Cup of God


I love metaphors and Russell Simmons (Media Mogul) shared a good one during his interview with Oprah. “If God were the ocean, You’d be a cup of God.”  I thought that was beautiful…to imagine being a piece of God, oh how that would bring PEACE to everyone. I have heard Wayne Dyer talk about God being like a pie & we are each a piece, but to envision the beautiful ocean was even better for my soul. Beautiful.

Now, I do not know very much about Russell Simmons, but he shared some pretty profound thoughts & I can always admire someone who is trying to make the world a little better—especially when they have all the worldly things of success. Many people just keep trying to acquire more and more, and get stuck in a selfish cycle, but he seems to be a man that is trying to share a message of things that have helped his life and made it a little better. You have to appreciate that.

Here are some other take aways from his great interview…

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Happy Monday to you. -H  Peace Out!

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