Image40 wishes…done one at a time…HAPPY 40


I am turning 40 this year & wanted to do something that would be memorable. I didn’t want a bunch of fan fare, gifts galore, black balloons or a big party….I thought and thought…and I thought I would like to do 40 random acts of kindness!! Then I thought it would be more fun to have those I love and care about join in and help me do 40 things for other people. So for my birthday this year (August 10th) or between now & then–I would love everyone– young and old –to pledge one (or more if you would like) RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS . And if you want (you dont have to) I would LOVE to hear about them!! Send me an email about how your experience went or take a pic, send a post comment, etc–that would be an AWESOME GIFT!


Here are some ideas to get you thinking…Ideas to Inspire you…and those you love… Write a love note to someone you love . Put change in a vending machine. Listen to someone who needs to talk—just listen . Do something nice for someone who is ill or needs a helpful hand (wash their dishes,cook a meal, do their laundry, take them some soup) . Buy a meal for a homeless person . When shopping let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line . Compliment a stranger . Give a book you have already read to someone who may enjoy it (leave a note inside) . Read to a child. Smile . Pick up litter at a local park or pond. Hand bottles of water out to people on a bike path . Offer a couple of hours of free babysitting to someone who needs a break . Make and give carepacks to the homeless . Give the gifts of your talent to a senior center (play the piano, sing a song, do a magic trick) . Help someone whose car has broken down (give them a ride, fix their tire) . Help someone with yard work . Make blankets for the homeless . Mentor a child . Pay the tab for someone in the restaurant you are at . Return a shopping cart . Thank your local police or fire dept. with goodies . Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life . Visit a local animal shelter . Pick up groceries for a neighbor . Leave a nice tip . Return grocery carts . Take doughnuts to the police department . Say hello or good morning to everyone you see . Send someone a ecard . Transport someone who can’t drive .Take coworkers a special treat & share something you appreciate about them . Send or give flowers . Thank your mail carrier, stylist, teacher, principal, parent, bus driver, janitor, etc . Praise someone who needs it . donate a bag of clothes to a shelter . Take a bag of dog food to an animal shelter . Leave happy notes “to have a HAPPY day” on car windshields . Leave quarters at a laundromat . Bring in your neighbor’s garbage can…

Get out and hug, love, share, give any random act of KINDNESS and LOVE.

Cheers!! Spread the LOVE.