Something to INSPIRE you to Play Big

BestSelf-e1377554016803This week I have been posting about Playing Big, Being Bold, so here are some fun videos to help bring those feelings to the surface. There are many ingredients that help aid us in playing a little bigger today and here they are…

Personal Motivation: great video with a great message   Believe in what you can do.

Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude: great video of kid practicing for baseball   Just remember, having an enthusiastic attitude will get you even further in anything you do. Look at every situation and find the positive.

Take Action: funny video–getting stuck on escalator     We often get stuck in our mental madness, listening to our inner critics, just playing it safe for the sake of staying safe, taking the easy way. But, sometimes it is just taking a little step each day and moving forward to get going in the direction you desire. Take action—don’t get stuck!!

Practice whatever it is you enjoy doing: video of Amazing Talented People   There are amazing people doing amazing things because they take the time to practice, get a little better each day and are able to master what they focus on. You can apply this to anything: your job, your health, your attitude, your direction, your talent, your dreams.

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