Lessons learned from the movie Eddie the Eagle

We just went to see the inspiring, true story movie called Eddie the Eagle. It was a great, motivational and unstoppable story. It is the story of Eddie Edwards, the notorious British ski jumper who the world fell in love with during the 1988 Winter Olympics.     I instantly fell in love with the main character as a boy and then enjoyed watching his pure determination in all he did. We could all take a few lessons out of his life play book! So, here you go…my take on great lessons from the movie.

waq2l0eddie-the-eagleLife medals: There was a great part where Eddie’s mom gives him a tin box as a boy to keep all his “olympic” medals in. You see as the story goes, that he tries numerous sports which then causes him to have multiple pairs of broken eyeglasses that he puts in the tin box. I loved the image and metaphor of each pair of glasses being his medal of determination.        We could all use a special box or place that we collect mementos from our life that illustrates the many times we try different things within our life. Maybe it is a collection of photos of places we visit, a box of screenplays that we are constantly drafting, a portfolio of illustrations we collect to see improvement, pieces of jewelry that symbolize different memories…etc.


eddie-the-eagle-epk-ETE-153_rgb (650x433)It’s never too late: Eddie had numerous people tell him that “You do realize the time to start jumping is when you are five or six?” -Bronson Peary    BUT, this did not stop Eddie from pushing forward no matter what anyone said.


eddie-the-eagleNever give up: “You’re not going to give up are ya?” -Bronson Peary     Eddie was shear determination from the beginning. He was told at a young age that he should give up on any sports because he had troubled knees. He had surgeries and wore braces for much of his childhood. The doctors told him to “take up reading,” so the first book he picked up was about the Olympics. This one book, coupled with his will to never give up led him to one path—the Olympics!   “A true Olympian is not a God-given skill set. It is never giving up.” -Warren Sharp [played by Christopher Walken–Peary’s old coach]   This was the epitome of Eddie and his determination.

eddie-eagle-mag-01Great article about the true Eddie Edwards & his story—more details about how he truly did not give up—http://www.sportsfeelgoodstories.com/soaring-inspiration-eddie-the-eagle/


eddie-eagle-hugh-jackman-taron-egertonDon’t let anyone take away your dream: There were a few characters throughout the movie that challenged the character of who Eddie was determined to be. He had multiple times where he had to push back on people who were trying to stop his dream.


6Zy8HlUrFFmJIlsVfv9YOx4PxYOChallenge anyone who is there trying to stop you from becoming your best:  Eddie’s father challenged him on numerous occasions, but Eddie was confident in his determination and ability. At one point Eddie’s father said, “Name me one British ski jumper.” Eddie answered, “me.”


hugh_jackman_114607Your moment: In the movie Eddie said, “I needed my own moment. A moment to prove them all wrong.”     I think many of us get caught in searching and searching for something that will give us a ‘big moment’ or feel like we have something to prove to others.  I think if we can find the many moments that make us grow, shine, inspire–then we will look back on our lives & have many moments we are proud of.


eddie-the-eagleDon’t compare yourself to anyone else: With Facebook, Instagram…our world is turning more into a ‘compare and despair’ problem. Eddie was thrilled with each little success. He did not look at the other athletes and see his jump was half theirs, he celebrated in his personal wins no matter what anyone else thought.   Eddie’s coach shouted in defiance, “Personal best and we’re a disgrace!”


df-09922_rBe yourself: Eddie’s first jump in the Olympics was not anything compared to the other jumpers, but Eddie celebrated, danced, found joy in the moment & his enthusiasm was contagious & lit up the crowd and won everyone over. He became a crowd favorite. His bird dance won him the name, “Eddie the Eagle.”


video-eddie-the-eagle-uk-trailer-1-superJumboWalk the talk–ACT: Eddie was a person of action. He may not have been the best on the hill, but his heart was one of action and determination. The top jumper knew Eddie’s heart & knew that neither of them could leave the hill without doing their best.  Eddie had never tried the 90 meter jump, but he was determined to. “I did not come here as a novelty act and I will not be going home as one.”     He took action despite fear and possible death.



GREAT movie!! Go out and enjoy it!

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