Follow your heart

If you ask yourself, “Do you follow your heart” what do you feel? Do you feel good about the direction your life is going? Do you feel lit up by the work you are doing? Do you feel a strong connection with those you love? Are you doing things that make you feel congruent with where you want your life to be? Are you following the compass of your heart, your values? I think if we could each ask ourself that one question, we would be surprised with the answers.

Here are some great stories of people following their heart and doing things they believe in. Follow your heart and see what happens.

A girl creates a solution that creates an even better solution for the homeless

A headphone company making a difference

Toms Shoes doing great things

Guy feeding the homeless with some magic

I searched “follow your heart” on youtube and came across this song by a Christian group. The song made me see and truly understand that people who are usually trying to “follow their heart” are successful when they follow something greater, which then creates a place of doing something greater. All of these stories are perfect examples of people getting outside of themselves and doing something for the greater good. It is truly following their hearts to a higher place.

Peace to you. Begin to follow your heart & that will lead you to greater places doing even better things with your life.

Here is the song if you would like to hear it.

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