Awake in the Dream part 2



AWAKE: to stop sleeping; wake from a sleep. To stir the interest of; excite. To become or make aware.

Here is the second part of info, tools, thoughts and ideas that I took from the inspired movie, Awake in the dream. Beautiful movie I would highly recommend. I had a good friend of mine read my last post and immediately call me and ask me where I saw the movie, she was intrigued. Anyone can find it on Amazon, so get a copy. It is worth the time. Amazon has it for $13.95. [fyi: I don’t make any money or gain anything from promoting this movie. I just truly found it uplifting, beautiful, inspiring]

FEAR: Walsch likes the acronym Feeling Excited And Ready for the word FEAR. If you follow that feeling you can look at situations with a different perspective and step into that space excited and ready for whatever comes.

Fear and disempowerment may disconnect you, but the divine power is always within you. BUT, how do you rid yourself of these self-limiting ideas? Here are some tools…

Root causes for suffering

#1 Identification with the BODY (I am my body)–this is the birth of the EGO. Beliefs begin about how ‘you are your body’–MY feelings, MY thoughts, MY story, MY work, MY country, etc. This causes you to be independent of spirit.

#2 Identification with the MIND. Arjuna Ardagh, Awakening Coach, put it this way…This is the commentary of the mind—future, past, fears, judgements, evaluations, etc. The good—this is the part that allows imagination—to desire to make something–you create it. But it is also a curse. This capacity to think and imagine makes a wonderful servant–can be used, but a terrible master. Almost all human beings have lost the capacity to know how to switch it off.

Thoughts aren’t the problem–it’s letting them stick that becomes the real issue. Sabotage of the mind: you blame, you judge the thoughts, your desires…you resist what is. Catharine (the creator of the movie) talked about how she began to believe and resist that she was a single mother, that she felt like she was a failure for not having the perfect family she desired.

You must let go of perfection and embrace the imperfectly you in this life. Enjoying, surrendering and not defending what is. If you defend–you blow it up. How long do you stay in the drama? When you knock yourself down, how long do you need to stay there? That is a choice. You can accept it as it is OR you can judge it, dislike it, hate it, RESIST it!!! There is the key, when you choose to judge or hate it, you are locked in it. Choose ACCEPTANCE of what is.


“Peace of mind is not the result of obtaining your desires, it is the result of losing your desire.”  -Harry Palmer

DESIRE: Every desire will only satisfy for awhile. (i.e.: buy new shoes, new car, want a new house…) Desire is tricky because you think the peace you have is from getting something you desire, but in reality it is when there is no desire running. We are so conditioned by need—I need something, I need something. We are running around like needy beings. Our NATURAL BEING is without need and that is the wealth of being. It’s not lacking anything. FREE and RICH is the one who desires NOTHING (NO THINGS). Not even from God. Otherwise we are all beggars.

STOP RUNNING DESIRES!! See through the illusion. Don’t just jump from one desire to another searching for that little bit of peace. That PEACE will be there when you stop running. Stop believing that the object of your desire is what brings you the peace. That’s commercialism!! The mind does not need an object to be still.

JUDGEMENT: Judging is a very strong attribute of the personal mind. Someone who is judging others usually has a pretty strong inner self-critic. Usually when you are not comfortable within, you seek to pick on others.

EMOTIONS: Emotions help us to realize how clear we are with ourselves and how honest we live our needs. When we have strong negative emotions–we act apart from our inner self. Emotions want to tell us “Look here!” because all our cells are in yourself want to feel good. Everything that does not feel good needs to be changed back to feeling good.

FEELINGS vs EMOTIONS: Feelings versus emotions–when you allow yourself to have your real feelings–but it’s anger–let it come from within, let it all out, don’t attach the stories that often come with the emotions. FEELINGS become a teacher, a guide, free from thought (story).

FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness means FOR GIVING. Often times when we get hurt we shut down, we crack, we pull in. We don’t want to give anymore. If someone hurts us we don’t want to give them anything. When you forgive–you let go, you let go of the past or what happened, you allow giving to begin again.       This gave me a great visual—When you are holding on to something (imagine a bag marked hurts, regrets, pain) you are holding tight to this bag—unable to give anything else. Your hands are full of garbage, so you can’t offer anything else. Let’s say you wanted to give someone a bouquet of flowers, but you can’t because your hands are full of the bags of hurts, regrets, pain—things that you need to let go of, so then you can offer the beautiful things you can give to others).  In reality, usually when there is a deep need of forgiveness it is usually something within us that is in need of self-forgiveness that is at the core.


