2012-cute-fairwork-happy-happy-new-year-Favim.com-358445The New Year is upon us and I truly hope your holiday season has been Merry and Bright! Everyone deserves to find JOY this time of year. I just watched the movie New Years Eve in anticipation of this week & the festivities it brings. I wanted to share a couple of thoughts from this movie…take them in and as you celebrate your New Year, remember to be gentle with yourself, to hope and dream, to look at this new year, not as a to do list, but an opportunity to reflect, to grow, to cherish the new pages you have been given in this amazing series called LIFE. ENJOY it!! SAVOR it!!

ball-drop-in-times-square6a3e7c1c399135265deb12ec3faad8d2 new-years-eve-movie--large-msg-132555548415

May your New Year bring you endless possibilities. There was one character in the movie, Ingrid, who was played by Michelle Pfeiffer, she was unhappy, stuck, afraid of life, so she made herself a bucket list and was determined to go beyond her limited self and take action, to LIVE.new-years-eve-5

I think we all have moments where we are afraid to try, to do, to go beyond our securities. Is there something you want to do this year?? Make a fun list–try, do, experience something new, beginning now! Google ‘bucket lists’ Or search my blog for ‘bucket list’ I have some ideas that can get you started.

New Year's Eve

It is a new year!! EnJOY.

Here are some magical images to get you excited for the new year…Choose-a-Fireworks-Store DSC_4287-copy 20070627-hanabi happy-new-year-tamil_14181500221 Happy New Year 2015

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