Resilience. Remember?

Wow!! I just came across a notebook with a page of scribbled and bulleted statements from the time spent during COVID. The opening statement, “What have you learned through this quarantine?”

This took me back to the time none of us will ever forget. It will forever be remembered in history books, the missed graduations, the loss of loved ones…It was like a cloud of fear came into our world as a whole. It was a heavy time for all. A time that no one will forget or minimize.

I will however, always remember how everyone dug deep within to find the best ways to deal with the situation, the world found so many good things that led to hope—People in various countries sharing their talents from balconies in Europe to roof top serenades that inspired and delighted. Tourist spots were empty but the silence of shared videos put to music was humbling and had its own beauty. Wildlife was wandering and nature was getting a needed break that brought healthy resolutions. People were encouraging, building, tipping, giving, helping those in need of solutions. Celebrities were using their fame for good. Buildings lit up with colors of support for healthcare workers. It was a time of turmoil, but also a time where the world felt like it had come together in a greater cause. In its own right it was truly amazing.

Sure, there were the tough things that came from this time too, but I want to focus on the beauty that unfolded.

Let that be the focus today. How can we remember the resilience?

Here is the definition of resilience: the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

I think in looking back on that period of time the real resilience was led by HOPE and CONNECTION. Everyone was in the same boat of difficulty, experiencing real-time, life-changing situations. The news had the daily death tolls, but the world was also contributing to the news with their own versions of HOPE and CONNECTION. The world was on a stage all together. So much strength came from seeing how other people, families, other countries were coping and how they were finding resilience in the storm. We all had to face the fears together. We all had to face circumstances together. On a world scale. It was humbling. It was connecting. It was pretty incredible in some crazy, twisted way.

The world seemed to shift in some ways. I know the US had families finding more balance than they had experienced in years. Families were getting outside TOGETHER, they were playing games, they were crafting, they were watching television series…all together because that is where they had to be. They had to connect. They had a greater opportunity to connect. Even though it was hard in some ways. smile. smile. [I know I had a few sisters complaining that they were ready for their kids to go back to school—eagerly waiting for the day] it connected families, created a space and opportunity for them to become stronger and to grow through the experience together. You only HOPE that families look back on that time with a greater sense of appreciation and see it as a valued year of their lives.

It was fun to find this paper that took me back to that time…to read the below bullets. To remember. It was a precious time for our family. Life is like that. It goes by so quickly, so we strive to always remember to make memories, spend extra money to invest in experiences together and make life happen with greater connection!!

The bullets listed with each of my families names beside the bullets.


Life is precious. Jon looks at stats every day and sees the numbers of loss daily. He said, “We are all in this together, young and old. Who should be saved? It is crazy.”

Be prepared. I love seeing the outpouring and support to others in need. People need it.

I ask, “What have you learned to appreciate?” His response: The power of connectivity—love all the group texts of support, the social media messages that are so positive. It has been very powerful. Being home with family. Fun banter with extended family. The deeper connections and conversations. Sleeping in. The late nights together.


“What have you missed?” My job and everything about it. [At the time our daughter was working at a really cool aquarium and was missing the camaraderie of her team, the animals, the environment…everything.]

She said, “Our life hasn’t changed that much for us besides more connection and family time & I love that.” [Kate was already doing an online school, so her schooling didn’t change]

“What have you enjoyed?” Quiet time, doing puzzles, relaxing at night, family walks, seeing so many people outside. [Our family was always in the habit of spending lots of time outside, but it was a huge number of people who seemed to come out of nowhere. It was refreshing to see families outside together]. Kate loved our family time together watching shows like Zoey’s Extraordinary Play list, playing classic games like Clue and Battleship, watching Survivor, having her Dad home with us, just a great break all together as a family.


Great opportunity to learn new things. I pulled out a big drum and would have drum time. My little family would laugh at me and my crazy songs and mantras I would sing. I loved seeing people spread love wherever they could [painted rocks along trails, window art with inspired messages, kids doing chalk messages on walkways] good news stories, videos that inspired, having something to connect with others about when we would see people outside, perspectives, going outside even more–we love our family walks. Loved seeing the funny talk shows done from home in pajamas. Loved seeing musicians and celebs using their power for good things.

SOOO LOVED all the resilience and positive news from around the globe…ie: China sending face masks to Italy with a message and blessing, “We are all from the same tree.” Beautiful. Italians sharing songs and music from balconies. The world connected and sharing the best it has to offer. So many great stories of hope.

Also loved “Good News” by MSN, Disney donating food, big companies like Amazon giving to help, Animals wandering the zoos and aquariums, the big tips given to help people stay afloat in hard times.

Here is one of my blog posts from that time & I was adding some of the good things I found that were being shared, posted…its a fun reminder of the resilience of that time. enJOY!

Another one of my favorites from that period of time…beautiful song and images. enJOY…worth the watch [sorry it won’t add image link]

Though, we are still trying to find our own resilience in these times of ongoing challenge…trying to navigate the world with the new health issues, to wear or not to wear masks, to find ways to stay healthy, etc. I hope we can look back on that precious time and see some of the good that came from it. I hope you seek to see the resilience in those great examples of people living with such strength. There were stories everywhere of such greatness. It was powerful time in its own way.

My hope for you today: I HOPE you can sit down (if you haven’t) and think back, ponder on that time and write down your own list of things you remember. Things you can take away. Moments of resilience that stand out for you. Our voices are important for a time in our history that will last the tales of time. So, make sure you take the time to share your stories, your perspective, your memories with those you love.

Have a blessed and beautiful day. Peace, Love and Light to you. xoxo

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