Favorite YAY’s

I just got a book that I am excited to read, 50 Ways to Yay! First off, LOVE that name. I started to skim through it and already found some gems that I wanted to share….here you go. I will go through and highlight once I read and share, but for now…a sweet little JOY SNACK!! YAY!!

Find any excuse to PRACTICE Random Acts of AWESOME!

Spend more time BEING INTERESTED and less-time BEING INTERESTING.

A high-quality LIFE has much more to do with what we REMOVE from it than what we ADD to it.

You’re an ESSENTIAL PIECE of this puzzle called life. Without the FULL EXPRESSION of YOU, the picture just doesn’t make sense.

It’s NOT what you do ONCE that matters, its what you DO DAY IN and DAY OUT that makes the DIFFERENCE.

Stay CURIOUS. Embrace the WONDER of LIFE.

No one can LOVE you like you can.

Turn your FAILURE into FUEL.

The most POWERFUL gift we can give anyone is our PRESENCE.

What MAGIC will you experience today?

One MOMENT can change the entire course of our lives.


Change your LANGUAGE Change your life.

You were born with it all, but its up to you TO CREATE the right conditions for GROWTH.

What would LOVE do now?

I AM what I say I AM.

Go forth with PASSION.


It is always soo incredible to find little things that can have a greater impact in the way you think, the words you listen to and the way words can all be strung together to create something meaningful. Little, golden treasures of truth. I LOVE it when you don’t have to search too far for the good stuff!!

These simple lines peppered throughout this book—just lit me up!! Hope you can find some you can appreciate.

PEACE. LOVE and LIGHT to you today. -H

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