There is a term in blogging called “Lifestream”–everything from information to links to images flows from one to another.

Wikipedia says: The term “lifestream” was coined by Eric Freeman and David Gelernter at Yale University in the mid-1990s to describe “…a time-ordered stream of documents that functions as a diary of your electronic life; every document you create and every document other people send you is stored in your lifestream.

Everyone talks about information overload, but if we looked at it like a ‘lifestream”–the rich flow of endless gifts that surround us may give us a different perspective.


980xI envision myself floating in a leisurely tube down a slow, flowing stream. There is pretty music playing from a link a friend just sent me.

The water glistens like sparkling diamonds all around me. Up ahead there is a waterfall and a movie plays through a projection on the wall of the falls.

I continue to float. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of the sun. My mind is taken to a youtube video of images and music “Exactly”

“I am exactly where I need to be.”

I smile. This is my “lifestream”

I continue to flow.


I found the above in a lost journal from about 7 years ago & wanted to share. It is a beautiful reminder that we are ‘exactly’ where we need to be at this moment in our lives. I NEEDED this reminder right now in my life. My husband is being transferred away from my daughter and I for about seven months. It is going to be a tough struggle, but when I read the above entry, it reminded me that their is purpose & I am where I need to be at this point. I need to have faith in that.

I was also listening to some of my favorite songs from years ago & came across this JEM song that I thought fit perfectly with this post. This video has a couple pictures of JEM, but just listen to the words of the song…beautiful.


Peace. Love to you.  -H


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