Mindset or MIND SET

“Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”  -Joshua Marine

My daughter decided earlier this year to become a student body rep for her online academy. Part of their duties is to plan and attend Prom. Prom is this week and my daughter has been struggling to go. She has been dragging her feet to find a dress, to go. Her MINDSET has been a stubborn MIND SET on NOT going.

Whenever I bring up the dance and what we need to do to help with activities, she immediately talks about how “dumb” it all is, how she just wants to set up and leave, wear jeans and not worry about the rest. She hates the thought of “dances” and when I ask her why she is scared, she gets so irritated and defensive about how she is “not afraid and thinks its just dumb.”

I think we can all fall into slumps and mindsets that stop our growth and progress. Sometimes we get too comfortable doing our usual, daily routine. We become stagnant in pushing ourselves to grow, to try something that will challenge ourselves to learn something new, or commit to doing things that will help us get healthier or better overall.

My mom–Since my mom had brain surgery she has been a different person, but her mind has definitely been set on certain things. Her doctors gave her strict orders to get out of bed, walk around, move, get her brain working. Before her surgery my mom never really enjoyed walking anyway, but now her mind is set to a whole new level. My Dad pushes her to get up and walk, but she fights him, gives him mean faces and digs her heals in. If she gets up, she may walk outside and call it good. Its hard.

What things do you SET your MIND on?? What kind of MINDSET do you utilize in your life? Do you have a grateful mindset for your life or do you find you have a MIND SET on frustration, lack or fear. Do you want to focus on being healthy or get stuck with a mind set on the struggle of it.

I told my daughter, “Life is what you make it!! Your experiences will be your choice. Its what you let your mind get set on. That truly is the bottom line. You can go and make a dance a night directed by fun or fear. It is your choice.”

One of her favorite quotes is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I told her, “You can even do that at a prom.”


That is like life—-what mindset will you focus on…FUN or FEAR…LOVE or LACK…HEALTH or HELL…everything you do is a choice.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer

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