the water & able to swim with this sweet dolphin. Each of the waves began to take her worries away. It was a beautiful image. So, what will you choose, HOPE or HOPELESS? It truly is your choice.



image_248924_5Amazing People doing AMAZING things 

In the movie you get to see Bethany Hamilton swim with Winter in the movie. It is always humbling and inspiring to see her attitude & what she has done with her life despite her struggles.

You also get to see real footage of the amazing marine facility in Florida that is changing not only the lives of wounded Sea Animals, but  constantly bringing hope to veterans, children without limbs…it was beautiful to see the work this great place does. It truly is a place of HOPE.

Here is a link to the actual facility in Florida http://www.seewinter.com


2356e2bf9ecf5856b77f8cb11926e24cb4s_dolphin062013_10978242_8colWell, I hope this post makes you want to take your family to see a movie that truly inspires good things.

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