Inspired Notes

From MY NOTES…I am ALWAYS learning, seeking words of the day, listening to inspired podcasts, taking notes on anything that catches my attention.

I thought it would be fun to do a post on random notes on my phone….lots of great inspired info.


FROM Jonathan Fields podcast “Good Life Project”. LOVE his podcast. It is always great conversations with incredible experts in various fields. A wonderful place to learn something new. I specifically LOVEd some of the conversations and info below…a few notes from this inspired podcast…

Authenticity “Author of your life” LOVE that!! Create real authenticity within your life by becoming the Author of the life you intend…the life you desire…The life you desire to create. LOVE that!!

LOVED this whole podcast. Highly recommend…JF’s conversation with Ozan Varol, Awaken your Genius—The importance of play…talked about how Astronauts train with play to help prepare them for any situation. Because space can throw anything at you and you have to be open to new ideas and different ways of thinking about things. The discussion was full of incredible insights on deeper meanings of ideas, getting to your origin of creativity…sooo many greats in this convo. Highly recommend.

Lewis Howes Greatness podcast with JF

Prove my creator RIGHT!! Instead of proving everyone else wrong

What is going to NOURISH your time and make your life better

Where is your drive coming from?? Why do you not feel worthy enough? Loved enough? 

Pursue, inspire and empower others around you to their greatness

Another JF conversation with Bishop Michael Curry who married Harry and Meg

People who act we give awards…Oscars, Emmy’s…Tony’s…Acting…actors get paid a lot of money to act. Because acting is hard work.

Being who you a actually are is not hard work. 

Fears can effect us to act certain ways and are afraid to be our authentic selves. Sometimes we have “roles” that we have to play, but that is not necessarily who you are. 

It takes work to feel yourself

Struggle with SELF and ROLE

You may FEEL uncomfortable with certain jobs or positions 

He was told…travel lightly with that…try some things on, see what fits…eventually at some point in time you won’t be forced to fit

You can see people that are full of it and are not authentic or who they are

You know it’s real when you see it and you also know when it’s fake

JF you feel it more than anything 

If your not growing, your dead

JF You need to be yourself. You may not be everyone’s flavor, but you have to be okay with that.

Pico Iyer, Dalai Lama friend

Nothing lasts. That is why everything matters 

Resenting the things we don’t have or thanking for the things we do

Difficulty is non negotiable and 

Even in the midst of 

One can have confidence kindness, and optimism

Jonathan field and Zoe Chance

Charismatic quest

Focus: Put your energy out and onto the other person


Shining—book by Joey Asher

Connecting w someone on a spiritual level—shining your energy on them in a generous manner

BIG INFLUENCER: Do one thing w every person you encounter– CHOOSE to like them. May be hard, but if you can find something to appreciate about that person. 

MAGIC QUESTION: What would it take?

Exquisite attention—be exquisitely present in whatever conversation you are in. Be in that moment. Give your attention & let them feel you are truly there. Give of yourself w those moments. 

May you be happy. May you be well—send messages to strangers


Great story I came across on Conversations with David Letterman Will Smith never used curse words in his rap music because his grandma saw his rap book full of swear words and left him a note

Dear Willard, [His real name]

Truly intelligent people do not have to use words like these to express themselves. Please show the world you are as smart as we think you are. Love, GG



We are all just walking each other home -Ram Das

Get your act together…your whole life..what do you have?? An act!! Not a life -Anne Lamot


Micro mosaic moments of life

Tiny moments that teach lessons

Tiny pieces of who we are that have stories, lessons, memories


Did you leave someone at an emotional baggage claim??

When venting. When frustration sets in. When you are at your emotional end—-where do you turn? What do you leave with those you love?

Are you dumping your baggage on someone?


Attention is one of the greatest forms of love

Zen teaching


What’s meant for you will STOP you from going further with anything else.

True Love story—Anne Margaret had love with Elvis, but on her first date with her husband [Roger Smith] of 50 years—she just new that he was the love of her life.


Serendipity movie line…Greeks didn’t write obits when someone died. They asked one question—Did they live with Passion?


Sue monk kids podcast talks about our longings—-pay attention to them. They are your soul trying to help you follow those things you long for.

“Return to your longing. It will teach you everything.” It does have something to say to us.


The Huxley quote above started by saying, “There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must WALK LIGHTLY.”

Walk so lightly, my darling. On tiptoes with no luggage, completely unencumbered.”– Aldous Huxley


Pam Grout always has something incredible to share. LOVE receiving her messages. She has written some incredible books—especially loved, “Thank and Grow Rich” BUT everything she shares is wonderful and inspired. She is always seeking miracles, giving gratitude, sharing uplifting stories and finding hope and good despite the incredibly hard loss of her one-and-only daughter. She is the ultimate inspiration. LOVE her work.

“The Universe (or God or the field of infinite potentiality or whatever name you want to call this energy force) wants nothing more then to bless you, to guide you, to help you create the most exciting version of yourself. And here’s the cool part. Not one thing is required of you for this to happen.” -Pam Ground, Thank and Grow Rich


There are soo many inspired thoughts, words, ideas, people, places….all to learn from. Seek something to learn from daily. Write a note in your phone, free write your creative wonders, take in a nature walk, listen to an inspired song….

speaking of inspired songs…yesterday, I sat on my prayer rock at the ocean and turned on this beautiful song, “Transformation” by The Cinematic Orchestra [from the Disney Nature movie The Crimson Wing]. Wow! what a moment. To take in an orchestra while watching wild waves crash along a sandy shore. It was humbling, inspiring, calming, so many feelings and emotions. Music has a real power.

look for those little things that have an impact. Did you hear a good interview? Did you see a LinkedIn post that you wanted to share? Did you get Good News in your inbox and found a great story that changed your energy? Did you get out in nature and just feel a little calmer or more connected?

Continue to seek inspired things in all you do and let them power your life.


One thought on “Inspired Notes

  1. Wow, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your positive insight, the things you are learning and helping you grow. Thanks for making the world better place for all of us.

    Love you babe!

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