Pursue a better YOU.

This-Is-Your-Life-Be-You-Dc35I recently saw an audi ad that stated “Progress is in the pursuit.” I LOVE that!!

Are we not all trying to pursue a better version of ourself in one way or another??

If you think about it, you cannot progress if you don’t pursue it.

My daughter came back from camp a better version of herself. She said it was “life-changing.” She talked about speakers who made her cry, getting asked tough questions from a young, teen who was a homosexual, having a conversation with a young man who recently was injured and left in a wheelchair & hearing how others perceived her. Every experience was an opportunity to learn, to progress, to pursue answers for herself and see new perspectives for her life.

I wish we could all go to camp as adults and learn those important lessons. How would our perspectives shift?? How would we see ourselves a little more clearly?? Would we open up fully? Would we put on a mask?


ASK YOURSELF THIS–Do you feel you are vulnerable to others? Do you open up easily? Do you feel you often wear a mask or put on a fake smile? Do you hide behind your phone? Do you hide your real life behind a fake instagram/facebook reel?

What are you pursuing? Is it authentic? Are you pursuing a real version of a better you? or are you too worried or preoccupied to show up for others and what you feel they want to see?

PURSUE YOU. Do YOU. That is the truest and best part of what you can offer the world.

-Peace to you today. xoxo  H

“A person who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Their light causes people and opportunities to chase them.”


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