original_big-hugs-and-kisses-chalkboard-cardIt is the week of THANKSGIVING and we will all be joining family and friends for food and hopefully some fun!! haha.

My husband is currently working in a different state than where me and my daughter are, so we are not going to be able to be with him, sadly. It has been since July that we have been apart (on and off) and it has made me realize many things about love, insecurities, myself, our relationship, what is truly important and the tiniest little things we often take for granted.

I now know that it is very easy for people to take those they love for granted. I have told everyone around me to “hug those you care about because you can!!” I have missed just having my husband around to hold hands, hug, talk to…

This THANKSGIVING take a moment and truly be grateful for those around you. Give them big hugs and tell them how much they mean to you.—because you can!!

Love you Jonny. Have a beautiful day. We will make it up soon. Sending you our love. xoxo

Hugs to every single one of you.  -H


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