In TRUTH there is only YOU that impedes your divine potential.

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!”  -Eckhart Tolle

Many religions will tell you that you are separate from God. That is a mistake, an error, so the unfortunate thing is many of us go through life born feeling alone, growing up feeling alone, and not feeling that connection, not understanding that we are always connected.

AWAKENING is not the fruit of getting rid of something. AWAKENING means to realize that the barrier never existed. -Arjuna Ardogh

LOVE is our nature. When you know yourself, you will realize that your true nature is LOVE.

ENLIGHTENMENT simply means to understand who you are—not who you think you are, who other people think you are, what others have told you you are and not what your society conditions you to believe you are. The human experience is an opportunity to discover that we are the divine eternal principle.  God is the center of everything. To find the center we must go within to our own center to find the connection, the deeper part is always divinely connected.

Your heart is the GOD FORCE of the creations that come from love. When you are able to shift your own identity to divine essence—the way is in the HEART.

Well, there are SO many more gems from this beautiful movie. I hope this has given you some good food for thought and will inspire you to get the movie to truly enjoy the full experience. It is a beautiful movie. Thank you.

Awake in the Dream part 1

I watched an amazing movie the other day called “Awake in the Dream” by Catharina Roland —I highly recommend watching it and taking the seeds of change that will help you grow into a higher, better part of yourself. It was full of highly intellectual people sharing their deep insights, set to beautiful backdrops all around the world. It was wonderful to watch!!

Here is the trailer for the movie– 



I am going to share bits of knowledge from this movie into a few different parts—this one I am going to share the thoughts about limiting beliefs.

She had author, Bruce Lipton, Biology of Belief, talk about what stops us from creating and using our potential—We have settled for our belief system, instead of seeing all the shimmer, shine, possibility of what reality can bring. Beliefs can bring limits or possibility. Thoughts like: Life is hard, I am a loser, it’s out of my hands VS I am beautiful, It’s a new day, I live in abundance, All changes change for the better, I am beloved…

This was fascinating to me–he began to talk about research done with people who have multiple personality issues. He talked about how powerful the brain is and can literally change the physicality of the body like a switch. He gave an example of someone who had two personalities, while one was extremely allergic to strawberries and would have a serious reaction, when the other personality showed up & was asked about strawberries, the response was that they loved strawberries and ate five of them with no reaction. When your mind changes, your biology can change as fast as you change your mind.

He explained most healing truly is the placebo effect—if the person believes the sugar pill will affect and heal them–it will. The pill didn’t heal–the BELIEF OF HEALING is what healed them.

I thought the following DOVE BEAUTY PATCH video would fit beautifully into what we are talking about. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THIS!! VERY POWERFUL. (This was NOT in the movie–I just thought it was a good fit & very powerful)


Bruce Lipton also spoke of the Nocebo effect (negative thought effect/the opposite of placebo)–Here is a video I came across to help explain the “Nocebo effect.”  It is equally as powerful as the placebo, but it takes you in the opposite direction. A positive thought can HEAL you while a negative thought can KILL you.   

Bruce also talked about the messages from the media that we should be afraid, the world is falling apart. He said, We need to be aware of not believing these things and not begin to follow and live in that fear because then we lose our power. Bruce said, “Let the world fall apart because then the new, empowering ideas will emerge and will be able to replace the old ones that are not working.”


I also really enjoyed listening to Arjuna Ardagh (At first I was a little closed off to his slow, spacey way, but the more I watched and listened to him–I was hooked) He explained thoughts as this…Scientists say that we usually talk about 400 words per minute to ourselves. Thoughts are constantly assessing our surroundings, giving us judgements, how to deal with people, how to act…the mind always thinking, always wanting more.  This is the commentary of the mind–future, past, fears, judgements, evaluations. The good–this is the part that allows imagination—to desire to make a movie & then make it, to see a bldg & then build it…BUT it is also a curse. The capacity to think and imagine makes a wonderful servant—can be used, but makes a terrible master. Almost all human beings have lost the capacity to know how to switch it off. So the thinking process isn’t useful in the right way—it can become a disease. Like a television you can’t switch off anymore.

ImageHe had a great metaphor—it’s like having a parrot on your shoulder, always chattering, always wanting more—you can’t turn it off. It is genetic, it’s biological, always there, you can’t switch it off, but in the moment you are able to observe the activities of thought as something automatic something interesting happens–you become aware of the thoughts. You are no longer the parrot–you are the observer of the parrot.


Image“The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not “the thinker.” The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter – beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace – arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.” -Eckhart Tolle