Step by Step


For years my sweet family enjoys going places and finding rocks and pebbles we can tumble and treasure. We have big vases full of rocks we have published from oceans we have walked, rivers we have crossed, many places we have been.

We just got back from a trip in the caribbean and while I was there I picked up a simple bracelet that has a bunch of beads that look like a cobblestone path. I looked at it and thought, “this will remind me to take things in life one step at a time.”

As we returned home, my husband went back to work & was greeted by a very hostile situation that made him wonder if he would still have a job. I looked at the bracelet and thought, “We just need to take this one step at a time.”

No matter what obstacles come before us, all we can do is breathe and have faith that it will be a step in a better direction.

Another beautiful metaphor about pebbles is our influence on others.


I love the sweet, simple reminders that we can find in nature. There are so many reminders of life’s great lessons.

Here is another thought to share6395db898e23b1879e91fdfe738ba781

My husband is going to go back into his work situation and face another challenging week. I gave him a pebble to carry in his pocket to remember that each step is either an obstacle or a stepping stone and that a simple gesture can create a lasting ripple.


May we all take on the faith we need to take our challenges and make them a stepping stone for our lives.

Peace to you.   -H

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