SIX Impossible Things


I have been on a personal quest to find the ‘newness’ of me because I feel I have lost a little bit of my ‘muchness.’8a4035be052ac58d807dd87d88e8257a

I think the stresses of life creep in and you have to fight to hold onto the places within your heart that yearn to dream, to be free, to fly.

The story and lessons held within Alice in Wonderland are very dear to my heart. We all have places within us that are seeking to find a deeper part of ourselves, trying to find the right path for our lives, trying to face fears & dragons, trying to follow our creative imaginings…

SO, I have been trying to break free of the mundane & learn ‘new’ things, see ‘new’ places and seek to find more of myself each day. I think if we are not stretching when our lives seem to be shrinking, we are not going to grow to our best potential.



If we are seeking to learn SOMETHING ‘NEW’ each day, then we are not the same person we were yesterday. We have stretched, even a little.  Seek out something new for you.



Seek out something to do or something to go towards. If you don’t have books you want to read, you will never begin to read them. If you don’t have pages you want to write, your novel will never be finished. If you don’t have a direction of ANYTHING you want to do, you will never begin. ACTION: Seek out your personal desires, places you wish to see, hobbies you desire to try, books you want to read, people you want to learn something from…pick a path and begin.  ‘Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop’



No matter what—DREAM. Instead of looking and thinking “IMPOSSIBLE” change your perspective to “I’M POSSIBLE”.  I LOVE that way of thinking!! And if that is not enough google the stories of Hulda Crooks, the woman who inspired the movie, JOY, Joy Mangano, Nick Vujicic [you may have heard of him–inspiring], Erik Weihenmayer [heard him speak & he was truly inspiring].    ACTION: Think of a dream you have held in your heart for awhile. Ask yourself, “Is it still something I want to do?” OR “Is there a different dream I would like to hold in my heart instead.”     Take one of your impossible things and do something each week or morning & take a tiny step in that direction.



This quote to me is the epitome of not knowing your self. When one does not take the time to seek out their purpose, their direction, their dreams, their inner compass, their knowing, then they are left with a shell of insecurity. When someone knows who they are, what they want, where they are going, what they need, etc. they are more ready to face any challenge with the strength and knowledge of who they are.     ACTION: What is something you can do to inspire you? 



Remember this. If YOU don’t believe, then who will? It is your life. It is your dream. It becomes your reality. If you don’t believe in the magic of this life or who you are, you will never find it. ACTION: SEEK and YOU SHALL FIND IT. Seek out the magic, even in the ordinary.



Everyone is put into a different reality than the person next to you. We each have different struggles, challenges, stories, lives than anyone else. Your reality of the experiences you have are different than even those who may share similar experiences. Every single one of us are on a different journey, facing different fears, seeing different things, creating different outcomes. Life is different for everyone. ACTION: Look at your reality and find the things you are most grateful for & begin to give thanks for your reality. You have so much more than you know.




I think if we could go through our day feeling on purpose, feeling like we are heading in a direction, feeling like we have learned something, feeling positive, feeling confident, sending love, doing good…we would find peace in knowing we were becoming. Each day is about becoming a little better than before.  ACTION: do something that enhances your day, that stretches, that helps you grow, that encourages self-awareness, that promotes a better you.




LIFE is an ADVENTURE. Never stop seeking to find the adventures that lie within it & within YOU. 


Happy. HAPPY. Joy. JOY.  -H



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