What do you want for your LIFE!!

I heard on a podcast recently a great thought that I wanted to share with all of you…it only makes sense, we always ask, “What do you want for Christmas,” “What do you want for your birthday,” “What do you want for your wedding”…I think we should take this questioning and ask ourselves WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR LIFE!!

I understand this is a very loaded question for many, but if you make it as easy as every other question above, WOW, what our worlds would look like!! We would look at our lives in small questions, close goals, simple things that we wish for our life right now. Think about it, when someone asks you a sincere request for an answer for something you would like, for say, your birthday, you genuinely take a moment and can think of something you would like or wish for.

Now, if you could NOT look at your life like a big, huge puzzle that doesn’t have all the pieces yet and begin to look at it like a wish you would make for a Christmas or birthday present, what a gift that would be for your life.

Think about it right now!! What would you wish for? What little desires would bubble up to the surface?

Okay, so now I am going to give you a couple of ideas to help you realize these hidden wishes…


Wish upon a star: Tonight, or the next star filled night, I want you to go outside and look up to the sky. I want you to see all the sparkling white lights that are begging you to make a wish. Pick out a few of the brightest looking stars and begin to make wishes. Say them out loud so your heart hears them. Point to them and begin to go within and find those lost gems inside that want to be free. Let your mind wander and find those thoughts and ideas that you are the most drawn to for your life.


Wishing Cake: One other idea. Go to the grocery store and buy yourself a wishing cake. You could also make your own. It doesn’t have to be big, just big enough to put in a number of candles. Now, take it home and line it with a couple rows of candles. As your light them begin to ponder things you would like to wish into your life. As you begin to think of each wish, say it out loud and blow out a candle.

These ideas should get you seeing and believing in wishing for the things you really want for your life.

Another idea: Make it a family affair and have everyone take turns wishing on stars and candles. It would be fun to hear one anthers wishes, hopes, dreams and help them to realize them for their life.


Yoko Ono had an idea: A Wishing Tree…Write your wish on a piece of paper. Hang the paper on the wishing tree. Ask a friend to do the same. Keep wishing.

Happy wishing. -H


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