Who can judge?


Here are a few great stories that will make you look at the world a little differently. I think many of us are conditioned to judge people’s rank in life, to see a homeless guy or a garbage man, a prostitute and assume we know something about their life [ie: assume they are lazy, on drugs, assume they are drunks, assume they don’t try, etc]. I think we often belittle all we can learn from those have gone through struggles. Life is full of lessons if we take the time to understand how they are meant for each one of us. I hope these videos will make you look at yourself–how you judge & what you can learn from strangers around you.


This is a great story about how one simple, kind gesture can change a heart. It made me think of my brother who struggles with addictions and violent outbursts. If we could all learn from this story & be so brave. http://www.faithit.com/drug-addict-was-terrifying-everyone-on-the-train-70yrold-woman-grips-hand-world-changers/


Who would have thought this garbage man could make such a difference. I love a good story that proves ANYONE can do ANYTHING…Check it out!



What my date with a prostitute taught me about sex, judgement and Jesus: Here is a story about a writer who learned a lot from a prostitute in Malaysia     http://www.faithit.com/what-my-date-with-a-prostitute-taught-me-about-sex-judgment-jesus-inspirational/

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