A shout out to Everyday Heroes

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU. This post is to all those everyday heroes that don’t hesitate to help someone in need, people who dedicate hours to make a small difference in the lives of others, people who have huge hearts & a desire to help animals, people who take the time to teach our children, people who protect our communities, people who step forward in a life mission to change something for the better in our world, people who give, people who care, people all around us. THANK YOU. I heard this great song & felt a need to create a visual image of people doing everyday things that make a difference. Hope you enjoy!!  I then followed this video with some additional info. about some of the great people in the video.

Lou WegnerLou Wegner: Started volunteering at a shelter in Los Angeles & was astonished at the high rates of euthanasia, that he knew he needed to do something. From this inspiration, “Kids Against Animal Cruelty” was started. This organization has grown to 50,000 plus members and has chapters across the nation that are soley run by teenagers.  You go Lou!!  Here are some additional links about Lou and his work: Article in National Geographic http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2014/01/14/a-discussion-with-teen-actoranimal-activist-lou-wegner/     2013 Pet Hero Award Winner http://www.petphilanthropycircle.com/louwegner.html

kids-saving-the-rain-forest janine-ais-jen-storeJanine Licare: helped start this organization at the age of 9 with two other childhood friends. http://kidssavingtherainforest.org

CNN-FB-Banner-719x354Chip Paillex: I LOVE his story. It was featured on CNN heroes. Check it out!! Great beginning. Wow!! http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/04/living/cnnheroes-paillex/

be-a-hero-1There were a few more stories I added in the video–I found them in a great CNN article. Here are the rest of my heroes and then some. Enjoy their stories. People making a difference. http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/01/us/top-10-cnn-heroes/

One thought on “A shout out to Everyday Heroes

  1. There are so many heroes out there who don’t perform Superman tasks or Herculean feats–they’re just nice people doing their little bit to help make the world a better place. And the impact of their actions is always so profound! Thanks for sharing, this was such an inspiring post 😀

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